Why Wanda Maximoff Had to Suffer Her Fate Throughout the MCU

Audiences the world over have liked and praised the MCU since its debut again in 2008, with followers always bickering and arguing about who’s the “finest” or “strongest” superhero. While followers can focus on for hours, days, months, and even years about who the “finest” hero in the MCU is, it is definitively clear that almost all followers of the franchise have a private favourite hero. A personality has a narrative or a function in the MCU that is so essentially relatable to the viewer that they can not assist however cheer each time they see mentioned hero on display screen.

One such character that met these traits for virtually each fan of the MCU was Wanda Maximoff, a.ok.a. the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). Audiences could not assist however emotionally bond with Wanda due to the nature of her character. She actually misplaced every part all through the course of her introduction in Age of Ultron to the level she met her destiny in Doctor Strange 2. But whereas many followers had been upset with Wanda turning into a villain and finally sacrificing her personal life to destroy the monster that she had change into, there are various explanation why it was the appropriate and correct path for her character.


Wanda Had Already Suffered Too Much

Everybody has a breaking level, and never everyone needs to be required to proceed to break themselves additional in an try to heal. As we already acknowledged, Wanda actually misplaced every part. Her mother and father had been killed when she was a baby; she was experimented on as a telekinetic weapon; Ultron murdered her brother; she unintentionally blew up harmless civilians in Lagos, which resulted in the Sokovia Accords that in the end cut up up the Avengers; she had to blow a gap in the head of her beloved to cease Thanos, solely to then watch Thanos convey him again to life and homicide him once more.

Finally, she had a psychological breakdown in spite of everything that trauma, as witnessed in WandaVision. She enslaved the minds and lives of a complete city and created a faux model of Vision and two faux children to try to dwell a standard life, solely to have to erase the total phantasm and return to her painful actuality.

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Regardless of how highly effective and robust Wanda is, no one deserves to dwell with that a lot ache and struggling and really feel that they want to keep on only for the sake of followers having fun with the character.

Atone for Wanda’s Mistakesmcu wanda suffers fate amend for mistakes Cropped

Now, whereas Wanda has undoubtedly been the sufferer for many of her time in the MCU, her errors in WandaVision had been by no means correctly addressed. Yes, she managed to eliminate The Hex. She ceased controlling the minds of all the individuals in Westview, in addition to destroying the phantasm of Vision and her kids. Still, she by no means truly bought punished and even reprimanded for it. In the finish, she simply flew away as if admitting her faults had been sufficient to atone for them.

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Put your self in the place of someone in Westview. You discover out that your thoughts and actions are being managed by a girl who is barely doing it in order that she will have the joyful life that she desires. Then, once you lastly regain management of your thoughts, the individual doing it decides to fly away — with out even saying sorry. Debate all you need about how a lot Wanda has suffered, however she was fully in the flawed for what she did in Westview, and a correct punishment was by no means served.

Only Way to Free Agathamcu wanda suffers fate agatha free Cropped

While it wasn’t confirmed that Wanda would meet her finish in Doctor Strange 2, followers actually might have made a secure wager, thanks to Marvel saying a number of months in the past that Agatha Harkness could be getting her personal spinoff sequence on Disney+. Now, whereas that is not a super-obvious assumption, it was just about displayed in WandaVision that Wanda was extra highly effective than Agatha and that she might nonetheless mentally management Agatha even after she had ceased controlling everyone else.

So, what would the Agatha sequence have depicted if she had been nonetheless underneath Wanda’s spell? Would it have simply been a sequence about Agatha mentally managed as she… did nothing? She was primarily in a psychological jail, and watching someone trapped in their very own thoughts would make a present that resembles Moon Knight a tad bit an excessive amount of. Therefore, it will solely be logical that Agatha would have to break away from Wanda’s spell. But she already proved that she is not highly effective sufficient to defeat Wanda.

So what’s the repair? Wanda has to defeat herself, which she did. It now stands to cause that, with the passing of Wanda, Agatha will likely be launched from her spell and can have the probability to roam free throughout her upcoming sequence.

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