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In a small village, everyone knew each other. At regular intervals, they all meet each other. For some reason, they did not feel comfortable coming together. There were big and small families, group of friends, some lonely people.

A middle-aged single man was a regular member of these meetings. He used to participate in all the community events. His presence was to be enjoyed by all.

However, for some time now, the man who regularly attends these family and group meetings has stopped attending without any notice.

After a few weeks of waiting for him, the old sarpanch of the village decided to go to his house to find out the reason.

One cold winter evening, the sarpanch went to the man’s house.

The man had lit a fire, and he sat alone, quietly, to warm himself in the cold.

The man welcomed the sarpanch. There was not much communication between them. Just greetings.

The sound of burning wood was louder than their silent conversation.

They both sat quietly watching the flames.

A few minutes later the sarpanch got up, pulled out a large wooden burning branch from the fire, and set it aside. And sat back down.

The man was watching it all.

In a short time, the flame in the wood branch removed from that side subsided. After the lightning flashed, the twigs began to appear black. There was nothing left in the wood that had been shining brightly a while ago. It was a lifeless piece of black wood.

There was still no communication between the two persons.

Before preparing to leave, the sarpanch picked up a useless piece of wood and placed it again in the middle of the fire.

Immediately, the piece of wood awoke again, and again it shone brightly.

When the sarpanch was about to leave and reach the door, the man said:

 ‘Thank you for coming and for your beautiful teaching. I’ll be back in the group soon. ‘

Why is group, community important in your life?

Because every undeveloped member left behind, takes energy, brilliance from the rest of the friends.

It is important for all members of the group to be aware that they are part of the energy, the flame, together

It is also important and reassuring to know that we are all responsible for keeping each other’s flame burning.

The group is also a family

Sometimes we get bored with some messages, arguments and misunderstandings but it doesn’t matter.

It is important to have contact with each other.

We’re here to meet, to message, to learn, to exchange ideas, and to know that none of us are alone.

Let’s keep the flame alive. Good ideas are exchanged. From that, they get successful again in life by taking the motivation of the mentally disturbed and hurt ones. They also inspire others. This cycle should continue. Everyone should be happy.

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