Who Is Poopies? What Jackass Forever’s Best New Star Did Before


Alongside the return of many of the collection originals in Jackass Forever, new stunt performers are available, and the most effective of them is Poopies. But who’s he?

Who is Jackass Forever’s new greatest stunt performer, Poopies? While Jackass Forever’s brilliance is about seeing the unique Jackass crew again collectively one other ten years later, the brand new crew is a spotlight. They take over a number of the tougher stunts and produce a uncooked naivety that adjustments the Jackass dynamic completely. With Bam Margera fired and Ryan Dunn having sadly handed, there’s a gap within the forged, however the brand new faces step up admirably.

Alongside Poopies, who is definitely the standout, the Jackass Forever newbies are Jasper Dolphin, Compston “Darkshark” Wilson (Jasper’s father), Eric Manaka, Rachel Wolfson, and Zach Holmes. They tackle roles of various prominence, with every given a minimum of one huge stunt of their very own, and the ultimate milk chugging/paintball battle set-piece together with nearly all of them. They’re an thrilling group who adorably appear astonished even to have the prospect to rub shoulders (and squashed penises) with the Jackass Forever OGs.


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While the new Jackass Forever stunt performers all convey a particular one thing, Poopies makes the largest mark. Partly because of his obliviousness, partly because of his Chris Pontius-like gameness, he’s nice each time he’s onscreen, and it’s exceptional that he’ll largely have simply come out of nowhere for many viewers.

Where Poopies Is Known From Before Jackass Forever

This isn’t Poopies’ first rodeo with Jackass. He appeared on Jackass Shark Week and have become the primary individual in historical past to be attacked by a shark throughout filmmaking – a heady accolade. During a stunt referred to as “leaping the shark,” Poopies tried to leap a pod of Caribbean reef sharks on a wakeboard, however got here up quick and was bitten on the hand by one of many fish. The chunk left him with a badly broken tendon and two severed arteries in his hand.

Before changing into an prompt Jackass Forever forged legend, Poopies was a part of Jamie O’Brien’s Red Bull browsing collection Who is JOB. This was a by-product of his self-made, hour-long film that drew important consideration from the acute sports activities group. Poopies made a reputation for himself with the identical dedication to pranks that had made him a Jackass fan all through his personal youth. It’s no shock in any respect that his trajectory would make him one of many Jackass Forever forged finally (even to the shark who tried to eat him).

How Jackass Forever’s Poopies Got His Name

Poopies actual identify is, in truth, Sean McInerney, and he fittingly earned his alias because of Jackass. While watching it with mates, as he associated in an interview with Stab Magazine, he introduced he wanted the toilet. Convinced by his mates to placed on a Gorilla masks and poop in the course of an intersection, he was arrested and immediately earned the nickname “Poopies.” Such is the nickname’s success that he is not even referred to by his actual identify in Jackass Forever. If Jackass 5 or a collection revival is to return after the fourth film, Poopies must return in an enormous means.

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What Poopies Has Been Up To Since Jackass Forever

Poopies Who Is Job Jackass

The Jackass Forever star Poopies has been fairly busy because the newest movie within the franchise got here out. The stunt man has an lively YouTube channel referred to as “The Poopies Channel” that he updates frequently with tales of his current (mis)adventures. Recently, he has been interviewed on the podcast “The Shi**iest Podcast,” the place he regales his newest efforts as a surfer and his time on Jackass Forever. He additionally collaborates with Steve-O occasionally in movies like “Steve-O Took Me On Tour” and “My Top Ten Worst Slams On Land *With Steve-O*.” It’s good to know that he’s maintaining together with his Jackass co-stars like Steve-O occasionally, conserving vast open the likelihood for Jackass 5. In addition, he nonetheless places up loads of browsing movies, visiting main hotspots like Mexico, Venice Beach, and Waco Surf. He’s nonetheless doing Jackass Forever-type stunts, after all, with the most up-to-date pratfall seeing a scorpion stinging the surfer on the lips.

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