Watch for Alternanthera Mosaic Virus This Spring

Alternanthera mosaic virus

Alternanthera mosaic virus; Photo: Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University

Alternanthera mosaic virus (AltMV) infects a broad host vary, with hosts from not less than 30 taxonomic households together with many generally grown greenhouse and herbaceous ornamentals. This season, AltMV has been identified on portulaca with signs of distorted leaves and chlorotic flecking and spots.

In a current e-Gro alert, Nora Catlin from Cornell University outlines how AltMV usually causes a chlorotic recognizing or flecking, mosaic, or mottle (light-colored or yellowed irregular patterns or patches on the leaf), or leaf distortion, however can even trigger necrotic spots and lesions. Symptoms noticed and symptom severity can fluctuate relying on the host plant and the virus pressure current. Often signs are refined tough to discern. Growers ought to enlist the help of a diagnostic lab or a virus take a look at package.

This virus may be unfold mechanically, which means that it might unfold from contaminated to wholesome crops through dealing with by employees and instruments. The virus isn’t recognized to be unfold by bugs or mites.

Management practices for AltMV embrace sustaining good sanitation practices to keep away from spreading the illness: discarding contaminated crops, retaining areas weed free, avoiding dealing with wholesome crops after contaminated crops, and disinfesting instruments and any supplies which will have been contaminated with viral particles with an applicable product.

More info is on the market in this e-Gro alert.


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