Video of euthanized hens had no connection to COVID-19

Mississauga – On January thirteenth a video was recorded at an egg farm in Ontario.  It was first posted on TikTok and shared on quite a lot of different platforms.  The video confirmed hens that had already been humanely euthanized and have been being ready for transport to a composting facility.

That is one among a number of accredited business practices adopted on some layer farms throughout Canada, is accredited by veterinarians and complies with authorities rules.  

These weren’t hens produced for the rooster market.  These older, end-of lay hens weren’t meant for human consumption and due to this fact didn’t have an effect on the meals provide. 

As typically occurs in social media, inaccurate feedback swirled across the postings based mostly on political opinions about COVID-19, a lack of knowledge about farming and our meals programs.  

This example had nothing to do with COVID-19, despite the non-public and political opinions expressed by the person that shot the video. On this case, the hens have been euthanized on farm, utilizing accredited strategies, and composted for fertilizer.

Ontario farmers are dedicated to caring for his or her laying hens all through their whole life, together with end-of-life. The fact is that each one livestock, together with hens, are euthanized humanely at end-of-life. 

Laying hens usually start laying eggs round 19 weeks of age and achieve this for one 12 months. On the finish of the laying cycle the hens are used for one among three useful functions:

  1. They’re processed into poultry merchandise.
  2. They’re processed to be used in pet meals.
  3. They’re composted and returned to the soil to contribute invaluable nitrogen and phosphorus as fertilizer.

Previous to being processed into human or animal meals merchandise, the hens are rendered unconscious and humanely euthanized. People who shall be composted for fertilizer are additionally humanely euthanized on farm by skilled professionals utilizing strategies accredited by poultry veterinarians and based on authorities rules.

Supply : Egg Farmers of Ontario

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