Waste Management

The management of domestic, industrial and commercial waste conventionally

comprises a collection and removal system. The amount of processing to be done is done on the basis of the type of waste accumulated. Processing is done in order to minimize hazards caused by the waste, recycling of recovered materials, reuse the waste to produce energy or lessen its size to make the disposal process simpler. Junk Sydneyparticipates in this process in a big way. Collection and disposal techniques may vary in different countries. In Australia, most urban and domestic households collect garbage in a 240-litre bin that is unfilled weekly by the local Council which is then transferred to landfills. There are various ways in which different categories of waste are managed.  

Landfill: This is the most common and conventional methods of

waste disposal used all over the world. Deserted quarries, mining void or borrow pits were mostly used as a landfill and also turned to be a very economical method of disposing of waste materials. Modern landfills were characterized by techniques to avoid leak by the use of lining clay or plastic liners. Some landfills also have a landfill gas extraction system set up after closure to reuse the gas produced to generate power.  However, concern has been shown regarding the adverse effect of too many materials being sent to landfills.

Incineration: This method of waste removal is performed by burning

the waste material to annihilate it. This can be done both on a small scale by an individual or on a large scale by industries. It has been considered to be a very realistic methods of destroying biological medical wastes. But there has been controversy regarding the underutilization of waste materials and also owing to the toxic gas and ash caused by the combustion method which may prove detrimental to the local population and cause groundwater pollution. Rubbish Removal Sydney aims at minimal harm to the environment in the process of waste disposal.

Volume reduction: This is the process of reducing the volume or

size of the waste collected by compaction or fragmentation methods. This makes it easier to handle the wastes. 

Compaction: In this method, the trash collected is compacted or

compressed to make the size manageable. Large and brittle items of waste are further broken down to compress it. Most garbage trucks have this system installed at the rear portion. Huge heaps of wastes in landfill areas are compressed with the help of heavy excavator-type vehicle with spiked wheels.

Shearing: In this technique of removal wastes is cut down with the

help of heavy metal shears.

Grinding: This is the process whereby the waste is crushed with

the help of a hammer mill.

Rubbish Removal Sydney and Junk Sydney greatly contribute towards a waste management system with minimal impact on the environment and work towards the national policy of less waste and more resources.

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