Treatment Tips for Healthy Garden Mums

Chrysanthemum White Rust garden mums

White rust on chrysanthemum can unfold quick all through the greenhouse, leading to critical crop loss. Photo: GGSPro

There are many pest management choices when rising backyard mums. Various therapies can be found to discourage illnesses, bugs, and mites, together with choices which can be pollinator-friendly. The greatest choices for pest management are detailed beneath (mode of motion codes seem in parentheses).

Treatment Options for Foliar Diseases

Chrysanthemum White Rust (CWR): Apply a foliar spray utilizing a strobilurin fungicide whereas the rooted cuttings are nonetheless within the propagation tray. Broadform (7&11), Fame (11), Heritage (11), Mural (7&11), Pageant (7&11), or Orkestra (7&11) are all good choices. After planting, preventative foliar sprays solely have to be made if climate situations are forecasted to be favorable for CWR improvement. Rainy and funky situations for greater than 24 hours can be a purpose to make the therapy earlier than the forecasted climate units in. Daconil WeatherStik* (M5) or Protect DF (M3) are fairly priced protectants. If CWR is detected within the surrounding space, a second software of a strobilurin is advisable for enhanced safety. Eagle (3) and Avelyo (3) are healing fungicides for rust and needs to be saved in case CWR is detected within the mum crop.

Additional Foliar Diseases: For overhead irrigated crops or extended wet situations late within the crop, bacterial leaf spot (Pseudomonas cichorii) and fungal pathogens resembling botrytis and aerial rhizoctonia can threaten a backyard mum crop. This is probably to happen later within the crop when the crop cover is dense and air motion into the middle of the plant is restricted. For bacterial leaf spot, Companion Maxx, Cease, Stargus, and Triathlon BA can be utilized as preventatives. At the primary signal of bacterial illness, a tank mixture of a copper bactericide (M01) resembling Badge, Camelot O*, Grotto*, Kalmor, Phyton 35*, and so forth. and a mancozeb resembling Protect DF (M3) needs to be utilized. KleenGrow (NC) has additionally proven good efficacy versus bacterial leaf spot. An essential a part of combating bacterial leaf spot is to keep away from overhead irrigations if potential. Make notice of weak mum varieties and work to exchange them within the mum program. Aerial rhizoctonia usually happens with botrytis, so we suggest fungicides that management each. Options embody Affirm (19), Broadform (7&11), Daconil WeatherStik* (M5), Medallion (9), Mural (7&11), Pageant (7&11), Palladium (9&12), Orkestra (7&11), or Spirato GHN (9)

*Avoid treating open blooms with these merchandise.

Chrysanthemum, Rhizoctonia Web Blight

Rhizoctonia is a fungal pathogen that causes net blight on chrysanthemum.

Treatment Options for Root and Crown Diseases

Fusarium: There aren’t any healing fungicides for this illness, however the next soil drenches might be utilized preventatively: 3336 or different correctly labeled t-methyl merchandise (1), Mural (7&11), Heritage (11), Medallion (9), and Spirato GHN (9). For a radical dialogue of fusarium in backyard mums, request the bulletin titled, “Defense Against Fusarium Wilt in Chrysanthemum” by Joanne Lutz, GGSPro.

Pythium: Drench quickly after transplanting with Segway O (21). RootDefend Plus G (NC) might be pre-incorporated into the soil combine with out being broken by Segway O. RootDefend Plus WP (NC) might be utilized as a soil drench inside per week after the Segway O drench if desired. From that time on, shift to a “see and treat” protocol. If one other drench is required, one of many etridiazole merchandise could possibly be used to rotate with Segway O-Banrot (1&14), Terrazole L (14) or Truban (14).

Insecticidal Drenches: Due to bee security issues with neonicotinoid drenches, e.g., Flagship (4A), Marathon (4A) and generics, Safari (4A), GGSPro advises that they solely be utilized throughout the first two weeks after transplanting in order that the bee hazard diminishes earlier than open bloom happens. Kontos (23) utilized as a drench is efficient in opposition to many backyard mum pests, together with aphids, leafhoppers, leafminers, spider mites, thrips, and whiteflies. Mainspring GNL (28) when utilized as a drench is efficient in opposition to aphids, beetles, caterpillars, leafhoppers, leafminers, thrips, and whiteflies. Endeavor (9B) drenches are an choice for aphid management.

Insecticidal Spray Guide

Some of the merchandise listed beneath have bee security packing containers that include essential data relating to minimizing potential hazards to bees and different pollinators. Read and comply with all label directions.

Aphids: Altus (4D), Aria (29), Endeavor (9B), Kontos (23), Pradia (28&29), TriStar (4A), Ventigra (9D), and XXpire (4C&5). Rycar (9B) can solely be used on mums grown in greenhouses.

Caterpillars: Acelepryn (28), Conserve (5), DiPel Pro DF (11A), Mainspring GNL (28), Pedestal (15), Pradia (28&29), Sarisa (28), TriStar (4A) and XXpire (4C&5). Pedestal can solely be utilized in greenhouses in New York.

Leafhoppers: Altus (4D), Kontos (23), Sanmite SC (21A), and TriStar (4A).

Leafminers (inc. blotch sort)-Adult stage: Avalon Golf & Nursery (3A) and Conserve (5). Larval stage: Avid (6), Citation (17), Minx 2 (6), Pradia (28&29), Sarisa (28), and TriStar (4A).

Spider Mites: Akari (21A), Avid (6), Magus (21A), Minx 2 (6), Sanmite SC (21A), Savate (previously Judo) (23), Shuttle O (20B), and Sultan (25).

Thrips: Avid (6) or Minx 2 (6) tank blended with an accepted azadirachtin IGR (UN); Mainspring GNL (28), Pedestal (15), Pradia (28&29), Sarisa (28) and TriStar (max label price solely) (4A). GG

Author’s notice: Whenever sensible, GGSPro encourages growers to scout and depend on a “see and treat” method to illness, insect, and mite management. Not all merchandise are registered in all states. Some pesticides are restricted use in some state or areas and never others. It is the accountability of the applicator to learn and comply with all label instructions. Products aside from these listed might also be protected and efficient.


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