Let’s take a tour through some top travel companies. This makes for a smoother, relaxed, and secure voyage. There are these cold feet Nigerians have generally towards insurance. Everyone feels like they can “use their money to do better things” just like my very good friend… Well, there’s much more to that.

“There is nothing like a travel insurance plan in Nigeria. Who will spend their money on that?”

It took me time but eventually, I convinced my friend of the top travel Ins. companies in Nigeria offering quality service to their customers.

List of Travel Insurance Companies in Nigeria

1. AIICO Travel insurance

aiico travel insurance

AIICO offers a plan in partnership with AIG South Africa. The plan covers the following:

a. Emergency medical expenses

b. Repatriation on medical reasons

c. Evacuation

d. Repatriation of mortal remains (corpse)

This plan is for corporate organizations, individuals, and HNIs.

2. AXA Mansard Travel insurance.

AXA Mansard Travel Insuranc. is designed to provide cover for risks associated with traveling. They provide covers for:

a. Loss of property

b. Flight delays

c. Medical expenses arising from illness or accident

d. Emergency medical evacuation

3.LEADWAY Travel insurance

LEADWAY Travel Ins.

LEADWAY is one of the top travel INS. companies in Nigeria that provide cover on medical, financial, and other losses incurred while traveling outside your country of residence. Their plan covers all travelers for holiday and business in the event of accidents, sickness, or loss of baggage.

4. Mutual Benefit Travel insurance

Mutual Benefit Travel Insurance.

They have a plan which provides cover for accidental death, medical expenses incurred and repatriation costs of persons whilst on an international journey.

Here are the top life assurance companies in Nigeria that you can walk into any time:

1. AXA Mansard Ins. Plc:

Mansard Insurance PLC is one of the most popular life assurance. companies in Nigeria and is duly registered by NAICOM. They offer all types of Insurance plans ranging from Car insurance to Life, House, Accident, and so on.

2. Industrial and General Ins. Plc (IGI):

Also known as IGI, it was first incorporated as a private limited liability company in 1991 and then later as a PLC in 1992. They offer; Motor Ins., Life ins., Engineering/contractor risk, Marine, Travel, and Health ins. and Fire Insurance.

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3. Custodian and Allied Insurance PLC:

The company started operation in1997 and they provide both life (personal) and general insurance among many others.

4. AIICO Insurance PLC:

AIICO (American International Insurance Company) was founded in 1963. Some of their offerings include life assurance and annuity, general insurance, health insurance, property insurance, E-insurance, and so on.

5. Leadway Assurance PLC:

The evolution of Leadway since 1970 has mirrored the dramatic expansion of indigenous insurance service providers.

AXA Mansard, Leadway Assurance PLC, AIICO Insurance PLC, Custodian & Allied, and IGI, as above listed. These companies, in my humble opinion, offer one of the best and premium insurance services as far as travel insurance and life assurance are concerned; however not for the low budget.

AIICO, AXA, and Leadway also lead the line as far as travel insurance is concerned. These are the top life insurance companies in Nigeria that you can walk into any time:

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