This Holiday: Decorate with Joy, Not Insects That Destroy

Posted by Cecilia Sequeira, USDA Public Affairs Specialist in


The holidays are a festive time. Putting up a Christmas tree, wreath, and ornaments could also be a part of your custom. But, look twice earlier than you purchase contemporary plant materials to your seasonal décor this 12 months, as a result of there could also be one thing lurking inside. Invasive plant pests and ailments are gifted hitchhikers. They might hitch a journey in your residing Christmas tree, wreath, untreated firewood, or handmade ornaments. And, they aren’t simply unwelcome company—these pests threaten native ecosystems and agriculture when launched to new locations.

Forests are in danger. If you progress contemporary plant materials from a quarantine space, you can transport tree-killing bugs with out seeing them. Outdoor objects can even harbor egg lots, which might appear to be dry mud or tan-colored fuzzy patches on surfaces. The offender could possibly be an invasive pest that feeds on and defoliates a whole bunch of plant species.