The Journey So Far

Each year, Woof-India has seen an increase in volunteer and organic methods and skills of matching.  For example: Now they have increased knowledge about crop rotation, resistance varieties, composting, mixed cropping systems, zero tillage crop production and crop prevention, green manure, mulching, crop nutrient chain, recycling of available resources, etc.  They have developed and maintained various pest and disease management plans.  In which observation, prevention and keeping of records are important matters.  They understood the important requirements of the organic processing method to be done carefully.

 They discuss the adulteration of inorganic substances and products.  Now they know the market for organic produce and the sales techniques of WWOOF host farmers.  They understand the various selling methods (such as direct sales, farmers’ markets, whiskey shops, and retailers, etc.) and their features.  They had the opportunity to study the methods of certification and the requirements for export. Woof-India has helped many farmers, with the help of volunteers, turn to organic farming.  More than 50 host organic farmers from all over India have participated in this project.  Over the next 5 years, Woof-India aims to have more than 1000 organic farming farms with more than 5000 volunteers and more than 2000 trainees participating in various projects.  Woof-India is working to bring together host farmers and volunteers and create a healthier world where people can live a sustainable life with each other’s cooperation and experience.  The event had a very large cultural exchange.

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