The Best Dinosaur Video Games Of All Time, Ranked

Everyone loves dinosaurs. They are fascinating, thrilling, and interesting. It’s no surprise why motion pictures that contain dinosaurs go on to gross a whole lot of thousands and thousands of {dollars} on the field workplace. People are perpetually drawn to them, and understanding that these large and highly effective creatures really lived on this planet provides a layer of terror and intrigue.

It can also be this mix of concern and fascination that retains dinosaurs on the forefront of our imaginations. So, what could possibly be higher than a dinosaur online game? How else can individuals work together with creatures from 65 million years in the past? Here are 10 dinosaur video video games which might be thrilling, scary, and crammed with journey.

Updated on June fifteenth, 2022 by Melody MacReadyAs Jurassic World: Dominion dominates on the field workplace, there might be a renewed curiosity in one of the best dinosaur video games ever. Dinosaurs have a method of capturing the eyes of gamers, whether or not they’re interacting with them, operating away from them in terror, or blasting them down.

It’s unattainable to speak about simply ten dinosaur video games, particularly when there have been so many throughout the many years. From classics for older technology consoles to newer smash hits, dinosaurs are nonetheless a related supply of leisure. Some of those video games stem proper from the Jurassic World model whereas others are authentic video games from the minds of gifted builders.


15 Nanosaur (1998)

A raptor is equipped with a laser in this campy classic

Over a decade earlier than Jurassic World determined to genetically modify dinosaurs, the PC recreation Nanosaur determined to strive it out. However, whereas Jurassic World used genetic splicing, Nanosaur grafted equipment onto dinosaurs, creating some highly effective killing machines.

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From raptors with machine weapons to pterodactyls with lasers, what extra may a gamer ask for? While the graphics weren’t phenomenal, the gun-wielding dinosaurs nonetheless compelled gamers to hold on enjoying the sport.

14 Primal Rage (1994)

A T-rex and Gigantopithecus duel it out

After a large meteor strikes Earth and most of humanity is killed off, 4 large deities are woke up from their slumber beneath Earth’s crust. Now, 4 godlike creatures – the yeti, raptor, T-rex, and triceratops – should battle the evil occult monsters who need to plunge the planet into chaos.

Primal Rage was an enormous hit on 4th-gen consoles like Genesis and SNES, in addition to Fifth-gen consoles like the often-forgotten Sega Saturn. These supplied graphical enhancements in addition to extra interactive settings.

13 Robinson: The Journey (2016)

Laika and HIGS in the jungle in Robinson The Journey

Though the VR controls can take some time to get used to, the educational curve is price it resulting from Robinson: The Journey being an attractive expertise on one other planet. The participant controls Robin, a teen stranded on one other planet that’s nonetheless in its prehistoric age with an AI companion and a pet child dinosaur named Laika.

Thanks to being made within the Crytek engine, Robinson: The Journey is visually gorgeous and forward of its time as one of many early examples of a VR recreation. The greatest situation is that it’s a little brief however the alien dinosaurs together with Laika make it a memorable expertise.

12 Jurassic: The Hunted (2009)

Spinosaurus boss fight in Jurassic The Hunted

Intentionally tacky and just like a B-movie, Jurassic: The Hunted is an typically forgotten first-person shooter by which scientists and mercenaries find yourself again in time in the course of the prehistoric ages. The plot and dialogue are ridiculous however that provides to the allure of the sport in some ways.

What actually makes Jurassic: The Hunted stand out is the first-person motion with satisfying gunplay and well-designed dinosaurs. The Spinosaurus actually shines as the massive villain dinosaur of the sport however there are different extra obscure dinosaurs reminiscent of Deinonychus and large scorpions that add lots of selection.

11 ARK: Survival Evolved (2017)

Ark Survival Evolved Free On Steam PC

In ARK: Survival Evolved, avid gamers get washed up on a mysterious island crammed with roaming dinosaurs and warring people. The recreation is a component Minecraft, because it requires you to construct shelters and harvest meals. It can also be just like Skyrim, because the participant enters into a large, legendary, open-world atmosphere.

While the sport was praised for its large, dinosaur-filled gameplay, it was additionally criticized for its problem and the way a lot time avid gamers should waste performing menial duties. It was lately launched without cost on Steam as a result of hype for the upcoming sequel.

10 Star Fox Adventures (2003)

Fox McCloud battling King RedEye the T-Rex in Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures was an unorthodox addition to the sequence of Star Fox video games. For the primary time ever, Fox McCloud had been faraway from his spaceship and was let unfastened in a Legend Of Zelda-style journey. He was additionally surrounded by dinosaurs, resulting in backlash from some followers however it has grow to be a cult basic for the GameCube.

It was later revealed that Star Fox Adventures was born out of an N64 recreation that Rare was creating, known as Dinosaur Planet. Nintendo and Rare had a secret assembly, the place they agreed to merge Dinosaur Planet and the Star Fox franchise collectively, thus creating Star Fox Adventures.

9 Oakwood (2019)

T-Rex roaring in promo banner for Oakwood

In the identical vein because the Outlast video games, Oakwood is a linear horror recreation with the principle menace being dinosaurs reminiscent of lethal Velociraptors. It depends on basic tropes reminiscent of deserted buildings, forests, and even sewers however successfully delivers on making the dinosaurs scary.

Each location provides to dinosaur challenges and puzzles within the atmosphere, permitting Oakwood to chorus from changing into boring. And since it isn’t that lengthy, it makes for a brief however candy expertise that showcases the potential for dinosaur horror video games paying homage to the scarier Jurassic Park sequences.

8 Peter Jackson’s King Kong (2005)

First appearance of the V-Rex breaking through a bridge in Peter Jackson's King Kong video game

This first-person shooter relies on the film of the identical identify and is among the few instances the place the sport is simply pretty much as good, if not higher than the supply materials. It not solely options the solid of the film reprising their roles however it has no HUD, making ammo conservation tough.

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The monster sequences from the movie are expanded even additional with much more creatures of Skull Island at all times showing. Of course, the most important menace is the dinosaurs such because the smaller theropods paying homage to Velociraptors, the large long-neck stampede, and the V-Rex that makes for among the tensest ranges within the recreation.

7 Jurassic Park – Genesis Version (1993)

Dr. Grant tries to escape a T-Rex in this Jurassic Park classic

When Jurassic Park was launched in 1993, two competing online game variations had been quickly launched – one for Genesis and one for SNES. The two video games had been fully totally different, with SNES having a top-down view, and the Genesis recreation is a sidescrolling platformer.

Players and critics agreed that the Genesis model was far superior. It was the primary online game ever to pit gamers in opposition to larger-than-life dinosaurs, and there was even a mode the place avid gamers may play as a velociraptor.

6 Jurassic World Evolution (2018)

Velociraptor attacking a T-Rex in Jurassic World Evolution

There are some online game traits that come and go, however tycoon video games have been fashionable for the reason that inception of gaming itself. In Jurassic World Evolution, gamers are tasked with creating their very personal dinosaur theme park, with the hopes of creating it worthwhile.

This includes breeding and incubating dinosaurs, constructing enclosures, and retaining the dinosaurs fed and wholesome. However, looming disasters, reminiscent of energy failures, climate occasions, and dinosaur breakouts maintain avid gamers on their toes in what is taken into account probably the most thrilling tycoon video games to return alongside in years.

5 Horizon: Zero Dawn (2018)

Horizon Zero Dawn launched only three days before Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch

For followers of motion RPGs, Horizon: Zero Dawn and its latest sequel are must-plays. The recreation places gamers in a large world crammed with mechanical animals and dinosaurs. In the sport, the robots had been initially created as militarized weapons however quickly took over your entire planet.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is not simply an thrilling recreation, however it’s additionally extremely stunning. Aside from the intricate designs of the mechanical monsters, each single side of the world was constructed with unbelievable element.

4 Jurassic World: Evolution 2 (2021)

Mosasaurus in Jurassic World Evolution 2

There isn’t any denying that Jurassic World: Evolution made for a stellar tycoon recreation however it was additionally a little bit too simplistic. With the sequel, not solely are there new dinosaurs however there are a lot of new elements in play when operating the parks: new mechanics, new biomes, new threats, new issues to handle, and a lot extra.

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With new DLC expansions together with content material from Jurassic World: Dominion, Jurassic World: Evolution 2 does what a sequel ought to do. It takes every thing that the primary recreation did so nicely and improves upon the formulation, making it larger and higher.

3 Turok (1997)

A bad guy hijacks a triceratops in Turok

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was a recreation for the N64 that also holds up immediately. Gamers play as Tal’Set, the chosen Turok warrior, who should defend the world from the Lost Land: a mystical realm crammed with vicious dinosaurs, monsters, and aliens.

Both the unique and its sequel (which was additionally launched on the N64) had been met with rave evaluations and are nonetheless seen as two of one of the best video games on the console. The video games have remained so fashionable that remastered variations have even been launched on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

2 Horizon: Forbidden West (2022)

Aloy fires an arrow in Horizon Forbidden West

Similar to Jurassic World: Evolution 2, the Horizon sequel merely improves on greatness and crafts one of many greatest and most immersive RPGs in years. With so many facet quests, memorable characters, and even higher fight, Horizon: Forbidden West earned its many accolades.

The robotic dinosaurs are expanded upon much more with a large number of latest enemies which might be all artistic endeavors themselves. It’s not typically {that a} sequel fully blows its predecessor out of the water however Forbidden West did it, making for a contemporary basic duo of video games.

1 Dino Crisis 2 (2000)

Regina fighting an Allosaurus in Dino Crisis 2

When the unique Dino Crisis was launched for PlayStation in 1999, it was deemed “Resident Evil with dinosaurs” by many critics. Naturally, the survival horror gameplay of Resident Evil, mixed with the dinosaurs, was a profitable formulation. The recreation went on to be one of many bestselling PS1 titles ever.

Its sequel was additionally hailed by critics and audiences. It took a flip in the direction of journey over horror and created tons of latest, intricate settings. Dino Crisis 2 remains to be remembered as one of many PS1’s finest video games, that, sadly, has by no means been remastered or rereleased.

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