The stable of The Batman would like to return once more for further adventures in Gotham City, with star Robert Pattinson saying that he would “do this for as many times as people want to see it.” Pattinson was joined by co-stars Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano, with the trio revealing to Fandango that there is a great deal of room for further tales previous The Batman. Pattinson even revealed that he and director Matt Reeves have already talked about making a trilogy.

“It was pleasurable doing it, I’m down to do this for as many events as people have to see it, really. I’ve gotta get this one out, first! I’ve talked to Matt [Reeves] regarding the considered doing a trilogy. I do know it could be nice. I really beloved the strategy. It’s such a pleasurable character to play. That’d be stunning.”

Paul Dano, who will torment Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne as a result of the villainous Edward Nashton AKA The Riddler, added, “There’s loads room for this Batman to develop.”

The Batman will introduce audiences to an early mannequin of The Dark Knight. Two years into his occupation as a costumed crime-fighter, Bruce Wayne will spend the movie discovering his footing and determining how best to assault crime in Gotham City. The wounds which have damaged Bruce will nonetheless be very raw, with Pattinson not too way back revealing some notion into his depiction of the reclusive billionaire. “He doesn’t have a playboy persona the least bit, so he’s kind of a weirdo as Bruce and a weirdo as Batman, and I saved pondering there’s a further nihilistic slant to it. ‘Cause, often, in all the other movies, Bruce goes away, trains, and returns to Gotham believing in himself, pondering, I’m gonna change points proper right here. But on this, it’s kind of implied that he’s had slightly little bit of a breakdown.”


This technique ought to present Bruce Wayne a complete lot of room to develop and evolve, with the character to probably emerge from the events of The Batman a loads stronger, further acquainted mannequin of the DC superhero.

The Batman Will Lay the Foundations for a Follow-Up

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Robert Pattinson has teased the various clues and hints that The Batman will depart behind, each of which may tease extra adventures. “When I seen it the first time, even from the first shot, it does actually really feel extraordinarily utterly totally different, tonally, to the other movies. And it’s so uncommon, and sort of… It’s sad, and pretty touching,” the actor acknowledged. “It’s a really, really unusual Batman story, and it nearly seems harder for me to consider it being a set afterwards. I indicate, they on a regular basis have that little bit on the end, that’s like: ‘…and coming up!’ But aside from that, it feels surprisingly personal. I consider people will most likely be pretty shocked at how utterly totally different it is.”

So, whereas Pattinson feels that The Batman utterly properly as a standalone story, it being a comic book e-book e-book movie makes a subsequent franchise nearly inevitable. Of course, it has already been confirmed that The Batman will spark its private universe, with quite a few spinoffs now being deliberate, along with Gotham P.D. which may focus on a youthful mannequin of James Gordon.

The Batman is scheduled to premiere in New York City on March 1, 2022, and can most likely be theatrically launched on March 4.

The Batman Star and Director Tease the Evolution of Catwoman
The Batman Star and Director Tease the Evolution of Catwoman

The Batman star Zoë Kravitz and director Matt Reeves will assemble a foundation for the character sooner than she turns into the DC icon.

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