A tie-in novel for The Batman, Before the Batman: An Original Movie Novel (The Batman Movie), mentions each Lex Luthor and Metropolis.

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A tie-in novel for The Batman reveals a number of intriguing particulars in regards to the universe being created by director Matt Reeves, together with the truth that Lex Luthor and Metropolis each exist on the planet of Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight. The e-book, titled Before the Batman: An Original Movie Novel (The Batman Movie), explores the occasions earlier than the upcoming film and encompasses a character named Dex, who seemingly mentions each the DC supervillain and Superman’s metropolis.

“My dad and I have to get away. Maybe Metropolis,” the e-book says. “I hear LexCorp Race Team is taking up new mechanics.” While the mentions of each of those acquainted parts are transient, it does recommend that the broader world of DC will exist, at the least partly, inside the world of The Batman.


Of course, there is no such thing as a suggestion that the likes of Lex Luthor and Metropolis will function within the film itself, however eagle-eyed followers will little doubt be maintaining their eyes peeled for additional clues regarding different DC heroes and villains. These particulars although are positive to have DC followers questioning whether or not the studio will likely be seeking to spawn a very separate shared universe off the again of The Batman. Could one of many upcoming Superman initiatives be set in the identical actuality as Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader?

The Batman Will Stand Separate from the Wider DC Cinematic Universe

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While by no means fairly as streamlined because the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC’s shared cinematic universe has nonetheless staggered onward, with the upcoming The Flash set to throw the franchise right into a multiverse. The Batman, nonetheless, will stand solely separate from the shared DC universe, with director Matt Reeves working arduous to influence the studio to let him do his personal factor along with his tackle The Dark Knight.

“Warner Bros. has a multiverse the place they’re exploring other ways to make use of the character,” producer Dylan Clark beforehand defined. “We do not get entangled in that. Matt is eager about pushing this character to his emotional depths and shaking him to his core.”

The unique intention for Batman was to present Ben Affleck’s iteration of the character his personal journey set inside the DC shared universe. While Reeves lately praised the script for this Batman mission saying, “I read a script that they had that was a totally valid take on the movie,” finally it was not private sufficient for him. “I told them that there have been so many great movies, but if I were to do this, I’d have to make it personal, so that I understood what I was going to do with it, so that I know where to put the camera, so that I know what to tell the actors, so that I know what the story should be,” he stated. “This take, I told them, pointing at the script, is a totally valid and exciting take. It is almost James Bond-ian, but it wasn’t something that I quite related to.”

The Batman will drop audiences into Gotham City, introducing a model of the costumed vigilante simply two years into his unorthodox profession as he comes face-to-face with The Riddler. The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.

The Batman TV Trailer Unravels Riddler's Clues with Exciting New Footage
The Batman TV Trailer Unravels Riddler’s Clues with Exciting New Footage

Robert Pattinson’s Batman revealed within the trailer is making skeptics rethink their stance, as he takes on a, but unrevealed, Riddler, leaving the viewer begging for extra.

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