The Avatar 2 Trailer Shot That Should Have Blown Your Mind

Visual results artists from the YouTube channel Corridor Crew break down a mind-blowing shot from the Avatar: The Way of the Water trailer.

Visual results artists from the YouTube channel Corridor Crew break down a mind-blowing shot from the Avatar: The Way of the Water trailer. Released in 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar is broadly famend for its groundbreaking visible results, which propelled it to turn into the highest-grossing movie of all time. Following the widespread success of the primary movie, Cameron is trying to push the envelope even additional on the sequel by way of its visuals, even having to develop new expertise earlier than the movie might start manufacturing.

Released this previous May, the Avatar: The Way of the Water trailer revealed the primary full have a look at the long-anticipated sequel, together with Pandora’s oceans, Sully’s household, and extra. The teaser trailer debuted at CinemaCon 2022 and performed earlier than screenings of Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness earlier than releasing on-line, the place it was seen 148 million occasions in its first 24 hours. In beneath two minutes, The Way of the Water teaser trailer showcased Pandora’s breathtaking ocean views which, as indicated by the title, might be one of many Avatar sequel’s important attracts.


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In a latest video from the YouTube channel Corridor Crew, three VFX artists broke down one notably mind-blowing shot from the trailer. The shot in query happens about 1:20 into the official Avatar: The Way of Water teaser trailer and easily exhibits a Na’vi tightening a leather-based strap within the water. As the VFX artists within the video clarify, this close-up is fully CGI, which could be very spectacular on account of its excessive diploma of complexity. Read their clarification under:

This shot proper right here, all the things you’re seeing from the blue pores and skin, to the water, to the straps, all the things you’re seeing was generated by a pc…so why does the web refuse to consider that that shot is generated by a pc?

I believe as a result of for the previous 15-20 years of seeing a lot of CG water, we’re at all times seeing it this scale, the huge scale, as a result of that is truly pretty simple and we found out easy methods to do giant scale simulations, however we by no means see like this micro stuff. If you look there’s one body the place it tugs and that is displaced to the water splashing up exterior of the saddle in a single body, and we by no means see that kind of like dramatic small scale stuff.

The bit that I believe is nuts is the floor stress within the backside left, the way in which it goes into that woven bit. I do not keep in mind ever seeing floor stress on that complicated and dynamic of a scale. As the water goes away it is nonetheless trapped there within the little bits [of woven fabric].

Avatar 2 water cgi

While some viewers have claimed this particular shot was filmed utilizing sensible results, i.e., actual water, the VFX artists guarantee this shot was created fully with CGI, together with the water, the Na’vi’s blue pores and skin, and the leather-based straps. There is maybe no higher testomony to how photo-realistic The Way of the Water‘s CGI seems for it to be mistaken for sensible results. Avatar 2‘s VFX artists by some means managed to render close-up CGI that realistically simulates the dynamics of precise water, which has by no means been seen to this extent earlier than.

Despite being groundbreaking, the CGI in Avatar 2‘s trailer has additionally been met with backlash from detractors who declare it doesn’t look drastically totally different from the unique Avatar. However, the close-up CGI water shot is only one instance of how the Avatar sequel has improved its visuals whereas nonetheless sustaining the signature aesthetic of the unique movie. With Avatar: The Way of the Water set for a December 16 launch date, audiences will certainly be handled to extra trailers displaying of the sequel’s groundbreaking CGI expertise within the close to future.

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Source: Corridor Crew/YouTube

  • Avatar 2 (2022)Release date: Dec 16, 2022


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