The Atwater HydroPod – DIY Add Your Own Bucket KIT – Dual DWC Deep Water Culture/Recirculating Drip Hydroponic Garden System – Bubble Bucket – Grow Your Own! Start Today!Bucket Not Included Save $$

Price: $74.99 - $64.95
(as of May 22,2022 07:23:48 UTC – Details)

The Original, Standard Hydropod Hydroponic DWC / prime feed recirculating
hydroponic system equipment is the simplest option to begin a hydroponic backyard!

This Deep water Culture Complete Hydroponics system equipment makes use of an air
pump to concurrently pump water to your crops utilizing air stress and and
oxygenate your reservoir. This simple to setup hydroponic equipment accommodates
all the things you want (***Minus One 5 Gallon Bucket***) to begin rising your
first plant or crops straight away! Simply setup the equipment with the included
directions, utilizing your personal 5 gallon bucket, add water and begin rising!

The system contains:

* 8" Mesh bucket lid with built-in DWC/recirculating drip ring
mixture insert & See by water degree indicator.
* Drip ring and water column with aeration drive fittings; used to
enable air to maneuver water by the drip ring.
* Dual outlet air pump with all tubing and 4" air stone.
* Clean twin elbow connectors for connecting each air strains to the
* Powdered Grow and Bloom vitamins, sufficient to final months.
* pH Testing Kit with powdered pH Up and pH down adjusters.
* Hydroton Grow Rocks; inert, natural clear reusable clay based mostly rising
media. Indefinitely reusable!
* 6 Pack of Rockwool Starter Cubes for beginning seeds or clones
* Nutrient mixing directions
* Hydropod setup and use directions
* Check listing with all elements and QC checkers signature.
* Worldwide sources elements, designed and assembled within the USA.

The Hydropod accommodates all the things you want to begin your personal hydroponic
backyard in a single field!

✔ UNIQUE DESIGN COMBINES DWC & TOP FEED AERATED RECIRCULATING DRIP – Using a twin outlet air pump, the Standard Hydropod concurrently aerates your reservoir for vigorous explosive DWC root development, whereas additionally offering a recirculating prime feed drip system.
✔ SEMI-COMPLETE HYDROPONIC DWC / TOP FEED GARDEN IN A BOX – If used exterior harnessing the ability of the solar, this equipment accommodates all the things you want to begin your personal backyard (minus crops and water & a bucket!) Setup your equipment, combine your vitamins, plant your new insert your new plant, plug within the pump and also you’re finished!
✔ MOST EFFICIENT USE OF WATER COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL GARDENING – Recirculating & DWC hydroponic techniques are probably the most environment friendly use of water for plant development. There is not any waste different then what the plant makes use of, and really minimal evaporation. Stop losing water.
✔ EXPERIENCE HYDROPONIC GROWTH SPEED & YIELDS – As the roots would not have to struggle and seek for water and meals, your plant can instantly use its power for above floor development. 3x sooner development and yields aren’t unusual.
✔ GROW YOUR OWN, START TODAY! – We are all uninterested in overpriced herbs and vegi’s, particularly after we do not know what’s in them or what chemical compounds have been sprayed on them. There is nothing extra satisfying then rising your personal wonderful high quality produce for much less then we’ve to pay for inferior options.

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