The Art of Curing Your Buds

The means of curing hashish is crucial in placing the ending touches on the gorgeous inexperienced buds you’ve labored so exhausting to develop. Correct curing and storage of your finely crafted buds will make or break your completed product.

What Does Curing Hashish Do?

Curing hashish permits the chlorophyll nonetheless current within the plant—which smells like grass or hay—to interrupt down, abandoning every pressure’s distinctive taste and aroma. Efficiency is elevated in the course of the curing course of as cannabigerol (CBG) within the flower continues to metabolize into THC. Curing additionally optimizes the moisture stage within the buds to forestall mildew and different pathogens from thriving.

When to Begin Curing Your Hashish

Cannabis colas on wire rack getting ready for drying process.Hashish colas on wire rack preparing for drying course of. | Tracey Walker / Shutterstock

Your months of exhausting work within the backyard have paid off and your crop is nearly able to go. Your crops are harvested and the nugs are trimmed and dried. The subsequent steps you’re taking will decide not solely the efficiency of your hashish however its essence, taste and aroma.

The first step in correctly curing your hashish is ensuring your buds are correctly dried. You need your buds in an optimum moisture zone. (Learn: Drying Hashish: 4 Tricks to Correctly Dry Your Weed)

When a plant is harvested, it’ll lose 80 per cent of its moisture earlier than it’s consumable. You wish to begin the curing course of earlier than your buds get to that time. Ideally you need your buds at round 30 to 35 per cent moisture, a fraction of their authentic moist weight. Any extra moisture than that and also you threat the event of mildew and mildew as soon as sealed in an hermetic atmosphere. When you dried your flowers too lengthy or at too excessive of a temperature, you could have to rehydrate them.

Simply make it possible for your weed is in that Goldilocks zone earlier than you start your treatment. If you’re unsure, you’ll be able to check your bud by merely bending a stem. If the stem breaks or begins to interrupt, then it’s sufficiently dry. If it continues to bend, it ought to most likely dry for an additional day or extra.

Some folks select to start the curing course of in paper luggage to ensure they’re adequately dry. I haven’t discovered this to be a necessity, so I am going straight for hermetic glass jars.

A mason jar or a jar with a flip-tight lid are optimum as they completely seal and maintain air out. You’ll want to place as a lot marijuana in your jar as doable as a way to pressure out as a lot of the remaining air as you’ll be able to.

All the time date your jars in order to not confuse them with different batches you will have already began!

Curing Hashish for Greatest Efficiency & Taste

cured cannabis in a glass jar

Curing buds thrive in a micro-environment | Admir Zaric / Shutterstock.

The major features of curing hashish are efficiency and taste. Because the chemical elements of the plant matter break down over time, it shifts the style from a very earthy and inexperienced taste to flavors which might be extra palatable and that we will extra readily affiliate with specific strains.

This course of is carried out by cardio micro organism current within the plant on the time of harvest. The micro organism eat the chlorophyll within the hashish making the style and total expertise much less harsh. Identical to your develop, your curing buds thrive in a micro-environment depending on particular situations as a way to nurture the method.

In case your buds are overly moist whenever you begin to treatment, you run the chance of permitting mildew to develop, which might result in dangerous micro organism destroying the fruits of your labor.

It is very important maintain your treatment in a darkish room or storage space. Mild will degrade THC and intervene with the metabolic course of going down in your jars. Upkeep of the micro-environment is significant to maintain your good micro organism thriving and your unhealthy micro organism at bay. Your temperatures ought to be barely decrease than your growroom at round 50-75˚F.


Cannabigerol (CBG) & Curing Hashish

One of many chemical secrets and techniques to curing is cannabigerol, or CBG. Cannabigerol is the chemical precursor present in hashish that metabolizes into THC. It’s believed that CBG has profound medical impression by itself. CBG reduces stress in cell partitions and is an enormous a part of hashish therapy for glaucoma. It’s thought-about to be the first cannabinoid, as it’s damaged down contained in the plant as a way to create THCA, CBDA and CBCA.

We’re all aware of THC and CBD however CBC, or cannabichromenic acid, is by far the lesser recognized of the cannabinoids. As a result of its involvement within the creation of different cannabinoids, CBG is often present in concentrations of lower than one per cent in completed merchandise.

After the plant is harvested, the metabolic course of that creates THC from CBG continues. This ends in THC ranges rising lengthy after the buds have been collected.

Burp Your Nugs for Completely Cured Hashish

Cannabis buds in clear glass jar with humidity gauge.Hold relative humidity above 55% when burping your jars. | Roxana Gonzalez / Shutterstock

The key to curing your hashish is burping your jars. Meaning after permitting the metabolic course of to work, periodically opening your jars to let loose the constructed up carbon dioxide and moisture the buds have shed.

How Lengthy to Go away the Jar Open When Burping

Each grower has their very own schedule of burping they usually all range significantly. For buds which might be in the suitable humidity zone, you must burp them each day for roughly half-hour.

Everybody can have an opinion on the time, nevertheless, half-hour is adequate to expel the gasses and permit the micro-environment to return to a suitable relative humidity. Some select to make use of an RH meter to find out the period of time they burp their buds.

Greatest Humidity Stage for Curing Weed

You need to maintain the relative humidity above 55 per cent. Beneath that threshold your buds don’t have the moisture required to permit the metabolic course of to proceed. When you burp your nugs and discover you continue to have a relative humidity greater than 70 per cent then they should come out of the jar and be allowed to dry extra completely.

How Lengthy to Burp and Remedy Hashish

How lengthy you treatment for is absolutely as much as you. Most growers will inform you that with each day burping below proper situations, your buds ought to be scrumptious and potent in three weeks to a month. Others who’ve cured their hashish for months and even years declare that their product solely improved the longer it cures. When you’ve got the endurance to treatment your weed for six months or extra, you’re a higher particular person than I.

Stick With Glass Jars for Curing Hashish

Dried and cured cannabis flower stored in glass jars.Hermetic glass jars are finest for hashish storage. | Roxana Gonzalez / Shutterstock

Now that you’ve correctly cured some dynamite bud, it’s time to prep it for storage. Storing your weed below correct situations will protect your THC content material and permit for high quality consumption at a later date. I believe it goes with out saying, however by no means use plastic luggage for storage, or anything.

Stick along with your hermetic glass jars. Some favor dark-colored glass to forestall mild from creeping in however if you’re protecting your jars in a drawer or closet, clear jars are simply fantastic. Glass doesn’t breathe like plastic. Keep away from freezing your hashish.

The freezing course of turns the trichomes brittle. You may find yourself damaging your buds when there may be actually no want. Molds and mildews will unfold at excessive temperatures, so by no means permit your saved weed to go above 77˚F. All in all, maintain your hermetic jars of hashish in a cool and darkish location that gained’t be disturbed by your day-to-day routine.

For long-term storage, you continue to wish to burp your jars a couple of times a month simply to let loose the gasses your buds will proceed to provide off. The consequence might be hashish that’s nearly as good, if not higher than it was on the day it was stashed away.

Now that you’ve an concept of what situations it’s good to treatment your hashish, you’ll be able to start with out additional delay!