Superboy’s Underrated Bat-Family Friendship Proves How Much He’s Grown

Superboy and Batgirl have been too cussed to attach, making this new friendship an indication of progress for each characters—however particularly Superboy.

Spoiler warning for DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1

The highlight could also be on Tim Drake these days—with each his new Pride Special and introduced ongoing solo sequence—however Tim’s greatest buddy, Superboy, has discovered a brand new buddy in Batgirl. Stephanie Brown—Tim’s ex-girlfriend and one other of his greatest associates—has been speaking to Superboy out of concern for the shared Robin. This new connection between Batgirl and Superboy is way extra civil than one among their first encounters, exhibiting followers that Superboy has outgrown his brash origins.

Though Stephanie Brown and Conner Kent’s Superboy each debuted within the 90s, and regardless of being mutual associates of Tim Drake’s Robin, the 2 have not often met on the web page. Superboy, the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, was normally adventuring with a rotating solid of associates and allies, whereas Stephanie—then know as Spoiler, the daughter of a C-list Batman villain—was normally relegated to Gotham. After years being both lifeless or erased from DC historical past, Stephanie and Superboy have since been reintroduced to canon, the place Stephanie presently seems as one of many titular Batgirls, and the place Conner will quickly start a brand new journey in his lately introduced Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow mini-series.


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In one among their uncommon prior conferences, throughout a brief interval when Tim had retired from Robin and Stephanie had taken up the mantle, Superboy and Stephanie Brown almost got here to blows. In Teen Titans #13 by Geoff Johns, Tom Grummett, Lary Stucker, and Jeromy Cox, Superboy flies to Gotham to seek for Tim Drake and finds Stephanie in her Robin uniform. When she insists she is, in actual fact, the brand new Robin, Conner replies: “No. You’re a woman in Robin’s costume.”

Page from Teen Titans 13

Superboy and Batgirl seem once more in DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1, the place their off-panel conversations are alluded to greater than as soon as in tales by Meghan Fitzmartin and Belén Ortega. In “Sum of Our Parts,” Superboy tells Tim that Stephanie referred to as him to debate Tim’s “bizarre” habits. In the particular’s new story, “The Elephant within the Room,” these discussions are alluded to once more, with Tim saying to Superboy: “Right. I forgot you guys discuss now.

Despite having quite a bit in frequent—each the descendants of super-villains, each expensive associates to Tim Drake’s Robin—Superboy and Batgirl have beforehand been too cussed or proud to essentially join after they did meet, making this new connection an indication of progress for each characters—however particularly Superboy. When he beforehand met Stephanie throughout her time as Robin, he was antagonistic and impolite, calling her “little miss dress-up” and never affording her the respect he does Tim. Now, nonetheless, it seems as if each Conner and Stephanie—now grown into her function as Batgirl—are quick associates, speaking typically about Tim. Superboy has gotten over his authentic distrust and dislike of Stephanie, proving his maturity on this new period of DC. Superboy’s new friendship with Batgirl proves he is grown as a personality and is able to tackle extra accountability throughout the DC Universe. He’s now not the brash—and barely misogynistic—child he as soon as was. Hopefully the 2 will meet once more quickly, as Stephanie seems in Batgirls and Superboy seems in Young Justice: Dark Crisis and his new mini, Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow.

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