Strict Farming


  1.  What is resource farming?
  2.  Technology
  3. A team of strict farmers
  4. Market arrangements

 What is resource farming?

Strict farming is the practice of doing the right thing at the right time, in the right place, using new techniques and gathering information from real farms.  The information gathered can be used to determine the exact density of seeds more accurately, to estimate exactly how much fertilizer and other inputs should be used, and to make an accurate estimate of how much will be harvested.
Conventional methods of crop cultivation can be avoided regardless of local soil or climate.  This means that quality crops can be harvested by saving on inputs like labor, water, fertilizers and medicines.


 1. Satellite Based Soil Maps

 Fertilizer and soil management with the help of satellite based soil mapping.  The use of this technology has been able to determine the exact amount of nutrients in the soil in a particular area.


 2. Upper layer scattering

 The top layer of soil has hardened to about 45 cm due to years of tractor use and flood watering.  As a result, the soil does not drain properly and the air does not stay in it.  This problem can be overcome by the scattering of the upper layer.  Such plowing should be done twice a year.


 3. Drip irrigation

 Small Laterals of 1.5×0.6 m.  Should be placed at a distance.  They benefit greatly.
Less requirement of water and fertilizer per acre
Low amount of weeds due to dryness in the top layer of soil
Low flowering and fruit set due to proper soil moisture and air circulation
Low disease and insect infestation with less than 60% humidity
40% more air play helps in more growth of roots


 4. Community Nursery

 Under the guidance of scientists from the university, strict farmers created 100 percent healthy seedlings in community nurseries.


 5. Disease and pest control

 Climate-wise preventive prescriptions and the use of pesticides and pesticides have helped reduce costs by a third.

 A team of strict farmers

Beneficiary farmers in groups of 25-30 came together and registered their strict farmer team.  These teams undertook different tasks.  For example
Negotiate with traders who provide inputs to agriculture
Discuss the issue of contract farming for growing vegetables
Visit various markets to get information
Sharing experiences with other members
Explain the experience of rigorous farming to farmers from other districts of

 Market arrangements

Scientists helped sell goods at a higher price.  Crops are selected keeping in view the market demand and are harvested in the right season.
With the help of experts from the  Agricultural University, a special logo has been created for the goods grown and marketed through rigorous farming.
• Due to the excellent quality, the hard-earned agricultural goods get the best prices in all the markets.

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