Star Wars: All 40 Light & Dark Side Force Powers In Canon


Jedi and Sith draw on the Drive in numerous methods, with Jedi serving the sunshine facet and Sith exerting their very own will on the Drive.
Drive powers like Drive consciousness and blocking blaster bolts are a number of the fundamental skills that Jedi and Sith can develop via their coaching.
The Drive grants distinctive powers like pathfinding, skywalking, wayfinding, hyperspace tripping, and Shatterpoint, which are sometimes tied to a Jedi’s alignment and expertise with the Drive.

Here is your information to each Drive energy in Star Wars – together with the skills related to the sunshine facet, the darkish facet, and even steadiness. When Obi-Wan Kenobi started to coach Luke Skywalker, he gave his apprentice a easy definition of the Drive. “The Drive is what provides a Jedi his energy,” he defined. “It is an power subject created by all residing issues. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy collectively.” He was oversimplifying, after all, and since then the Star Wars franchise has constructed upon the mythology of the Drive.

Jedi and Sith have some fundamental powers in frequent, however in fact draw on the Drive in very alternative ways. A Jedi serves the sunshine facet, utilizing their powers in accordance with the Drive’s will and by no means for assault. A Sith, in distinction, exerts their very own will on the Drive. “The darkish facet of the Drive is a pathway to many skills some take into account to be unnatural,” Palpatine noticed in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and repeated in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In the meantime, steadiness appears to be a 3rd side of the Drive, unlocking much more distinctive powers (as seen in Rey). This text explores all canon Star Wars Drive powers.

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Drive Consciousness


Probably the most fundamental Drive means is “Drive consciousness.” As a possible Jedi or Sith opens themselves as much as the Drive, they naturally turn out to be more and more delicate to it. The primary canon instance of Drive sensitivity was seen in Star Wars, when Obi-Wan Kenobi sensed the destruction of Alderaan whereas the Millennium Falcon was flying via hyperspace. Be aware that Luke Skywalker, who had simply begun his coaching presently and so was barely open to the Drive, didn’t sense this. Extra lately, in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Finn had an innate sense of Rey, with whom he had a powerful bond. He was additional capable of instinctively sense a vital goal in the course of the Battle of Exegol; all of it boiled all the way down to “a sense”.

Within the Excessive Republic Period, centuries earlier than the occasions of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Jedi seem to have been capable of go one step additional and intuit information from the Drive itself. Vernestra Rwoh, for instance, was actually given directions for learn how to modify her lightsaber right into a lightwhip. “The complete design got here to me in the course of the night time just a few weeks in the past,” she defined when a Padawan requested how she had made the modification.

Drive Listening

Jacen Syndulla in Ahsoka.

Launched within the Ahsoka Disney+ TV present, Jacen Syndulla seems to own an instinctive Drive energy which – in Legends – was referred to as Drive Listening. As seen in Ahsoka episode 5, by enjoyable within the Drive he is ready to hear issues which might be apparently taking place on different planes of existence. That is the primary time Drive Listening has been proven in canon; given there’s some proof kids are naturally aligned to the steadiness side of the Drive, it is attainable it’s misplaced or just turns into tougher as an individual turns into drawn to both the sunshine or darkish sides of the Drive.

Blocking Blaster Bolts

Luke Skywalker and Training Droid in A New Hope

A would-be Jedi or Sith begins their coaching studying to dam blaster bolts with a lightsaber. In keeping with the in-universe reality e-book Secrets and techniques of the Jedi, it is because the approach helps develop a deep consciousness of the Drive. Timothy Zahn’s novel Thrawn: Alliances defined the facility works via a second of so-called “double-vision,” by which a Drive-user sees each current actuality and future menace. This glimpse of the longer term permits a Jedi to reply, however they’ve to take action directly. Thus this means is simply attainable to somebody who has developed a level of Drive sensitivity and who has realized to instinctively belief within the Drive.


Star Wars Into The Rising Storm Cover

Cavan Scott’s novel Into The Rising Storm has launched an interesting Drive energy referred to as Pathfinding, which permits a pilot to navigate even essentially the most chaotic setting. This energy is especially related to a race referred to as the Talortai, who advanced in a star system affected by meteor storms, and developed this means to assist them journey via the system safely. Because the novel explains of 1 Talortai, “All Talortai had an innate sense of course, feeling the vibrations of the cosmos of their bones, however Dis’s navigational expertise had been off the chart. Because of his abilities, he might really feel the situation of each asteroid within the subject. He did not want maps or perhaps a navidroid. All he wanted was the Drive.”


Thrawn Alliances Cover

Thrawn: Alliances builds upon this, introducing an influence referred to as – amusingly sufficient – “Skywalking.” This can be a logical extension of the double-vision a Jedi or Sith makes use of to dam blaster bolts, utilized to flying via the navigational hazards of the Unknown Areas. This space of house is deeply hazardous, described in Aftermath: Empire’s Finish as “a labyrinth of photo voltaic storms, rogue magnetospheres, black holes, gravity wells, and issues far stranger.” The one protected method to journey via the Unknown Areas is with a Drive-sensitive, who is ready to use double-vision to instinctively react to navigational hazards.

Curiously, there’s some proof this can be a steadiness energy quite than a lightweight or darkish facet one. In keeping with Thrawn: Alliances, younglings are usually notably expert at skywalking. Secrets and techniques of the Jedi suggests kids are naturally attuned to steadiness, but to align themselves with gentle or darkish; presumably that alignment makes skywalking tougher. Nonetheless, Darth Vader was highly effective sufficient to grasp it regardless.


Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Compass Sith Wayfinder

Justina Eire’s novel A Check of Braveness introduces Imri, a Padawan within the Excessive Republic Period who is presented with the facility of Wayfinding. This enables a Jedi who’s touring via house to concentrate on one factor within the Drive, and to information their craft in the direction of it on intuition. Trapped on an deserted shuttle, Imri is ready to efficiently find a distant moon wealthy in life so he and his mates can survive. Apparently the facility is often the province of seasoned Jedi Masters, who’ve practiced all of it their lives. It’s affordable to imagine this energy is linked to the Jedi and Sith Wayfinders, launched within the sequel trilogy, which had been locked on to Drive vergences such because the planet Exegol.

Mysterious Hyperspace Powers

Star Wars Hyperspace Lightspeed

Hyperspace is the important thing to house journey throughout the galaxy in Star Wars, with starships exceeding gentle pace to leap to a different dimensional aircraft with the intention to transfer at phenomenal pace. The exact nature of hyperspace has by no means been correctly defined, and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Excessive Republic franchise has advised it’s much more mysterious than anybody had beforehand realized. In reality, some Jedi believed hyperspace to be a facet of the Drive itself, and as proof they pointed to unusual powers possessed by some Drive customers.

Justina Eire’s novel Out of the Shadows launched a Drive energy referred to as “hyperspace tripping,” by which a Jedi’s thoughts turn out to be unmoored from their physique throughout journey via hyperspace they usually acquired visions of occasions elsewhere within the galaxy. This means seems to have been each uncommon and troublesome to regulate, with most of those visions granted by the desire of the Drive. In the meantime, a bunch of pirates within the Excessive Republic Period used hyperspace routes plotted by a Drive-sensitive who had been capable of chart what she referred to as “Paths” via hyperspace, ways in which would generally shut after mere moments on account of gravitational fluctuations. Out of the Shadows hinted at a detailed relationship between hyperspace tripping and information of the Paths.

Mace Windu’s Shatterpoint

Mace Windu offers the droids a chance to stand down before he kills them in Star Wars the Clone Wars.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe gave Jedi Grasp Mace Windu a novel means known as “Shatterpoint,” the facility to sense the weak spot in an opponent or circumstance. This made him a shrewd and efficient tactician, in addition to a lethal lightsaber duelist. The ability is arguably nonetheless canon for Windu as a result of it’s referenced within the novelization of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and it has subsequently been talked about in Chuck Wendig’s “Aftermath” trilogy. It is attainable that is truly a darkish facet energy, as a result of Mace Windu trod near the darkish facet – therefore his purple blade – and Palpatine himself apparently possessed this means too.

Drive Concealment

Yoda and Palpatine

Palpatine was clearly a grasp of some Drive energy that allowed him to hide himself from the Jedi. Consequently, he was capable of rise to a place of prominence and even spend time with the Jedi Council with out their ever realizing he was a strong Sith Lord. E.Okay. Johnston’s Queen’s Peril suggests Palpatine reworked himself right into a void within the Drive, and Yoda initially sensed this mysterious “nothing” – however the Sith Lord then clouded the Jedi’s Drive consciousness, stopping his being found.

Jedi: Survivor introduced again Drive concealment, revealing the Jedi had certainly identified about this energy. Bode Akuna was a Jedi Knight who was taught to make use of this energy for the aim of espionage in the course of the Clone Wars, and it is telling that he subsequently fell to the darkish facet. Deception is of the darkish, so it is attainable this means was a step alongside that path for him.

Drive Sever – How Luke Reduce Himself Off From The Drive

Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill

In Star Wars: The Final Jedi, Rey found Luke Skywalker had utterly lower himself off from the Drive. The approach he used was one referred to as “Sever Drive,” and in accordance with the Jedi Grasp it had taken him years to follow this; nonetheless, he had mastered it to such an extent he didn’t even sense the destruction of Hosnian Prime, and the deaths of billions. To carry the Drive at bay is an unnatural act, as a result of the Drive is all-pervasive, and in accordance with Jason Fry’s novelization even Luke discovered the Drive attempting to talk to him via his desires. Given that is so unnatural, it’s tempting to take a position that is no gentle facet energy; it could be a steadiness means that Luke realized from the traditional Jedi texts.

Drive Stasis – How Kylo Ren Froze A Blaster Bolt

Kylo Ren Blaster Bolt Force Stasis

Firstly of Star Wars: The Drive Awakens, Poe Dameron noticed a chance to ambush Kylo Ren, and opened fireplace upon him. Kylo Ren’s Drive consciousness led him to sense the shot coming, however he selected to indicate off his energy of the Drive quite than merely swat the blaster bolt apart within the regular vogue. Kylo Ren used an influence referred to as Drive Stasis to freeze the shot in place, leaving Poe completely shocked. Nevertheless it’s truly not the primary time Drive Stasis has been demonstrated within the Star Wars franchise, with Yoda utilizing the facility in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and it is since been seen within the Jedi: Fallen Order recreation as effectively.

The Jedi Thoughts Trick

Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars A New Hope

The Jedi Thoughts Trick was one of many first Drive powers seen on the massive display screen, with Obi-Wan Kenobi suggesting the Drive can have a strong affect on the weak-minded. Though the Jedi Thoughts Trick is unusually invasive, it is sometimes used to keep away from battle, with Jedi utilizing it to slide previous Stormtroopers and Separatists alike. Rey discovered herself in a position to make use of the Jedi Thoughts Trick on a First Order stormtrooper with stunning ease in Star Wars: The Drive Awakens, however which will effectively replicate the very fact the darkish facet was used as a part of First Order brainwashing methods.

Drive Defend – Why Jedi Make The Good Spies

Star Wars has revealed why Jedi make the proper spies; they’re able to use their telepathic powers to softly nudge these round them into wanting in the other way as they cross by. The Jedi name this energy a “Drive Defend,” and it permits them to slide via enemies bases with out being noticed. Little doubt this explains why Obi-Wan Kenobi was capable of infiltrate the Demise Star and sabotage its tractor beams within the first Star Wars film.

Psychological Manipulation – How Kylo Ren Put Rey To Sleep

Rey Kylo Ren Force Awakens

The darkish facet can be utilized to control the minds of others, an influence that appears a logical extension of the Jedi Thoughts Trick – however much more invasive. Kylo Ren used this means to place Rey to sleep in Star Wars: The Drive Awakens, and the junior novelization of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker advised the darkish facet was routinely used to brainwash Stormtroopers beneath the First Order. Sarcastically, this neatly explains why some Stormtroopers had been capable of insurgent and finally defected from the First Order; Drive-sensitives, and people with robust wills, presumably have the power to withstand it.

Empathy & Soothing

Star Wars Out Of The Shadows Cover

Justina Eire’s novel Out of the Shadows launched a brand new Jedi thoughts energy, one apparently related to Drive-sensitives from the planet Genetia. Padawan Imri Cantaros found he possessed a exceptional sense of empathy, and he was capable of learn the feelings of these round him with ease. Working with some Padawans, Imri realized to increase this means by manipulating the feelings of others close by, calming or “soothing” them. The Jedi feared this energy would take him dangerously near the darkish facet, however they’d realized it might be managed utilizing sure meditative methods.

Mike Chen’s novel Brotherhood introduces a variant of this energy, with a Jedi Padawan named Mill Alibeth who possessed a uncommon means to sense the ache of others. This new Drive energy made the Clone Wars worse for Mill, as a result of she skilled the struggling and uncertainty of galactic struggle in a visceral method. She finally left the Jedi, and really survived Order 66, name-dropped within the sequel trilogy period.

Environmental Telepathy

Star Wars A Test of Courage Cover

Justina Eire’s novel A Check of Braveness sees Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh stranded upon a mysterious jungle planet, and she or he makes use of a type of Jedi telepathy to scout the setting round her. She is ready to bond with vegetation and animals alike with the intention to interpret the jungle, swiftly understanding what sort of harmful world she and her prices are stranded upon. “If I hear carefully I can really feel the animals serious about resting and the vegetation speaking about burying their roots to not get swept away, in order that almost certainly means heavy rainfalls are an everyday factor right here,” she defined.

The Darkish Facet Thoughts Probe

Rey Kylo Ren Interrogation The Force Awakens

The Thoughts Probe is one other darkish facet psychological energy, one which seems to be taught to Sith early of their coaching, as a result of it has been demonstrated by the likes of Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and – finally – Kylo Ren. In keeping with The Rise of Kylo Ren, the Thoughts Probe is one other extension of the Jedi Thoughts Trick, and he was taught it by Supreme Chief Snoke. Kylo Ren grew to become a talented practitioner of this energy, utilizing it on Rey in Star Wars: The Drive Awakens, however there it backfired. Rey was capable of entry Kylo Ren’s thoughts as effectively, and in accordance with the novelization of Star Wars: The Final Jedi she absorbed a few of his information of the Drive. It’s unclear whether or not this threat is taken every time one Drive-sensitive probes the thoughts of one other, or whether or not the nascent Drive Dyad made this a novel case.

The Jedi Meld

Star Wars Light of the Jedi Cover

The Jedi of the Excessive Republic Period – some 200 years earlier than the occasions of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – celebrated individuality, with every inspired to pursue their very own distinctive relationship with the Drive. Avar Kriss, for instance, experiences the Drive as music, with every Jedi represented as a novel tone and instrument within the Drive. She will draw the Jedi collectively in what was referred to as a “Drive Meld” within the previous Expanded Universe, the place they mix their energy with the intention to accomplish feats which might be past anyone Jedi. The Meld was step by step prolonged to envelop each single Jedi within the galaxy, a exceptional achievement.


Rey Meditates With Rocks

Telekinesis is one other fundamental Drive energy, with Yoda coaching Luke Skywalker on this artwork in The Empire Strikes Again. It has since turn out to be a staple energy for each the Jedi and the Sith, though they use it in numerous methods; Darth Vader, for instance, most popular to make use of telekinesis to choke his adversaries. One of many extra spectacular telekinetic feats was seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, when Rey used it as a part of her meditations. Some Drive-users can create telekinetic shields round themselves to forestall them struggling hurt, or to assist them survive in excessive environments.

Drive Barrier

Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Aayla Secura, Palpatine and Padme in Clone Wars(1)

Sometimes Star Wars has proven Jedi creating boundaries with the Drive, utilizing them to carry again bodily assaults or toxic gases. Probably the most notable instance of this thus far might be seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 2, episode 19, “The Zillo Beast Strikes Again,” with Yoda working with Anakin Skywalker and Aayla Secura to protect Chancellor Palpatine and Senator Amidala from poison gasoline. It is probably this serves as a type of telekinetic bubble, though the approach has by no means been totally defined.

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