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SpongEase -The Perfect Potting Soil! Made from the fiber from coconut husks and compressed for straightforward delivery, all it takes is a bit of water to increase SpongEase into 2 full gallons of the proper potting soil. You’ll be amazed on the amount of soil produced by this brick of coconut coir rising media. You’ll get 2 full gallons of professional rising combine. It’s gentle, fluffy and will present very important oxygen to the roots of your crops! This is the precise coco coir product that skilled growers all over the world use for many crops together with greens, fruits, berries, panorama crops, roses and extra. Now SpongEase excellent potting soil is out there to owners in a brand new handy brick measurement, straightforward to retailer and use. Coconut fiber absorbs as much as 10 occasions its weight in water and has a close to impartial PH so crops are capable of take in extra vitamins with out having to regulate PH with lime.SpongEase fibers are distinctive microscopic tubes that fill then permit extra water to move by way of. This creates thousands and thousands of air areas offering very important oxygen to plant roots. Increased oxygen and nice drainage imply much less over watering issues, the #1 purpose for plant failure.SpongEase fibers, resist compaction and degradation so you should use it for least 2 seasons. Plus it is simple to rehydrate not like peat moss, which resists hydration when dry.Natural SpongEase natural potting soil is produced from renewable coconut husks, not like peat moss that is mined from restricted and fragile ecosystems. This mining negatively impacts the environment by releasing carbon into the environment, contributing to greenhouse gases and world warming. The mining additionally destroys valuable wildlife and contaminates floor water.Note: SpongEase is an inert pure fiber containing minimal vitamins, it is strongly recommended so as to add fertilizer or combine with compost to feed your crops.
ACTS LIKE A SPONGE – Plant Roots Absorb the Ideal Balance of Water, Oxygen and Nutrients
RESISTS OVER WATERING – The Unique Natural Fibers Provide Abundant Oxygen and lets extra water drain via drain holes in pots and this Helps Reduce Water Logged Roots, The #1 Reason for Plant Failure
ORGANIC POTTING SOIL- Peat free, Renewable and Reusable – The Smart Alternative to The Negative Environmental Impact of Peat Moss
FOR HEALTHY PLANTS: 💧 DO NOT OVER WATER, Coco Coir needs to be moist to the touch and moist, Not soggy. 🎍 ADD NUTRIENTS: Different crops want totally different vitamins, please add the vitamins beneficial for your plant. 🌞 SUN LIGHT: Please present the correct quantity of daylight and proper temperature.
RAPID EXPANSION – Use of lukewarm water will assist in fast growth. 1 brick makes 2 Gallons Pro Organic Potting Soil for All Plants, Cuttings, Seeds

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