Sheep Farming : How to Start, Breeds, Production, and Management

Raising sheep could be simply as worthwhile as elevating goats on native farms. Sheep contribute to meals manufacturing, rural employment, and gross nationwide product, transformed into meat, wool and pores and skin. Although Filipinos don’t usually eat mutton, there’s a rising demand for mutton and the potential for meat export.

Sheep Farming in Philippines

Sheep Farming

The finest location for Sheep farming

  • The location shall be in accordance with the world’s land use plan. The web site shall be accessible to service roads, water provide, and energy strains.
  • The web site shall be effectively drained and permit free air circulation. The constructing will likely be constructed in an east-west path, and the construction for marketable animals will likely be situated close to the service street. The web site shall be situated the place prevailing winds is not going to carry odors to the farmhouse.

Why do you have to do Sheep farming? 

Sheep are principally raised for his or her wool, milk, and manure manufacturing. Meat could be very tasty however nutritious and fashionable with all types of individuals worldwide. However, suppose you’re on the lookout for essentially the most worthwhile enterprise. In that case, sheep rearing could be a nice concept as it’s a good supply of earnings and poverty alleviation in arid, desert, semi-arid and mountainous areas.

What are the frequent breeds of Sheep ? 

The sheep inhabitants within the nation consists of native sheep (frequent in small flocks all through the nation). These unique breeds embrace the Poll Dorset, Rambouillet Merino, St. Croix, and Katahdin (discovered on chosen authorities inventory farms), Barbados Blackbelly (discovered on some business or institutional farms), Border Leicester, and Suffolk (very small populations) are included.

Crosses and upgrades of those sheep breeds are additionally accessible. Sheep are primarily used as a supply of meat. Livestock and poultry represent two of a very powerful sub-sectors within the agricultural business. Of all of the animals raised for human consumption, contributing to the majority of livestock manufacturing within the nation.

Apart from the “native sheep,” different breeds of sheep bred within the nation embrace Shropsire, Southdowners, Poll Dorset, Rambouillet, and Suffolk. Religious missions and worldwide civic organizations have launched Barbados black-belly sheep to the nation in recent times. The latter has been seen as adaptable to circumstances.

Sheep manufacturing strategies

Intensive accelerated

Total confinement – Ewes and lambs are saved in corrals or barns all year long, and their wants are met whereas maximizing manufacturing. Ewes are flushed (fed grain earlier than breeding) to extend the incidence of a number of births. Grain can also be fed to lambs earlier than and through lactation to fulfill their rising wants and maintain the lamb at a excessive stage of diet. In addition, the lambs will likely be fed creeps. Good high quality water, salt, and minerals must be accessible to all animals. Confinement tends to be a extra pricey manufacturing methodology however can lead to elevated productiveness and earnings.

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Sheep Farming

Lambs are confined to market weight and fed creep, whereas ewes graze on pasture after weaning. Ewes are fed in captivity in winter.

Range/grass primarily based

It is the standard methodology of manufacturing. Ewes are reared in late autumn in pastures for spring lambing. Ewes and lambs are grazed all through the summer time, and lambs are despatched to market within the fall. Some producers make the most of particular grazing schemes to supply summer time rangeland. Predator management is a significant problem in rangeland environments. However, including guard canines or donkeys and putting in electrical fences have considerably decreased the losses.

Can you elevate Sheep ? 

Raising sheep could be simply as worthwhile as elevating goats on native farms. Sheep contribute to meals manufacturing, rural employment, and gross nationwide product, transformed into meat, wool and hides. Small acreage farms can present satisfactory area for worthwhile sheep rearing. Profitability in sheep farming could be tough, however profitability is feasible with manufacturing herds and shut management over prices. Sheep primarily generate earnings from promoting meat, wool, and milk.

Is Sheep native ? 

Sheep have a protracted historical past . It was launched right here in the course of the Spanish interval. The sheep we name “native” as we speak is the Spanish Merino dropped at the nation by the Spanish in the course of the Galleon commerce between Mexico and the s.

Native sheep are raised primarily like goats. Sheep are both tethered, left to graze, or saved/reared in semi-captivity. Generally, sheep are reared for meat, as pets, and infrequently as animals on the market to extend the household’s earnings. However, the widely excessive variability of quantitative parameters of the native inventory could point out the potential for improved efficiency of sheep via applicable breeding and administration.

Decide the explanation why you wish to elevate the Sheep

Sheep are raised for a lot of causes – for his or her wool, pores and skin, meat, and milk; For passion farming causes to obtain natural home meat and different merchandise; for plant management; or to change into a pet. Therefore, don’t overextend except you have got the required time, satisfactory expertise, satisfactory sources, and satisfactory pasture.

Benefits of Sheep farming

  • Multi-purpose: meat, wool, pores and skin, manure, and milk and transportation.
  • You can elevate sheep with different animals in a small quantity of area on farms, and so they don’t want costly housing.
  • It requires much less labor, and a superb vary of earnings could be obtained from sheep farming. In addition, sheep can survive on low-quality grass.
  • They produce wool, meat, and milk, that are used for varied functions. This enterprise could be a good supply of earnings from sheep farming and employment via correct administration. Because the 2 main sheep merchandise (wool and mutton/meat) are fairly completely different of their manufacturing and consumption, the value of 1 doesn’t essentially have an effect on the opposite.
  • A crop of lambs could be marketed after 5-6 months (ideally earlier than a yr), with a fairly fast return.
  • Most appropriate for utilizing sparse vegetation in dryland areas via rangeland administration and developed pastures.
  • Due to raised water and meals (particularly protein) financial system, it higher tailored to arid and semi-arid tropical areas with marginal and sub-marginal lands, in any other case unsuitable for crops.
  • Because sheep eat a higher number of crops than every other livestock, they will flip waste into revenue and enhance the looks of many farms (i.e., one of the best herbs).
  • Sheep dung is a useful fertilizer, and it’s grazed on subsoils; its droppings can enhance plant progress in such areas.

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Sheep Farm

Understand primary Sheep look after profitable manufacturing

Sheep could require important care: meals, water, shelter, and cleansing. Ensure the flock has recent grass, hay, and clear water day by day. It could be very promising because it requires little or no upkeep. Whether you’re elevating sheep for meat or wool, additional care could also be required. Sheep breed shortly and could be saved in vacant crop fields alongside roadsides and orchards in the course of the day. Farm administration software program can present up-to-date details about your sheep farming enterprise.

Proper care of sheep is important to make sure their well being. Please make sure the water provide is clear and you’ve got sufficient shade for them in scorching climate. Feed is likely one of the largest bills for a sheep farming operation. Pasture and hay present a lot of the meals for ruminant animals. Unfortunately, the small space doesn’t enable the manufacturing of huge portions of feed. Therefore, discovering cheap sources of fine high quality hay or appropriate grazing pasture is vital to be worthwhile.

Availability of feed sources, processing and dealing with gear, value, stage of manufacturing, exterior setting, and manufacturing objectives are vital components to make sure a profitable feeding plan. It is vital to work with a nutritionist to make sure that the rations you present meet the wants of your animals. Unless the ewes are in optimum situation, it might be essential to flush them with grain for a number of weeks earlier than and in the course of the breeding season.

It ought to improve the lambing share. Rams also needs to be fed grain throughout these durations to keep up good circumstances. The quantity of grain and extra supplementation at different phases of manufacturing will depend upon the standard of grain fed, the quantity and kind of different feeds, and the manufacturing stage, significantly the variety of lambs reared.

Basic necessities in Sheep farming

Prepare a shelter for the winter

Sheep want shelter throughout winter or rain. A small pen is sufficient for a flock. Thick-coated sheep can tolerate chilly climate however test with skilled sheep breeders first. The barn has three partitions to assist with air circulation should you stay in a temperate local weather. If you retain sheep in such a spot in the course of the winter months, it’s essential construct a secure and maintain them free from wind, however you must take the sheep exterior in the course of the day. Sheep hate and hate moist climate. If you reside in a spot that receives quite a lot of rain, it’s possible you’ll want an indoor cage.


All sheep, together with younger lambs, ought to have entry to recent water. As with feed, check the water for high quality parameters. The data can be utilized to mitigate any potential toxicities and deficiencies.

Strong fencing

You ought to have a correct fence should you enable them to graze on a pasture. The fence must be sturdy sufficient so they can’t get out and keep inside safely. If the fence is sweet, it’s going to assist maintain out all types of predators. A wire or woven fence is really useful. The finest sheep fence is a plain or woven wire non-electric fence. You use electrical mesh fences for short-term paddocks. In heat climates and scorching summer time months, sheep want shade from bushes or open roof buildings.

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Sheep in the Field

Make positive they’ve loads of recent and funky water throughout these instances. Sheep don’t want a lot safety. They desire a easy, south-facing, three-sided shed to guard them from the worst of rain, chilly, snow, and wind. Shed dimension ought to enable 15 to twenty sq. toes per grownup sheep. One exception is that if sheep give start to lambs in the course of the winter.

If that is the case, a small barn or sturdy closed shed is important to guard the younger animals. Even with small flocks, particular person sheep generally want consideration, so some dealing with services should confine particular person animals for shearing or medical therapy. It could be a pretty easy cradle or a compelled pen. It will likely be a lot safer than chasing animals and making an attempt to seize them for dealing with.

Good upkeep

To guarantee most revenue out of your sheep farming enterprise, you could take excellent care and handle your sheep correctly. It is advisable to buy high quality and productive breeds, feed them nutritious meals and supply them with appropriate housing.

Commercial Sheep manufacturing

Small ruminant manufacturing is achieved both semi- or totally confined in excessive sheds or sheep homes. Under the semi-captive system, animals can graze in open grasslands, scrubland, or underneath tree crops. At night time these animals are herded in coated alleys or excessive homes. Goats reared underneath full confinement, however, are saved in sheds or barns (normally excessive with slotted flooring) always.

Fully enclosed goats are fed a mix of hay, legumes, and feed concentrates. Adequate well being care and biosecurity measures are additionally supplied to keep up the nice well being standing of those animals. On farms the place goats and sheep are being raised, each species are allowed to graze collectively in the course of the day on open grasslands, naked crops, and under-tree crops.

At night time, the sheep are locked in separate sheds. Sheep raised on business farms are primarily bought as breeders. However, the killed animals are additionally bought for slaughter in native public markets. Most of the sheep raised on business farms are of unique breeds, though some upgraded native sheep may also be discovered on business farms.

Feeding administration for Sheep farming

It is vital to contemplate what feeds to provide throughout fattening, as they account for 70% of manufacturing prices. The feed should include water and dry matter. Dry matter consists of natural and inorganic supplies, together with forage and focus. Forage can embrace inexperienced leaves, grass clippings, legumes, and so on., whereas tubers (cassava, yam, or potato), grains (maize, sorghum, soybeans, peanuts, and so on.), and animal protein (fish meal) could be concentrated.

The day by day feed consumption must be 3.1% of its physique weight. Concentrates could be taken at about 2.5% of physique weight per day. Clean ingesting water should be accessible always. The key to feeding sheep is to make sure good high quality pasture. Poor pasture must be supplemented with hay, particular pellet diets, and salt lick blocks. When the sheep can not graze, corresponding to in winter when there’s snow on the bottom or throughout a drought when pasture is poor or non-existent, you can be required to feed the sheep day by day.

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Sheep Feeding

It is time-consuming, so take into account this chance if you’re not farming full-time. Feeding in line with physique situation is vital, as ewes and rams with extra fats don’t normally breed efficiently. Sheep will need to have entry to salt and minerals/nutritional vitamins all year long. Sheep are delicate to copper, and cattle mineral ranges are normally too excessive for the common sheep herd.

It varies relying on the province’s space and, in some circumstances, the breed of sheep. Selenium must be supplemented in these areas of the province the place selenium is poor. It can also be vital to make sure satisfactory quantities of nutritional vitamins A, D, and E are provided to the herd. There are many forms of mineral and vitamin dietary supplements commercially accessible. Consult a nutritionist for the correct routine in your operation.

Diseases and their administration for Sheep farming  

Proper feed and administration go a great distance in stopping the creating of significant ailments and parasites in sheep flocks. Sheep must be handled for inside and exterior parasites by injection or drenching at the very least yearly. Vaccination of lambs in opposition to clostridial ailments utilizing an eight-way vaccine is really useful. Booster doses are vital to make sure annual immunity ranges. Lambs also needs to be vaccinated in opposition to enterotoxemia (pulpy kidney or overfeeding illness).

Sometimes, the flock should be vaccinated in opposition to the illness earlier than lambing. Multiple vaccines can be utilized for clostridial and enterotoxemia ailments. In addition, maintain the sheep free from bugs and wholesome. Be positive to worm the sheep often with a business worming paste appropriate for sheep. Other precautions embrace dipping sheep to stop insect infestation and, in some locations, tails being docked as a precaution in opposition to fly-borne illness.

If you’re in an space the place the foot-and-mouth illness is prevalent, take applicable precautions to guard your sheep. Consult a veterinarian on one of the best and most humane methodology to guard your sheep from illness. In addition, the next program must be adopted to guard lambs from ailments.

  • Quarantine new lambs for 1-2 days to make sure no new lambs are contaminated.
  • Provide the brand new lambs with worm-control drugs.
  • Separate any sick lambs from wholesome ones, and provides them applicable treatment.

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Sheep Breeds

Vaccination – Vaccinate your sheep on time. It will defend them from varied ailments. One ought to all the time have a superb relationship with the physician to hunt assist anytime.


Keeping sheep is rewarding – whether or not for one’s livelihood, family meals supply, or passion. But success in elevating sheep requires good planning and constant administration of the sheep farm. Sheep farming is elevating and breeding sheep on a business farm for revenue. Therefore, it contains feeding, defending, managing, and so on. At the identical time, it additionally contains data on native circumstances, breeds, manufacturing strategies, and markets.