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New Delhi: Congress chief Shashi Tharoor on Sunday took a dig at the Ministry of Railways with a difficult-to-pronounce head-scratcher — quomodocunquize. The man of many phrases, who is understood for throwing in rarely-used English phrases into the Twitter lexicon, helpfully shared the which means too. “To earn money by any means doable,” the which means posted by the Congress chief learn. In a tweet, Tharoor mentioned, “Obscure Words Deptt: Must the Indian Railways quomodocunquize?” He tagged the Ministry of Railways, utilizing the hashtag ‘SeniorCitizensConcession’. The concession, which was placed on maintain from March 2020 after the coronavirus pandemic hit the nation, has remained suspended, with senior officers indicating it may not be retained.

While prepare providers remained suspended by most of 2020 and components of 2021, the demand for the concessions started surfacing as providers normalised.

In one other tweet, Tharoor posted one other hardly ever used expression “play possum” to take a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Unfamiliar Expressions Deptt: ‘play possum’: definitions: (1) faux to be asleep or unconscious (as an opossum does to keep away from assault) (2) feign ignorance,” he tweeted.

“USAGE: Why does our PM play possum when heinous atrocities are dedicated by his worst supporters?” he mentioned.

This isn’t the primary time the author-politician-wordsmith has despatched Twitterati scurrying for his or her dictionaries to substantiate whether or not such phrases and expressions certainly exist. Last month, he had posted one other head-scratcher  “quockerwodger.”

“A quockerwodger was a sort of picket puppet. In politics, a quockerwodger was a politician appearing on the directions of an influential third get together, reasonably than correctly representing their constituents,” he had mentioned.
Before that, Tharoor took a dig at the BJP with the phrase ‘allodoxaphobia’, which he defined was an irrational worry of opinions.

Also, the Congress MP had engaged in pleasant banter with TRS working president KT Rama Rao over COVID-19 medication names and threw within the obscure ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’.

Oxford dictionary describes ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ because the motion or behavior of estimating one thing as nugatory. In the previous as properly he has stumped individuals with phrases reminiscent of ‘farrago’ and ‘troglodyte’.

While ‘farrago’ means a confused combination, ‘troglodyte’ means an individual thought to be being intentionally ignorant or old style.

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