Photographers Slam the Quality of Trump and Co-Defendants’ Mug Shots

Fulton County Mug Shots

After Donald Trump had his momentous mug shot photograph taken yesterday, a photographer has criticized the standard of reserving images popping out of Fulton County Jail.

Jake Olson from Columbus, Ohio is incensed by how dangerous the images are telling the BBC that “There are such a lot of cardinal guidelines of pictures that they’re simply not following.”

Olson says that the principle drawback is lighting, a battle photographers have been dealing with for the reason that nineteenth century. He says the only overhead gentle offers a “garish sheen” to the topic’s pores and skin which supplies them a deathlike pallor.

Rudy Giuliani's mug shot

Rudy Giuliani’s mug shot.

“They’ve this one interrogation-style gentle, you possibly can see all of them have that little spotlight on their foreheads,” provides Pittsburgh photographer and professor Ray Mantle. “All of them don’t look nice, all of them look drained.”

Background and Pose

Olson additionally took situation with the gray background, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Workplace watermark added to the photograph, and the expressions on the faces of the accused.

“If I have been to attempt to pose any person in a manner that appears like a nasty mug shot I might inform them to do precisely what they’re doing,” Olson says.”[The watermark] is a bit egregious, it takes up 40% of the highest half of the body!”

Mug Shots

There may be a wide range of expressions etched on the faces of the 12 defendants who’ve to date had their mug pictures taken. Lawyer Jenna Ellis is flashing an enormous smile, whereas the chief director of Black Voices for Trump Harrison Floyd squints defiantly into the lens.

Cooper Lawrence, a celeb tradition journalist, tells the BBC that pulling off a great mug shot is tough to drag off.

“Don’t smile. A smile will make it look too conceited,” Lawrence says. “You wish to smirk like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton do. A smirk says, ‘Sure, this sucks, however I’m gonna be high-quality.’”


Trump’s mug shot has been anticipated for weeks with Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat indicating upfront that the President could be handled like everybody else who’s processed.

Trump seemingly rejoined Twitter (now known as X) by posting his mug shot in a rallying name to his supporters.

Picture credit: Fulton County Sheriff’s Workplace.