UV ray traps for grain warehouses

The major component in this trap is a 4-watt germicidal lamp which acts as a source of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This lamp produces about 250 nanometers of ultraviolet radiation. This lamp is 310 mm from the top. And it fit the bottom in a funnel with a diameter of 35 mm. It attaches the bottom of the funnel to a transparent plastic container so that the trapped insects can deposit in it. There are three pins on the outside of the funnel so that the lamp can place in the right place. It also comes with a tripod.

It places this lamp 1.5 m above the ground in the grain stored in the warehouse. The height preferably placed in the corners of the warehouse. I have chosen the place to house the lights as they find the insects to be invading these areas in the evening. It can turn the lamp on at night. The laser in the rice attracts many insects such as grain borer, Rhizopertha Dominica, red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum, and sawtooth beetle, Orizhaphyllus serenemensis. Extremely annoying insects called solids, also attracted to this lamp. 60 X 20 m. Sized and 5 m. 2 lamps are enough for a tall warehouse.

This trap is very useful for detecting and destroying pests when insect-infected grains stored in warehouses for long-term storage. This lamp is useful for maintenance in the warehouses, which are always in and out.


60X20X5 m. Two lamps placed in a corner in the warehouse can kill 200 insects a day. Even in grains that do not appear to have pests, these lamps can detect pests. We have found it that a lamp kept in a rice warehouse kills about 3000 Rhizopertha Dominica insects in a single day.

Insect repellent equipment from stored pulses

Storing pulses is more difficult than storing grains, as pulses are more prone to damage from an insect called Kalosobroxus during storage. This pest enters the warehouse from the field itself. This device successfully destroys the eggs of insects that invade the pulses, Kalosobrox Chinensis and Kalosobrox maculate. The device comprises an outer compartment and an inner perforated compartment with a rotating rod fitted with plastic brushes on all sides. The egg-laden dal is to stored in a perforated container and its stem is to be rotated three times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) for 10-10 minutes, once in a full clockwise direction and once in a full clockwise direction. The rotating rod rotates the brush attached to it, thus breaking the inner egg and avoiding damage.

The benefits of the invention

It can destroy eggs with no damage to the pulse. Once the eggs destroyed, there is no chance of new breeding of insects during storage. Destroying eggs helps in controlling the breeding of insects. Farmers are afraid to store pulses because of pest damage. However, with this device, they can now use their own pulses. This device has patented and is available in the market.

Trap to monitor the pests in the warehouse

This helps in finding the pests in the grains stored in the bags. This device measures 1.8 to 2.0 cm. It has a tube of diameter and has holes at equal distances (1.8 to 2.0 mm) at the top. Besides, they curve it on one side and it collects a transparent part where insects falling down from the curved area. The other end of the main tube is closed.

The benefits of the invention

  • This helps to find the pests in the grains in the bags without damaging the bags.
  • It takes no materials to attract insects to catch them.
  • It can study the movement of insects in bags.
  • They can check the effect of spraying using this device immediately after spraying the disinfectant.
  • It can also fill grain bags on the field.

TNAU Storage Grain Pest Management Set

It stores the grain in warehouses for different periods of time as evidence to the people throughout the year. Insects are an important factor in the organic and inorganic factors that affect these grains during storage in the warehouse. Insects are very destructive in terms of both grain quality and weight. Most of the time we are aware of the insects only when they fly in the warehouse, but by then most of the grains have destroyed by the insects and their numbers have also increased exponentially. Therefore, if they found in time, it becomes easier to dispose of them and it can stop the destruction of grain.

TNAU has taken advantage of the roaming habit of these insects and has developed devices to destroy them in time. These include TNAU insect chase, trap TNAU pit trap, TNAU two-in-one model trap, TNAU viewed equipment, TNAU automatic insect repellent bin, UV ray trap for grain warehouses, insect egg killing equipment from stored pulses, the trap for warehousing insect traps. These devices widely used and have recognized at the state and national level.

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