Outlined: How Bo Burnham’s Inside Captured the COVID Interval

Bo Burnham’s Netflix Explicit Inside is certainly thought of certainly one of a form, and a ‘musical comedy’ that may not be as compared with each different. The actual revolves fairly a bit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the considered residing in isolation. Whereas, on the offset, the actual seems as if it’s going to give consideration to Burnham’s private life all through this pandemic, it is really a very relatable piece that helps the viewer to actually really feel like they are not alone.

What Bo Burnham has accomplished in Inside is to create a connection between himself and the viewer. This has allowed the actual to take the kind of a consoling piece that, possibly, gives life to the voice inside our private heads. In a nutshell, Inside could also be very wise, relatable, comforting, catchy, and utterly hilarious. All these choices make Bo Burnham’s Inside the right piece of media about COVID-19 so far.


Bo Burnham, From Order to Chaos

A fairly frequent state of affairs that we, as of us residing in a worldwide pandemic, encounter is our very messy workspace and bedrooms (which are usually the equivalent issue). Irrespective of our makes an try at organizing these rooms, they typically end up disorganized, reflecting our disrupted schedules. Apparently, Burnham has embodied this actuality by starting the actual with a mise-en-scène of a well-organized, neat, and clear workspace. Nonetheless, it instantly shifts to a chaotic home with papers and completely different devices scattered in all places in a quick jump-cut that reveals the chaotic room a yr after Burnham began. Together with to all that’s Burnham’s private seems of unkempt disorientation and as his “hair and beard develop longer, his mood swings wildly… and that room fills with muddle.” These simple shifts throughout the setting and his seems merely persuade the viewer that the comedian is reasonably like them (and has been affected by COVID equally), in flip, making a safe home.

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Inside’s Songs: Catchy Beats, Wise Lyrics

Bo Burnham sings

One partaking aspect of Inside is the inclusion of (typically) comedic songs. These songs are every affordable and full of non sequiturs. Burnham’s songs embody a variety of issues, from frequently life like ‘FaceTime with my Mom (Tonight)’ to the corruption of society by experience, sociopolitical dilemmas, and factors like psychological properly being. Nonetheless, what makes his music stand out is the frank and brutally honest lyrics which may be embedded into an upbeat tune. Inside‘s ‘Welcome to the Internet’ is one placing monitor that has obtained extreme reward as a consequence of its clever illustration of the darkish side of the web and nearly tragic potential to search out how addictive it could be. (In a twist or tragic irony, the monitor has 66 million views on YouTube.) Tracks like ‘Bezos I’ and ‘II’ and ‘Unpaid Intern’ are “temporary pop songs [that] convey sharp messages about capitalism,” per The Dartmouth, and are pretty thought-provoking. They’ve an inclination to represent a actuality that we’re very loads entangled in.

Aside from these additional socioeconomic and cultural concerns (humorously epitomized at midnight sock-puppet monitor ‘That is How the World Works’), Burnham moreover makes use of some of his music to elucidate his private psychological properly being struggles. ‘Look Who’s Inside As soon as extra’ is one monitor that digs up the merciless feelings you encounter all through isolation, whereas ‘All Eyes on Me’ and ‘That Humorous Feeling’ are heartbreaking of their take a look on the cognitive dissonance which will develop between having melancholy and being in a world full of fastened leisure. ‘That Humorous Feeing,’ particularly, is rather like the ‘We Didn’t Start the Fireside’ of this current know-how. Though Burnham is reflecting on his private state of affairs, the songs seem like pretty relatable, consequently allowing the viewer to actually really feel a lot much less alone in these isolated events. By overtly describing his feelings and emotions, Burnham has given us a specific that takes away one’s loneliness in the midst of the pandemic.

Mockery and Satire

Bo Burnham reacts to one of his reaction videos.

Like his music, Burnham’s Inside mocks fairly a couple of of us and institutions (along with himself). He would not limit himself to trivial issues like a ‘White Woman’s Instagram,’ nevertheless comparatively purposefully makes use of that monitor to find the phoniness and fakery that embrace internet avatars and social media. He takes a jab at companies that use important issues for his or her very personal income, exposing the irony of what variety of companies and mega-corporations exploiting social actions with the intention to advertise their very personal merchandise and protect ‘mannequin consciousness,’ as throughout the monitor ‘That Humorous Feeling,’ the place he sings:

In honor of the revolution, it’s half-off on the Gap […]

Low price Etsy agitprop, Bugles’ deal with race

Female Colonel Sanders, easy options, civil warfare

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As an alternative of resorting to easily monitor lyrics, Burnham makes use of unimaginable visuals to elaborate on his themes, and consists of wise little skits which parody the infamous YouTube channels devoted to response motion pictures and live-streaming video video video games. At one degree we see Burnham “reacting” to thought of certainly one of his private “reactions” of his private “response” video, with mind-bending, Charlie Kaufmann-esque satire nevertheless that features good jabs at his private pretentiousness. We moreover see Burnham taking the operate of a dwell gamer (displaying throughout the nook of the show) the place he is “having fun with” his private recreation of life, which largely consists of crying and sitting; tellingly, his on-line sport self stops crying when he can play music.

In thought of certainly one of his earlier interviews, Burnham has commented on YouTubers “tricking” the viewers for views and easily vlogging with none connection to the followers. Thus, it is no shock to see him incorporating elaborate mimicry of such YouTubers for Inside. All of these parodies not solely add humor to the actual, nevertheless it certainly moreover permits the viewer to think about their very personal habits of getting misplaced in apps like YouTube and Instagram, and falling into the traps of big companies, the kind that promote of us meditation in “attractive 8k-resolution.”

“Not a Common Explicit”

All through the pre-COVID interval, stand-up comedy included a dwell viewers and a performer with a separate digicam crew. Whereas Burnham might’ve resorted to the COVID-safety measures and recorded his explicit with a separate crew, he decided to do all of it by himself, and Netflix primarily gave him complete ingenious freedom to take motion. Thus, we’re ready to see a specific the place the performer is specializing in a singular digicam in his personal residence comparatively than a crew with an enormous viewers, and controlling really every aspect of the manufacturing. This moreover illustrates how COVID has modified the considered working, the place we’re typically pressured to work alone, and our properties have merged into our workspaces.

The workspace of Bo Burnham becomes messy as the special progresses.

What helps make Inside a superb illustration of the pandemic is the ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage that Burnham has included. It is pretty unusual for a viewer to experience the strategy that goes into making a specific, nevertheless Burnham, in thought of certainly one of his many meta twists, locations the story of the story into the story itself. Proper right here now now we have a specific with no clear transitions nevertheless comparatively abrupt shifts from one matter to a distinct interspersed with clumsy personal footage (which, the meta-question need to be begged, may be staged itself). With a mixture of music, story-telling, frank speeches, and parodies, Burnham has put collectively his private COVID scrapbook.

Inside is certainly a unprecedented explicit that makes the viewer concurrently uncomfortable (with how raw and honest it seems to be) and comfy (with merely how relatable all of it’s). It is a explicit that connects to the viewer and resonates with their very personal concepts, feelings and emotions. Thus, Inside is arguably the right piece of media about COVID-19 so far.

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