Norwegian Filmmaker Under Criminal Investigation for Challenging Transgender Identity

We’ve got a brand new assault on free speech in Europe. Tonje Gjevjon, a lesbian filmmaker and actress, is now going through as much as three years in jail. Her crime? Saying on Fb {that a} man can’t develop into a lesbian.

Gjevjon was put underneath investigation for making the feedback about Norwegian activist Christine Jentoft, a transgender feminine that usually refers to herself as a lesbian mom. On Fb Gjevjon wrote “It’s simply as unimaginable for males to develop into a lesbian as it’s for males to develop into pregnant. Males are males no matter their sexual fetishes.”

That is clearly protected speech in the USA. Nevertheless, in lots of international locations, it isn’t a legal offense to precise an opposing view on gender id.

Jeftoft has beforehand introduced legal prices in opposition to those that questioned his sexual identification.

Free speech in Norway and far of Europe is in a free fall. In 2020, the nation amended its penal code that added “gender id and gender expression” as protected classes from hate speech.

These expressing opposite views can resist three years in jail. Not solely does the regulation criminalize public feedback, however you possibly can obtain a yr in jail even for feedback made in personal.

The affect of those legal guidelines was evident in a latest ballot of German residents. Solely 18% of Germans be happy to precise their opinions in public. 59% of Germans didn’t even be happy expressing themselves in personal amongst mates. And simply 17% felt free to precise themselves on the Web.

We’ve got been discussing the continued controversies — and prosecutions — over what are referred to as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs). The time period is used for feminists who’ve voiced opposition to transgender insurance policies and legal guidelines that they consider “erase” or “marginalize” organic girls. Probably the most well-known such determine is creator J.Okay. Rowling who has not solely been the topic of a worldwide cancel marketing campaign however was lately listed by Buzzfeed with figures like cult chief Jim Jones, Benedict Arnold and O.J. Simpson as “villains.”

In 2019, we mentioned the prosecution of Finnish Member of Parliament Päivi Räsänen. She was essential of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for its assist of the Helsinki LGBT Satisfaction occasions in June. She spoke out in opposition to the involvement whereas highlighting a quote from Romans 1:24-27 which reads:

24 Due to this fact God gave them over within the sinful wishes of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their our bodies with each other.

25 They exchanged the reality about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created issues reasonably than the Creator—who’s perpetually praised. Amen.

26 Due to this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their girls exchanged pure sexual relations for unnatural ones.

27 In the identical manner the lads additionally deserted pure relations with girls and had been infected with lust for each other. Males dedicated shameful acts with different males, and obtained in themselves the due penalty for his or her error.

In March, each had been acquitted of all prices of their instances.

Norway is a vivid instance of how this motion to criminalize speech is continuous. The left has embraced censorship and criminalization to silence these with opposing views, even views based mostly on non secular values. It’s a motion that continues to achieve assist in the USA.  Nevertheless, residents want solely to look to Europe to see what awaits us if we proceed on this course.

It’s no accident that, when Elon Musk purchased Twitter, figures like Hillary Clinton turned to Europe to censor the views of fellow People.  The anti-free speech motion has taken maintain of the European Union.

The Gjevjon case is simply the most recent skirmish on this existential wrestle free of charge speech within the West.