There is a bizarre case unfolding in Las Vegas, Nevada where Eric Holland, 57, was arrested after police found a dismembered body in his truck. Holland is now arguing that it was a terrible coincidence. He stole a truck that just happened to have a dismembered body in the back. He was, in the words of his counsel, “a hapless car thief.’


Holland was first spotted with a suspended license plate on a Toyota Tundra truck. While he initially stopped, he sped off. The police followed him for three miles and Holland pulled into a parking garage next to the Rio Hotel & Casino. The police then saw Holland drive out in a different truck, a Chevrolet Avalanche.

When police stopped him, they needed a Taser to subdue him. They then discovered a black plastic trash bag emitting “a foul odor.” They found a severed head, “two human legs,” and “an apparent human torso.” They were later found to be the remains of Richard P. Miller, 65, of Las Vegas who died of gunshot wounds. The police found three handguns in the truck. Bullets from at least one of the three guns were found in Miller’s head.

Prosecutors insisted that Holland knew Miller and was captured on videotape at a Home Depot buying a saw and plastic bags.

Holland’s counsel, P. David Westbrook, insists that his client just picked the wrong truck to steal: “In order to presume that Mr. Holland had prior knowledge of the contents of this truck, you would also have to believe that he lead police to the body intentionally. The question is: why would he do this?”  Westbrook insisted that it would be illogical for his client to lead the police to the truck with the evidence. He was simply “a hapless car thief who just picked the wrong car.”

Holland has a long criminal record across the states of Nevada, California and Texas, according to Newsweek. That includes embezzlement, identity theft, issuing false checks, theft, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest causing substantial bodily harm. He has also been convicted of attempted escape and aiding in an escape.

There are two possibilities. Holland either swapped trucks and fled with the evidence of his murderous crime or he is truly the most unlucky felon on this blog since thieves stole working GPS devices.

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