New Delhi: Mothers all the time prepare dinner for all their children, this Mother’s Day make her really feel particular with some tremendous tasty delicacies curated by Chef Manish Mehrotra.

Almond & Cherry Kulfi



Fresh cherries, pitted 2 cups

Water 1/2 cup

Almond milk 4 cups

Condensed milk 1/2cup

Heavy cream 1/2cup

Sugar 1/2 cup

Almond meal 1/2 cup

Toasted almond flakes 1 tbsp


Place cherries, water and 1/4 cup sugar in a pan over low flame. prepare dinner, stirring 5-6, minutes until the cherries soften and combination thickens. enable to chill and put aside.

In a pan, add almond milk and put it on a low flame. carry on stirring; don’t let the almond milk burn. the milk will begin to thicken.

Once it turns into half the amount add the almond meal, condensed milk and sugar and combine them properly. enable it cool barely and stir within the heavy cream. pressure the combination.

Add cooked cherry compote and combine properly. enable the kulfi combination to chill, pour it into kulfi moulds or small bowls and freeze them.

Demould the kulfi and serve it garnished with toasted almond flakes.

Badam Milk Mousse, Almond Biscotti



For badam milk mousse


. Almond flakes 45 gms

. Almond milk 150 ml

. White chocolate 425 gm

. Bakery cream 400 ml

. Egg yolk 5 no

. Fine sugar 50 gm

. Saffron 1/2 gm

. Green cardamom powder ½ tsp

For biscotti

Unsalted butter 75 gms

Castor sugar 100 gms

Egg 1no

Refined flour 150 gm

Baking soda 1 gm

Baking powder 3 gm

Almond with pores and skin 50 gm

Almond powder 25 gm

Zest of lemon 


For badam milk mousse

Roast almonds flakes in preheated oven at 180 diploma celsius for 4 minutes or until golden in color.

Heat almond milk. add white chocolate and make ganache. add saffron threads and inexperienced cardamom powder, combine it totally.

Whisk yolks and sugar until creamy consistency.

Beat bakery cream to ribbon consistency.

Fold the ganache in crushed yolk and then fold the crushed cream into it.

Pour mousse in a cup and chill, until it units.

Garnish the mousse with slivers of almonds and almond biscotti.

For biscotti

Roughly chop almonds with pores and skin.

Lightly cream butter and sugar in a mixing bowl. add egg to bowl and once more cream it.

Add refined flour, baking soda, baking powder, lemon zest and almond powder to it combination and combine it totally

Fold in roughly chopped almonds.

Shape the combination like a french loaf and bake it at 180 celsius for 20 minutes.

Cool the loaf, lower it into skinny slices and bake it at 150 celsius for 8 to 10 minutes or until crisp.

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