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trial by combat

Just whenever you thought The Loop was boring — trial by fight!

* Umm. St. Louis may be bringing again trial by fight? Dead males inform no tales, I suppose. [STL Today]

* People are nonetheless couching informal racism as a 1st Amendment situation, regardless of the key examples occurring at non-public establishments that aren’t certain by it. [Reuters]

* The Judicial Big 4: Here are some key SCOTUS jurisprudence areas try to be being attentive to. May the retention of your rights be ever in your favor. [NLR]

* Breaking: Brilliant authorized minds exist exterior of HYS apparently. Might be one thing President Biden (and other people trying over summer season applicant resumes) ought have in mind. [WaPo]

* No shot, no drawback: Virginia universities drop vaccine necessities. [The Hill]

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