Garden Rolling Nut Harvester, Nut Picker

4ft Garden Rolling Nut Harvester

MIYA Pecan Picker – 4ft Garden Rolling Nut Harvester- Length Adjustable Nut Picker Upper Roller

This nut accumulate could gather numerous nuts all at once by effectively rolling. You don’t need to invest a lot of energy twisting down to get the nuts individually. 
This nut picker upper roller is appropriate for walnuts, huge oak seeds, hickory nuts, crab apples, and different items greater than 0.4″ in distance across. 
The length of this 4ft walnut picker is movable dependent on three 1.3ft treated steel bars. The length can be changed by the tallness of the client.
Rolling Nut Harvester

C-CHAIN Medium Nut Gatherer, Rolling Nut Harvester Ball Picker

To utilize, just turn over any surface with back-and-power movement. It can gather nuts straightforwardly, lastly, you can empty the nuts into an enormous bushel and rehash them constantly. A snappy move of the nut finder let a work some errand turns into a great undertaking! 

Nut Gatherer length range is 50 inches. Post movable length 18.8-41.3 inches. You don’t have to twist around, it will be entirely agreeable. Presently don’t will you have to twist, squat, or bow to get fallen nuts.

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