Making 60 Lakh Per Year from Prawn/Shrimp Farming – A Success Story of an Aqua Farmer

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India has an enormous shoreline, which permits for intensive use of marine assets. Fishers in India used to have interaction in conventional sea fishing until a number of years in the past. Then, within the Nineteen Seventies, fishermen started focusing their efforts on gathering prawns, usually referred to as ‘shrimps,’ as a result of of the big revenue margins resulting from their export worth. Let’s take a look at a number of ideas for making 60 lakh per 12 months from prawn/shrimp farming.

Making 60 Lakh Per Year from Prawn/Shrimp Farming
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During 1991-1994, brackish water prawn farming exploded, notably within the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The estimated brackish water space appropriate for shrimp agriculture is split all through ten states and union territories in India, together with West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Pondicherry Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.

Only round 1.2 lakhs acres are actually used for shrimp farming. Thus there’s a lot of room for entrepreneurs to enter this space. Penaeid shrimps are among the many most vital cultivated species globally, particularly in Asia, as a result of of their financial price and export. White leg shrimp have been launched to varied Indian coastal areas, and so they at the moment account for 90% of the nation’s complete shrimp cultivation.

The species has a fast improvement fee and a a lot shorter tradition time than tiger prawns, making it an interesting choice to tiger prawn manufacturing in numerous nations. Andhra Pradesh holds the highest spot in India for Vannamei Shrimp tradition and manufacturing. However, because of the quite a few challenges that Vannamei prawn farming now faces, some farmers are turning to nanotechnology for assist

Making 60 lakh per 12 months from prawn/shrimp farming

The success story of Mr. Ramaswamy

Mr. Ramaswamy belongs to the Guntur district is rearing Vannamei prawns on 25 acres yearly. Mr. Ramaswamy owns 30 acres of land, which is of no use for agriculture as a result of of the salt content material within the soil. He did not know what to do with the land he owned for a number of years. Then, he began investigating what actions he may take up in these barren lands, and he realized from a pal that prawns might be cultivated within the barren land.

He had to consider taking on the prawns enterprise as it’s a heavy funding, and he did not have any data concerning prawns. So he took a time of one 12 months and analyzed numerous enterprise farms and investigated completely different individuals concerning prawn farming. Even although he fluctuated a bit firstly, he regularly maintained consistency in gaining large earnings from 12 months to 12 months. He began his prawn farm in 2008 with Vannamei prawns, well-known for cultivation in Andra Pradesh.

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Land improvement particulars for prawn cultivation by Mr. Ramaswamy

Mr. Ramaswamy cultivates prawns on 25 acres. He divided this space into 12 ponds, every with an space of 1.5 acres. While developing the ponds, he selected solely a 1.5-acre space for every pond as a result of if there’s a sudden downside, we will prohibit the loss and take mandatory measures beforehand for the opposite ponds to forestall injury. He allotted 15% of the entire space to assemble a reservoir. You can retailer the water on this reservoir and chlorinate them if required. This water will be provided to the ponds that want water change. By doing this, we will make sure the prime quality of prawns.

Prawn cultivation particulars in line with Mr. Ramaswamy

If you need to succeed within the prawn tradition, you need to select the standard seed from the suppliers, and you need to keep the farm with strict supervision each time to keep away from any errors whereas cultivating the prawns. Even minor errors can have a big impact on the yield. Therefore, Mr. Ramaswamy began making ready water beds for prawns in December. This process consists of cleansing ponds and leaving them dry for at the least one month.

After this, they plough the ponds as soon as every week, thrice. This may help the soil lose ammonia within the type of fuel, making the ponds contemporary for the prawn tradition. Before supplying water to the ponds, they unfold substances comparable to lime, vermin compost, or natural carbon into the ponds, which assist the soil within the ponds to turn into sturdy and help in absorbing much less water.

This step is essential since in case your soil absorbs the water in a big quantity, it would regularly make water scarce for the prawns. Then the water is launched into the ponds. Soon after the water stage reaches a enough peak, you need to add Dolomite, Magnesium Sulphate, and Murate of Potash till the water attains coloration. Finally, add Minerals and (*60*) into the water earlier than a number of days when leaving to the incubator for getting seed.

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Selecting the seed is a mandatory course of. First, you need to go to numerous hatcheries conduct numerous checks to decide on the acceptable seed in your prawn tradition. Once you go to an incubator, take some feed samples and ship them to a laboratory. Repeat this course of with numerous incubators, and as soon as the outcomes come out, cross-check the outcomes with a number of samples and select one of the best one out of the chosen samples. While choosing the seed, you need to take a look at them to see if they’re uncovered to P.P.R, I.H.H.N.V, and I.H.P ailments.

This must be completed underneath your direct supervision to keep away from errors. Small errors on this stage can lead the lethal losses. After choosing the seed, you need to launch this seed into your ponds fastidiously, with the assistance of employees who has correct data on how to take action. From the day you launch the seed into the ponds, you need to begin utilizing aerators in your ponds. Mr. Ramaswamy makes use of 4 2 H.P aerators per pond. You ought to begin the aerators 2 hours after the feed is given and half an hour earlier than the feed is given to them.

The cultivation interval of Vannamei prawns is almost 100 to 120 days. Mr. Ramaswamy cultivates the prawns solely two occasions a 12 months. He continues the prawn tradition solely in the summertime and wet seasons. The ponds are left for drying out within the different seasons. For prawn tradition, hydrogen ranges in water must be between 7.5 and eight.5, and hydrogen ranges in soil must be between 6.5 and seven.5. Water salinity must be between 8 and 25. Oxygen ranges in water shouldn’t be lower than 4ppm.

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Remember that you need to solely inventory the seed enough for the pond. If the surplus seed is stocked within the pond, then the growing prawns can get simply inclined to varied ailments, which may decline the survival proportion of prawns. Most occasions, for those who purchase 1 lakh rupees price of feed from a provider, moreover he/she/they provide at the least 30,000 rupees price of seed without cost.

Just by assuming that it got here without cost and for those who select to inventory the opposite seed into your ponds, you’ll be able to observe the conditions talked about above in our prawn farm, and in addition will increase the upkeep and feeds value of your farm. The feed is given to the seeds 4 occasions throughout the day. You ought to use the first quantity feed in your seed throughout the first week. Then, from the eighth day to the twentieth day, you need to use the 2nd quantity feed within the ponds. Finally, from the twenty first day to the thirty fifth day, you need to use the threerd quantity feed for the growing prawns.

And from the 36th day until harvesting, Mr. Ramaswamy makes use of the 4th quantity feed for the prawns. During these phases, you’ll want to provide minerals and probiotics to the pond water. For deciding the satisfactory quantity of minerals and probiotics to be added, you need to take your pond water samples to the laboratory and test to see the required quantity of minerals and probiotics. Then, by correct calculation, add the correct quantity of minerals and probiotics to your pond water.

You must also calculate the quantity of feed required for every part by commonly checking prawns from the ponds. The quantity of feed you present to the prawns helps your prawns develop and may alter the ammonia ranges in your water. This is why you might have solely to offer enough feed to the ponds. Vannemei prawns endure a moulting course of weekly. The moulting course of means the shedding of shells. These species of prawns can develop 0.9 grams in 3 days, which implies they’ll attain a weight of 30 in 100 days.

Sometimes, regardless of what number of measures you are taking, the prawns can develop ailments resulting from rising strain in ponds resulting from sudden climatic adjustments. One such illness is white spot illness, which does not have any preventive procedures. Mr. Ramaswamy is adopting bio-security measures to tradition prawn to deal with this case. At the beginning, Mr. Ramaswamy has to face this case of white spot illness in a pond.

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He then instantly eliminated some quantity of seed from the pond, and to guard the remaining, he chosen a number of extremely environment friendly medicines that help within the prevention of this illness and combined it with the feed. He additionally combined ginger, garlic, and turmeric within the feed and provided it to the prawns.

Marketing and revenue evaluation of Mr. Ramaswamy’s farm

Mr. Ramaswamy is investing practically 5 to six lakhs per pond for prawn tradition. For a kg of shrimp, it takes virtually 2 to three kgs of feed, however as he’s giving solely enough feed, which is altering from daily, he’s utilizing just one.5 kg of feed per kg of shrimp. This may help him save an enormous quantity of feed prices. However, if we dive deep per pond, Mr. Ramaswamy can get practically 3 tons. And for these 3 tons, it takes virtually 4.2 tons which may value him virtually 3 lakh rupees per pond as feed value.

A Kg of shrimps takes practically 250 rupees as an funding. The value for a kilogram of 40 counts is rupees 370 to 400 out there. That means for a kg. You can get a revenue of a minimal of 120-150 rupees. This means he’s incomes practically three lakhs per pond as a revenue. Mr. Ramaswamy owns 12 ponds, and even when we contemplate solely ten ponds assuming that he misplaced the prawns in 2 ponds for numerous causes, he’s incomes practically rupees 30 lakhs per batch by his farm.

He harvests the prawns solely two occasions a 12 months, so the estimated revenue he’s incomes is almost 60 Lakhs per 12 months by his farm. In this manner, Mr. Ramaswamy cultivates his prawns and earns large earnings yearly. He additionally means that farmers dealing with points by agriculture and farmers who personal barren lands enter this enterprise. He added that by correct upkeep and strict supervision of the farm, you could possibly earn excessive earnings.

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Now Mr. Ramaswamy is a profitable and proud proprietor of his prawn farm who earns large earnings yearly by cultivating prawns. Maintaining such an enormous farm just isn’t a easy process, and by working laborious on the stuff you need, you may get one of the best outcomes, which Mr. Ramaswamy proves.

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