Lightyear: 10 Easter Eggs Redditors Found In The Movie

Warning: This checklist incorporates spoilers for Lightyear.

The new Pixar movie Lightyear is not any exception to the rule that each new launch from the studio will embrace three issues: a superb story, beautiful visuals, and Easter eggs from earlier tasks. The movie hit theaters on June seventeenth and explains the backstory of everybody’s favourite Space Ranger, which might turn out to be the toy that viewers grew up with within the Toy Story movies.

Even although this movie takes place earlier than most of Pixar’s different films, it nonetheless contains references to earlier releases. Reddit customers who’ve already seen the film took to the location to share the place they discovered Easter eggs from different movies and franchises.


Written In The Stars

Luxo Jr. in the stars in Lightyear

Luxo Jr. is a staple in Pixar’s catalog of Easter eggs. In Lightyear, there are numerous alternatives for hidden particulars with the huge landscapes and scenes set in area. Redditor (*10*)AshleyInPink posted a weblog with most of the Easter eggs within the movie.

They noticed Luxo Jr. saying, “In the star, Luxo Jr. will be seen as a constellation.” Upon the primary watch, this Easter egg is sort of unattainable to see except the film will be paused on the actual proper second. However, within the picture on the far proper, the celebrities hook up with type Luxo Jr.

Zurg’s Identity

What does zurg look like

The Evil Emporer Zurg is a vital a part of Buzz Lightyear’s story. Redditor TheCandyrox21 caught a vocal Easter egg. They stated, “…on this film, Zurg is future Buzz himself, they usually make a joke about it the place Buzz calls his future self ‘Dad’ the primary time he sees him.”

This line refers back to the second in Toy Story 2 the place Zurg reveals himself as Buzz’s father. The unique second was a play on considered one of Star Wars’ most iconic scenes, and since Lightyear is claimed to play on Star Wars plots, a callback to this second is unsurprising.

SpaceX Referance

There has been some hypothesis about Buzz Lightyear’s companion and the place her title comes from. Some followers discovered Hawthorne to be an fascinating alternative within the character’s title and assume it might check with area journey and SpaceX. Reddit person outerfrointersman posted the above picture pondering whether or not or not this was a nod to Elon Musk’s area journey enterprise.

They additional defined, “The title tag ‘Hawthorne’ of the particular person working mission management which can also be the place SpaceX mission management is positioned, Hawthorne California.” Other followers discovered this to be a attain since Hawthorne shouldn’t be an unusual final title.

A Frozen Favorite

Pixar and Disney are sister firms, so it causes that a couple of Disney Animated Studios characters would pop into Pixar tasks. Reddit person the-reverend91 stated, “Am I the one one seeing a sneaky hidden Olaf within the Lightyear trailer?” Next to The Turnip, there’s a great deal of foliage, however some Redditors really feel one rock seems just like the beloved sidekick snowman Olaf poking his head from across the rock.

This is among the most hidden Easter eggs within the movie and will not be seen with out pausing.

The End Matches Toy Buzz’s Beginning


As anticipated, Lightyear has many callbacks to the Toy Story sequence. Redditor RenegadeBraveheart observed, “Had a smile on my face whereas watching it, and beloved the references. Liked how the area rangers fits initially appeared, however the fits on the finish with the added laser and wing packs have been niiiice and ship-shaped just like the field Buzz was in.”

These two particulars join the origin story movie to the unique 1995 story and act as a bridge between how the film ends and Buzz’s new starting in Toy Story when Andy launched him.

Friends of Wall-E

Pixar included Easter eggs till the final second of this movie. With three finish credit score scenes, there was room for additional sneaky cameos from different Pixar characters. Redditor Impossible-Fun-2736 knowledgeable followers who might have missed the ultimate scene, “In the primary finish credit scene, there’s a little trophy on a shelve in Burnside’s workplace. Also, BURN•E from WALL•E.”

Small trinkets on cabinets or desks are sometimes Easter eggs in Pixar movies. Turning Red included Lightyear easter eggs on cabinets in school rooms and desks.

Disneyland Attractions

Audience members who benefit from the Disney Parks observed the development of the brand new Star Command base resembled a beloved attraction from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. When some customers, Redditors, could not title the attraction, person poli8999 shortly responded with, “Space Mountain at Disneyland.”

The attraction does mimic the hyperspace sequences in Lightyear and is now rumored to be getting a full retheme to match the movie. Disney has been updating a lot of their long-standing rides to suit newer franchises, corresponding to the brand new Splash Mountain, set to turn out to be Princess and the Frog-themed.

Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Gamma Quadrant of Sector Four is among the most important settings within the Buzz Lightyear universe, as that is the place most of Toy Story Buzz’s adventures happen. The Gamma Quadrant is talked about in each the unique movies and the Buzz Lightyear animated sequence. Redditor yrqrm0 observed it was stated in Lightyear.

They stated, ” In Toy Story, Zurg is claimed to be from the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4, which is the place they head off to on the finish of this film.” This Easter egg may create a brand new trilogy of movies surrounding the Space Rangers’ adventures.

Pizza Planet Truck

One of essentially the most coveted Easter eggs in all Pixar films is the Pizza Planet Truck. Now that the truck has turn out to be one thing followers anticipate to see, Pixar has gotten higher at hiding the car. Lightyear is not any exception. As the character that’s closest related to Pizza Planet, aside from the Little Green Men, Redditors all over the place have been asking the place the truck is within the movie.

Redditor Nexus_DarkShadow shared the tweet of the picture of the place to search out the truck. At first look, this does not look like the best car; nonetheless, the white gentle on high of the roof is the Pizza Planet Rocket.

Video Games of Times Past

Ivan in Lightyear

Even although Lightyear takes place on a technologically superior planet, the movie continues to be set within the Nineties. Fans observed a reference to video video games that have been performed on cartridges quite than disks. One Reddit person stated, ” NGL, one of the best Easter egg (if you wish to name it that) was when Buzz Lightyear blew on the IVAN gadget prefer it was a S/NES cartridge. Put a giant smile and bought a giggle outta me.”

This small element helped remind viewers that this wasn’t a film set sooner or later regardless of using time journey and catered to the adults in theaters who performed the cartridge video games.

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