Legacies Completely Failed One Of The Originals’ Most Important Characters

Those who by no means watched The Originals earlier than diving into Legacies is likely to be forgiven for pondering that Hope was raised & influenced by a single mum or dad.

Warning: SPOILERS for the Legacies collection finale beneath.

Despite the collection finale offering some closure for its characters, Legacies utterly failed one of the vital necessary characters in The Originals from begin to end. Throughout the 4 seasons of Legacies, the affect of oldsters on their youngsters was a theme recurrently explored. This was particularly the case with Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), whose relationship together with her difficult, late father, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), was unsettled, to say the least. Hope had no concept if he’d discovered peace after demise, or if he was happy with her.

This was lastly resolved within the Legacies season 4 (and collection) finale. Speaking to Hope from the afterlife, Klaus made a shock look to ship his daughter one final heartfelt and emotional message. It was a good looking, bittersweet second, and audiences who’ve lengthy adopted the saga of Hope and Klaus all through The Originals and Legacies had been moved by the touching scene. Still, Legacies providing such a becoming ending tribute to Klaus–and weaving his affect into Hope’s story all through the collection–made one evident oversight much more egregious.


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Those who by no means watched The Originals earlier than leaping into Legacies is likely to be forgiven for pondering that Hope was raised by a single mum or dad–her dad–in addition to her aunts and uncles. But Hope had a mom, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), who was simply as a lot part of Hope’s life and simply as large an affect on her daughter earlier than her demise as Klaus ever was. Yet, whereas Hope and different characters consistently referenced The Originals‘ Klaus in Legacies, Hayley was barely talked about in any respect, and when she was, it was normally not directly. Similar to how the Stark youngsters consistently spoke of their father, Ned, however by no means talked about their mom, Catelyn, after their deaths in Game of Thrones, Legacies‘ refusal to acknowledge the necessary position Hayley performed in her daughter’s life grew perplexing after a sure level.

The generally held idea amongst viewers is that Hope did not discuss Hayley as a lot as Klaus for 2 causes. The first is that, nonetheless unhappy her demise was, Hope at the very least knew her mom had moved on within the afterlife and located peace earlier than the occasions of Legacies. Hayley sacrificed herself in The Originals to save lots of Hope and Hope later received to talk to her within the afterlife. Through this discuss, she knew how a lot Hayley beloved her, and that she had discovered peace within the afterlife with the remainder of her deceased family members. Hope had no such certainty about Klaus, nonetheless. She believed that him discovering peace within the afterlife was tied to her discovering peace within the residing world; together with her life being so tumultuous, she assumed her father was a stressed spirit and never but at peace, which is why she frightened about him extra usually.

But the second idea about why Hope hardly ever talked about Hayley all through Legacies compared to Klaus was that Hope had solely inherited good issues from her mom. Hayley’s toughness, tenacity, bravery, and fiercely protecting streak all reside in Hope in Legacies, Tribrid or not, in addition to her mom’s tendency towards compassion in her greatest moments. Klaus, nonetheless, was at all times extra of a combined bag. While he softened after turning into a father, Hope was below no illusions as to who her father was and what he’d performed previously. As she had from her mom, Hope inherited a lot of her father’s good qualities. However, the query remained of whether or not or not her father’s worst traits–cruelty, vindictiveness, paranoia, insecurity–would floor as soon as she died and activated her vampire aspect. There had been no such worries with the legacy Hayley left for her daughter, however Klaus’ unsure legacy was a Sword of Damocles perpetually hanging over Hope’s head.

While these explanations actually make narrative sense, it is nonetheless a disgrace that The Vampire Diaries‘ second spinoff present did so little to include Hayley’s reminiscence into her daughter’s story. During her time on The Originals, Hayley grew to turn out to be one of many best-loved and most fascinating characters and Hope is as a lot a product of her mom as her father. It merely would have been good had Legacies ever acknowledged this.

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