Justice League’s Trinity Just Got a Fiery Upgrade in a Genius Tactical Twist

Warning! Accommodates spoilers for Darkish Knights of Metal #12!


In Darkish Knights of Metal #12, the Justice League fights the White Martians with an excellent tactical selection: setting themselves on fireplace. The White Martians on this alternate medieval universe are extremely highly effective, with the identical skills as Martian Manhunter, however they’ve a significant weak point to warmth. The heroes of this world, missing fashionable know-how, depend on pure sources like fireplace to defeat the White Martians, utilizing a volcano and oil to make themselves invulnerable.

Within the alternate medieval universe of Darkish Knights of Metal, the Justice League’s Trinity is up towards an enemy in contrast to something they’ve ever confronted earlier than. So as to exploit their enemy’s pure weak point, they made the one sane tactical selection obtainable to them: they set themselves on fireplace. That is by far one of many coolest issues Marvel Lady, Batman, and Superman have carried out to defeat an enemy.

This good tactical selection is made in Darkish Knights of Metal #12 by Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto, and Wes Abbott. The world has been invaded by the White Martians, who’re terribly highly effective. White Martians have all of the powers of Martian Manhunter, essentially the most highly effective Justice League member. These embody power imaginative and prescient, shape-shifting, intangibility, psychic powers — resembling thoughts studying — and flight. However they’ve one main weak point: warmth.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman Set on Fire

In search of to reap the benefits of this, Marvel Lady, Batman, and Superman douse themselves in oil and set themselves on fireplace, making them fully invulnerable and completely lethal to the White Martian menace.

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The Justice League’s White Martian Enemies Are Destroyed By Hearth

Dark Knights of Steel Martians Set on Fire from Volcano

The Darkish Knights of Metal universe is an alternate model of historical past the place all of DC’s heroes and villains exist in medieval instances as an alternative of contemporary day. This makes sure characters just like the White Martians — and even Kryptonians — considerably extra harmful. In fashionable instances, Batman has know-how for any risk, however, when his solely know-how is that of a sword in his hand, there’s not a lot he can do. That stated, this universe additionally presents alternate takes on heroes, and Bruce Wayne is definitely the half-brother of Kal-El, granting him related skills to Superman. This enables him to outlive being set on fireplace with nothing greater than slight discomfort.

With out technological benefit, the heroes of this world should depend on pure sources to combat the White Martians. Realizing that their weak point is fireplace, Superman and Batman encompass their base in a moat of fireplace to maintain the White Martians at bay. Then, when it is time to combat them in direct fight, the heroes deliberately set off a volcano, turning the air itself into fireplace, and use oil to set DC’s Trinity on fireplace as properly. This genius tactical selection makes the heroes fully invulnerable to the White Martians; even proximity to the heroes would fully flip off their powers

The Justice League Deploys Ruthless Techniques

dark knights of steel sets the martians on fire

When Jor-El and Lara initially landed on Earth on this universe, they proved their benevolence by stopping an erupting volcano. Now, years later, the Trinity makes use of that very same volcano to avoid wasting the world as soon as once more — and in an extremely cool method. The Batman, Superman, and Marvel Lady have confronted literal gods and at all times come out the opposite facet. However when their setting is modified to medieval instances, they do not have entry to their regular choices — which is why this universe’s Justice League comes up with the unbelievable concept of merely burning their enemies down.

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