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New Delhi: The Bengali pageant of ‘Jamai Sasthi’ might be noticed on June 5 this 12 months.  The pageant is devoted to the son-in-laws of the household. Jamai in Bengali means son-in-law and Sasthi refers back to the sixth day of the month. The pageant annually takes place within the month of Jaistho (falls both in May or June), on the sixth day of the month of Shukla Paksha (moon waxing section). Goddess Sasthi is worshipped on today and scrumptious platters of home-cooked Bengali dishes are ready at residence.


According to mythology, a girl would eat up all the things at residence and blame it on a cat. This made Goddess Sasthi livid as her experience is a cat. As a punishment, she made one of many kids of the girl misplaced. To get her little one again, the girl began performing rites to make Goddess Sasthi completely happy. Later the goddess granted her child again.

However, the girl’s in-laws bought to find out about the complete incident and had been very offended. They stopped their daughter-in-law from going to her dad and mom’ home. The girl’s dad and mom deeply longed to satisfy their daughter and on the day of Sasthi Puja, invited their son-in-law and their daughter to their home. Hence, that day got here to be generally known as Jamai Sasthi. It is widely known as a day of reunion and happiness.


On Jamai Sasthi a girl’s mom invitations her daughter and her husband to their residence. A small social gathering takes place and each vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies are ready. 

A plate of rice, durbo (grass), and 5 sorts of fruits are blessed after having a shower within the morning. A small drop of yoghurt is placed on son-in-laws brow and a yellow tilak is tied on his wrist. It is adopted by sasthi puja, the place mother-in-law prays for lengthy life and wellbeing of her daughter and son-in-law. Holy water is sprinkled and son-in-law give items to his mother-in-law.

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