How to control the Queensland Fruit Fly, with Angelo Eliades – Deep Green Permaculture

Queensland fruit fly on fruit

When: 23 Jun 2022 – 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Where: Watsonia Library, Ibbottson St, Watsonia VIC 3087, Australia

Queensland fruit fly on fruit

The Queensland Fruit Fly is one in every of the most damaging pests of fruit, greens and berries in Melbourne gardens.

In this workshop, you’ll be taught:

  • the greatest methods to handle Queensland Fruit Flies
  • how to obtain the greatest control outcomes utilizing a strategic pest administration strategy (IPM)
  • what merchandise to use, and the way and when to use them.

Angelo may even reveal how one can make your personal fruit fly entice.

Registration requiredTo ebook tickets for this occasion, click on on this hyperlink to the Watsonia Library Queensland fruit fly workshop.


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