How this Farmer Made 10 Lakh from His Murrel Fish Farm – A Success Story

How this Farmer Made 10 Lakh from His Murrel Fish Farm – A Success Story

Commercially rearing fish in tanks or cages for meals manufacturing is named fish farming. This is probably the most typically used cultural system. The most prevalent species are freshwater prawns, catfish, and carp. The fish could merely be saved in tanks till they’re prepared for market, avoiding the necessity to catch them within the wild. Farm-raised fish is each more healthy and extra flavorful. On business fish farms, fish are sometimes fed a wide range of dietary diets.

How this Farmer Made 10 Lakhs from His Murrel Fish Farm

The fish in a pond isn’t accessible to everybody. As a consequence, they’re safe and could also be chosen at any time. To improve income and enhance water administration, fish farming could also be built-in into an current farm. Commercial demand for wild-caught fish could not at all times be met; in sure circumstances, industrial fish farming could possibly cowl the hole. Murrel fish can be referred to as “Korramenu” in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Let’s learn the way this farmer made 10 lakhs from his murrel fish farm.

How this farmer made 10 lakh from his murrel fish farm

The success story of Mr. Reddy

Mr. Reddy from Nalgonda has been elevating Murrel (Korramenu) fish for five years. Special tanks and cement ponds have been arrange for this function. The fish develop as much as 7 kg in 7 months, after which they’re marketed. Mr. Reddy mentioned {that a} good revenue will be obtained if all of the precautions are adopted whereas rising them. He mentioned the marketplace for these fish could be secure and the revenue would depend upon the care taken by the individuals who select to develop fish.

Site preparation for Murrel fish farming

Mr. Reddy constructed a cement pond of 18*30 with 2 toes deep and three particular tanks of the identical storage for the cultivation of Murrel fish. These tanks and ponds have a capability of fifty,000 liters. These can retailer the fish seed of 1500 seedlings which are harvested once they purchase a weight of 800 grams. If we need to domesticate Murrel fish which are harvested at 1kg or above then the fish seed have to be restricted to 1000 seedlings.

While developing the fish ponds, he mentioned it’s needed, to put in shed nets across the cement ponds and tanks, from this we will forestall fish from leaping out of the ponds. He additionally made three mud ponds with a depth of 6 toes, in 90 Guntas areas for the cultivation of fish. 1200 seedlings will be cultivated in these mud ponds and if the depth is 5 toes it is best to limit the provision of seedlings to 1000, he expressed. You also can shift the fish to those ponds as soon as the fish acquires a weight of fifty grams within the cement ponds and tanks.

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He managed this one-time capital value by utilizing recycled supplies which are accessible at a really low value out there. This capital value is erased if we’ve our land. We also can take the land for lease if you wish to get into the fish farming enterprise for a brief interval.

Growing Murrel fish in concrete tanks and dust ponds

He says, if we domesticate Murrel fish in cement ponds and particular tanks it takes 7 months to develop a weight of 800 grams per fish. If we need to harvest the fish at 1 kg then we’ve to take solely 1000 seedlings per cement pond or tank as they develop to turn out to be 1kg in 10 months. A single Murrel fish takes an FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) of 1.4 to develop 1kg which implies we’ve to supply 1.4 kg of feed until harvesting in order that it grows till it good points a weight of 1 kg. This FCR is suitable provided that we domesticate fish in tanks or cement ponds.

Fish take extra quantity of feed when cultivated in cement ponds or tanks it’s because in synthetic ponds there isn’t any natural matter on which the fish can rely for meals. You also can develop fish in massive mud ponds. Fish which are cultivated in mud ponds are more healthy than these which are grown in cement ponds. This is as a result of fish can feed on pure natural matter equivalent to worms and different pests which are accessible within the mud. We can both instantly develop fish in ponds from the beginning or we will shift the fish from tanks or cement ponds as soon as they purchase a weight of fifty grams to 60 grams.

FCR for the fish which are grown in mud ponds is 1.1 since additionally it is uncovered to pure feed. Fish take much less quantity of synthetic feed if they’re grown in mud ponds therefore reducing our feed value. There is a bonus of fish which are grown in mud ponds; fish takes much less time to achieve the specified weight. In mud ponds, Murrel fish can attain 1 kg in simply 7 months whereas it takes 10 months in cement ponds and tanks. 

If you need to domesticate fish from begin within the mud pond system, for just a few days you need to set up a hapa within the mud pond. Hapa is a sq. internet impoundment positioned in a pond for holding fish till they attain a weight of 10 grams. Hapa is taken off as soon as they attain this weight and are launched into the entire pond for higher improvement of Murrel fish. 

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Fish Pond
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Feed administration for Murrel fish in concrete tanks and dust ponds

Mr. Reddy said from his expertise that, the extra we save the price of fish feed the better the earnings are since a considerable amount of the working value consists of feed value. The feed given is totally different in varied phases of its development. Hapa feed have to be given to Murrel fish whereas they’re nonetheless in Hapa nets. When fish purchase a weight of almost 200 grams the feed given is modified.

You have to repair a time to feed Murrel fish each day in order that they get habituated to eat at a selected time, this is without doubt one of the underrated recommendation of fish farmers that retains Murrel fish wholesome in varied phases of its development. In his expertise, Mr. Reddy realized that the feed required for cultivation in mud ponds is lower than that of concrete tanks and the outcomes are higher in mud pond fish farming.

Caring for Murrel fish in concrete tanks and dust ponds

Mr. Reddy informed, “Weight of Murrel fish is purely dependent on the care taken. If you decide to cultivate Murrel fish in cement pond and tank system, installing shed nets around tanks and concrete ponds is a must to prevent fish from jumping out of tanks or concrete ponds.” A giant drawback within the tank system is that we’ve to alter the water usually but when we do that, Murrel fish become varied phases in much less time saving us time for the cultivation of one other batch.

The used water will be provided to crop fields because the water is wealthy in natural matter, by this, even the crops give higher yield. His concrete tanks and ponds can retailer as much as 50,000 liters of water, as they’re constructed to 2 toes depth, which is a big quantity. To scale back this waste he said that he additionally tried recycling the water for the fish ponds which helps in eradicating the sludge however is inefficient for eradicating the micro organism.

Proper remedy ought to be taken care of because the Murrel fish are typically susceptible to illnesses. He mentioned that many farmers face points associated to medicines for varied illnesses as they don’t seem to be available out there. Sometimes the medicines must be shipped from varied locations which generally is a bit costly. Preventing the illnesses is feasible if the care is taken in supplying fish feed in varied phases.

Diseases in Murrrel fish can result in a lower in mortality of the fish says Mr. Reddy. Water high quality ought to be maintained usually within the cultivating interval. You also can unfold pond sheets within the mud ponds in case your land absorbs an excessive amount of water, on this method it can save you an enormous quantity of water in mud ponds which is helpful.

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Water Management for Fish Farming
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Investment and revenue evaluation of Mr. Reddy’s fish farm

Mr. Reddy thought-about the next parameters whereas developing his concrete pond fish farm. He said that it takes round one lakh in developing a cement pond or tank and the feed value of Murrel fish is 98 rupees/kg. He bought 1kg of fish at a worth of 300 rupees

(in Rs)
Cement Ponds development
(3 models) 
Feed value of Murrel fish3,30,000
Water administration 20,000
Electricity  10,000
Total 6,60,000
Income per yr7,20,000
Profit (1st yr)60,000
Profit (2nd yr)
(Removing development value)

Mr. Nawaz thought-about the next parameters whereas developing his mud ponds for the fish farm

(in Rs)
Mud pond development
Feed value of Murrel fish 
(98 per kg)
Water administration 20,000
Electricity  10,000
Total 5,04,000
Income per yr9,00,000
Profit (1st yr)3,96,000
Profit (2nd yr)
(Removing development value)

He mentioned that by each techniques he earns round 10 lakhs per yr. In this fashion, Mr. Reddy is now a proud proprietor of his fish farm and is considering of increasing his fish manufacturing by one other two acres.

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Fish Farming Profit
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Frequently requested questions on fish farming (FAQ)

Which fish farming is most worthwhile in India?

Tilapia cultivation is extraordinarily worthwhile, and the trade in India is quickly increasing. Anyone could make a six-figure revenue within the tilapia trade, with fundamental training on it. In most nations, tilapia aquaculture, which originated within the Middle East and Africa, has turn out to be probably the most profitable enterprise. Tilapia is the second hottest seafood after crab, and its manufacturing is booming in consequence. It has joined the ranks of top-selling species equivalent to shrimp and salmon.

How many fish will be grown in a one-acre pond?

6000 fish seedlings will be stocked in a one-acre pond. The pond should first be scientifically ready earlier than that. Following stocking, pond manuring and liming ought to be finished usually. Your pond ought to yield round 3000 kilograms if all goes in keeping with plan. Please seek the advice of an officer-level worker of your state’s Fishery Department in your locality earlier than you start.

What is the minimal land required for fish farming?

You can nonetheless generate cash with a one-acre fish farm. It will likely be less expensive to put money into a number of acres of property that may yield a great return. The bigger the realm, the extra is manufacturing and revenue.

Is fish farming worthwhile in India?

In India, fish and fish merchandise are in excessive demand. Fish is without doubt one of the hottest and favored meals in India, with greater than 60% of the inhabitants consuming it. The demand for fish and fish-related gadgets is continually sturdy, as is the value. The local weather in India can be preferrred for fish cultivation and fish farming. These all parameters could make fish farming an enormous success in India.

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