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On the contrary, like buying and selling, every campaign has the potential to cause an accident in the office. Courts deal with this and work frequently to protect injured sailors under regular admiralty laws. Maritime law provides the ability to provide critical compensation to injured employees in the open sea or in the maritime trade in the event of any medical adversity.
Although essential, regular admiralty laws are considered for all sailor accidents. You should fully understand the final laws before studying the upcoming Houston Maritime legal business situation.


Houston maritime injury attorney is to help injured marine workers get compensation. Every business has its risks and the marine industry is no different. In fact, sewing participates in one of the most dangerous industries in existence.

Whenever Shivin is on the boat, he is at risk of work-related injuries. The courts recognize this. Furthermore, Houston maritime injury law firm works tirelessly to fight for injured sewing.

How Can I Choose The Best Accident Lawyer

Maritime law gives injured marine workers the opportunity to claim necessary compensation in the event of work-related complications. Moreover, these laws are the basis of all wounds that last.

It’s important to work with the Houston Maritime Attorney when you hit the sea

The Maritime Law Center of Houston is a group of experienced Houston maritime attorneys representing maritime clients. Houston Maritime work injury lawyers work tirelessly to ensure a safe and healthy marine environment for all.

These lawyers have decades of maritime experience and are able to help the legal community. The Center for Maritime Law is comprised of members of the Texas Association of Houston Maritime Lawyers, Texas Oil and Gas Lawyers Association, Houston Chapter of the International  Maritime Lawyers Houston Association, Commercial Casualty Insurance Association, and the Maritime Law Society of Houston.

Longshore and Harbor Workers Claims Compensation Act

The Jones Act applies to workers at ports and ships, while the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) covers oil rigs and dry land. From loading and unloading ships to working on a fixed platform in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean, if you are injured on the job, we can help you get the most out of your injuries. If you are saddened by the loss of a loved one in a maritime accident, we can also fight for financial compensation for your loss.

To pursue a claim under the LHWCA, you must meet a strict deadline to notify your employer and file a complaint with the federal government.

Maritime Injury Lawyers of Houston

Houston Maritime Attorney | Maritime Injury Lawyers Houston


Maritime Injury Lawyers of Houston offers professional help to injury victims and their families who have suffered a significant injury at sea, in an offshore structure or in a maritime facility. Lawyers who are licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, have extensive personal injury, commercial liability, and criminal defense experience. Lawyers have earned top honors in recognition of their outstanding abilities to manage maritime injury cases and achieve a beneficial settlement for the victim.

 experience in litigation gives  the experience to take the burden off the family, ensuring that injuries get resolved in the most compassionate, professional and compassionate manner possible.

You can contact the Lawyers at the Maritime Injury Lawyers of Houston if you are suffering from an injury that resulted from the accident or attack on your vessel, offshore structure, marine facility or marine equipment. Houston maritime work injury attorney with the injured party, providing consultations, providing expert witness testimony and negotiating a settlement for the victim

If you are a victim, you should contact Lawyers to discuss your case and provide the details. The Lawyers are experienced and well-known in the Houston Area and have experience with many types of maritime injuries and accidents. The attorneys work with the injured in the best interests of the victim and a resolution to the case is obtained.

The lawyers offer their professional guidance and have the knowledge to ensure you receive the justice that you are entitled to. If you have any questions concerning your case and would like to speak to someone about your case, please contact the Lawyers of Maritime Injury Lawyers Houston.

Services Offered by the Lawyers of Maritime Injury Lawyers Houston

Injured Offshore Vessels

To ensure a safe environment for everyone, the law needs to establish a balance between the existing freedom and safety of maritime environments. Lawyers in Houston will get you the best possible settlement to avoid any further complications.
Employees and passengers aboard vessels are regularly injured or suffer accidents that cause injuries. By conducting a thorough investigation and presenting the case to the judge,  attorneys have obtained a monetary settlement for many victims. The Maritime Injury Lawyers of Houston have a reputation as being highly successful in their practice.
Attorneys in Houston provide extensive knowledge in the maritime law and practice it as part of their careers to help make the maritime industry a safer place for everyone. Maritime injuries are extremely dangerous and require professional attention.
Attorneys in Houston specialize in representing offshore and onshore employees that suffer injuries during the course of their employment in the maritime industry. As a result of severe accidents or injuries, clients need professional, experienced lawyers that are able to help settle their cases.

Personal Injury Law

Houston Maritime Injury Lawyers have extensive experience in handling cases of personal injury in the maritime industry. Lawyers are well-known and highly qualified to handle complex personal injury cases and obtain a fair settlement for the victim.
A large number of the lawyers who practice maritime injury law practice exclusively for the maritime industry. By providing this expertise and experience to the clients,  attorneys have obtained a large amount of client satisfaction. Personal injury lawsuits are very difficult to resolve but the lawyers in Houston have an impressive record of getting these cases resolved in the best possible manner.
Many attorneys in Houston handle cases that come from the maritime industry or by providing maritime advice to the clients. The cases may include injuries caused by the misuse of boats, vessels, subsea structures, marine equipment, or simply bad luck.

Traffic Injury and Injuries

Safety at sea is of vital importance to all. By making safety part of the law, it will increase the safety of maritime environments and the safety of the maritime industry. For instance, dangerous chemicals may be exposed to the workers working on vessels. Accidents can also occur due to sudden changes in weather. If the injuries are severe, the attorney in Houston can ensure a fair settlement to avoid any further complications.
Merchant shipping and offshore vessels may suffer injuries and accidents during the course of shipping or loading cargo. The law is often enforced in the worst possible manner as the injuries or damages can be severe.
The Lawyers of Maritime Injury Lawyers Houston understand the threats that can potentially occur at sea. By working with the client in the best possible way, the attorney will get a fair settlement for the victim to prevent further complications.
Attorneys in Houston are able to get clients the best possible settlement in the form of a settlement or money from insurance. attorneys have found and successfully represented clients who have suffered injuries and accidents at sea.

Affordable Maritime Injury Law

A large number of personal injury and accident attorneys use expensive personal injury lawyers to represent their clients. The cost for the services of a personal injury attorney is typically very expensive and based on how the attorney represents the case. The representation of an attorney who is not properly trained may cause damage to the client’s confidence and monetary settlement.

Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer:

If you are involved in any type of ship accident like a sea freight ship accident in the Gulf of Mexico and you did not receive any medical treatment or medications, you have a claim for all of your damages. If you were injured in the collision and suffered a fractured or dislocated bone or have a cut, bruise or contusion, you can get compensation from the shipping companies. If you are covered under Workers Compensation or have a Workers Compensation Board coverage, you have a claim for your Workers Compensation benefits. Lawyer Houston may represent you to take your claim to court to collect your claims. There are cases like Merchant Marine Workers Compensation, Maritime Workers Compensation and Workers Compensation Board that require you to make your payments.
If you are injured in the ship accident, your lawyer Houston may advise you on your maritime workers claims. Many types of injury compensation are eligible for you if you are involved in any of the ship accident. Many injured workers do not know that their case requires medical care or medication that they did not get. If you injured workers did not take any time for treatment or medication, you may have a claim for Maritime Workers Compensation or Workers Compensation Board. There are many cases like those of Houston Ship Accidents and Maritime Ship Accidents that require you to make your payments.

Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer: Where can  get legal assistance?

If you do not know where to go for legal assistance, you can contact law office Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer. If you have an injury injury, you can get legal assistance from a worker attorney Houston that can help to get compensation for your workers compensation claim and other maritime workers claims. If you were injured in the ship accident, you can receive legal assistance from Houston Maritime Injury Lawyers. There are workers cases like those of dredging and ship accidents that require you to get legal assistance from a lawyer to collect your rights of workers compensation.

Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer: Do you have good criminal defense lawyers?

A lawyer that you can rely on for criminal defense law and other related law in Houston is considered to be a good lawyer. If you are in any type of criminal cases that requires legal assistance, you can rely on Houston Lawyer Lawyers. There are cases like those of Maritime Workers Compensation and Workers Compensation Board that require you to get legal assistance from your workers compensation lawyer. If you are in any type of criminal cases, your lawyer Houston can be a good lawyer. There are criminal law cases that require your lawyer to talk to the person who is convicted of your case. Sometimes your lawyer may need you to appear in court to talk to the court about your criminal case.

Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer: What are your policies about Workers Compensation Benefits?

If you are injured while working for a ship company, you need to talk to your workers compensation lawyer. If you work for a shipping company and you received injury, you need to talk to your workers compensation lawyer. If you received injuries from the oil industry, you need to talk to a marine workers injury lawyer in Houston. If you received an injury from any kind of marine transportation industry in Houston, you need to talk to a maritime injury lawyer. The different types of workers compensation benefits are Workers Compensation Benefits, Maritime Workers Compensation Benefits, Maritime Workers Compensation Claims, Workers Compensation Boards, Maritime Workers Compensation Insurance.

Marine Law FAQ





A Maritime Attorney is a legal practitioner who focuses on recreation and helping those injured, accidentally or accidentally killed in a commercial maritime accident. These incidents are governed by maritime law, which creates specific avenues for the recovery of loved ones injured or lost in the water.



  • Is it necessary to enforce the Marine Injury Act?



Yes, you may need a marine injury lawyer as the laws governing offshore injury can be complicated. Deciding whether to hire a marine injury lawyer is probably a difficult decision. Know this: If you are injured at sea or have lost a family member, there is no one to protect your rights and rebuild your life as a qualified marine injury lawyer. Your employer cannot support you. You have no idea how to help your friends and family. Protecting your interests requires a powerful lawyer with knowledge of marine injury cases and outside knowledge.



  • What is marine injury?



Marine injuries can include any type of physical or mental trauma experienced at sea. Offshore workers, fishing ship crew members, cruise ship passengers and all other marine injuries may be injured or lost while in US or international waters.



  • What is maritime law?



Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, governs navigation and shipping. Prior to the Jones Act, the Dock and Dock Workers’ Compensation Act, and the Death in High Siege Act, maritime law is the oldest set of rules used to protect workers at high seas. It provides basic provisions that ensure that care and treatment are provided to workers after an injury.



  • Is maritime law the same everywhere?



No, maritime law is not the same everywhere. Although many nations have similar military liberalization laws, those nations have improved their unique rules. For example, the Jones Act is a law that only applies to ships flying the American flag.



  • What is the Jones Act?



The Jones Act is a law that allows injured marine workers to receive the compensation they need for their injuries. Prior to the passage of the Jones Act in 1920, marine workers injured in a preventable accident could not collect the full amount of compensation required for their injuries. Through the Jones Act, workers can cover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, the cost of future care, and more.



  • What is maintenance and treatment?



Maintenance and treatment Describes the standard of living (maintenance) and medical expenses (treatment) required for an offshore worker after an accident. For decades, maritime law has required shipowners to ensure that injured workers receive care and treatment once they have been harmed.



  • What are the common causes of marine injuries?



Common causes of marine injuries are accidents that should not be avoided. It is important to note that it is the duty of shipowners and owners to prevent accidents and protect workers.


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