Here’s Why Jennifer Lopez is an Important Figure in Rom-Com History 

Jennifer Lopez returns to her rom-com roots with the upcoming Marry Me. Here’s why she’s an mandatory decide throughout the historic previous of the type.

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Jennifer Lopez is a triple menace Latina entertainer, seeing success as dancer, singer and actress. Before she ever made her means on-screen, Lopez began her celeb career as a dancer and shortly decided that she wanted to pursue performing. Her first lead place bought right here in 1997 as Selena Quintanilla-Pérez throughout the tragic biopic Selena, which was not too way back recreated as a Netflix sequence. Lopez went on to star in quite a few roles sooner than launching her singing career collectively along with her debut studio album On the 6, sending a surge of recognition by the Latin movement in America. While Lopez continued to steadiness her performing career collectively along with her musical pursuits, which lastly earned her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, her focus on a regular basis returned to her true passion of performing.


While Lopez has dabbled in numerous genres from biopic to psychological horror, she has become acknowledged for her roles in rom-coms, carving a repute for herself throughout the type alongside tycoons like Julia Roberts. Despite foremost flops like Gigli, Lopez has seen an extreme quantity of success throughout the rom-com type with hits like Monster-in-Law and Maid in Manhattan. After just a few years away from the type, Lopez has made a blinding return to rom-coms, merely in time for Valentine’s Day, with Marry Me collectively along with her co-star Owen Wilson. She pulls out all stops in her rom-coms, and proper right here’s why Jennifer Lopez is an important decide in rom-com historic previous.

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She Brings Much-Needed Latina Representation

While Lopez’s career has spanned many a few years, she has become the top-grossing Latina actress in Hollywood. Her presence has been key to enhancing Latina illustration in Hollywood as a whole lot of the queens of rom-com like Meg Ryan, Drew Berrymore and Julia Roberts are all white, vastly over-representing the white group in cinema. Lopez gives every Latin particular person with the illustration and firm they deserve. It gives Latina girls a voice acknowledging their presence reasonably than rendering them invisible or giving them roles as side-characters. Indeed, Lopez brings her heritage into every place she performs as a result of it is a part of her and should be a part of her characters too.

She is a Role Model for Women

While rom-coms have a cope with romance, the precept characters are normally portrayed as trying to find love, significantly the women. By the roles she takes on, Lopez proves to be a job model for Latina girls far and wide. Take, for example, her having fun with the part of a strong woman who wishes additional out of life than merely romance in Second Act. This is reverse to many rom-com characters like Gigi in He’s Just Not That Into You whose focus is to find a person which will fulfill all her wishes, so she tries so laborious that it turns a whole lot of her potential suitors away. Lopez’s characters, nonetheless, focus not on getting a companion, nonetheless on getting primarily essentially the most out of her life as an complete. In this vogue, Lopez acts as a job model for ladies far and wide as her place areas an emphasis on specializing in personal targets and achievements like getting that promotion or bench-pressing 200lbs. Lopez’s portrayal of sturdy neutral girls on-screen acts as a terrific reminder to girls of all ages that there is much more to life than getting married.

She Has a Personal Love for Rom-Coms

After starring in a long-line of rom-coms, you’d depend on that they may get stale, nonetheless Lopez brings one factor new to each character and has become an huge title in rom-com historic previous, like Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. Lopez has a non-public love for rom-coms, expressing her love for the flicks and explaining that whereas all endings of rom-coms are predictable, “it’s really about how interesting the journey is and the interaction between the two characters is.” This is part of the reason that she is the precept producer on her new film Marry Me as she has a deep-connection with the film and considers it her “homecoming” as she revisits the type after just a few years with out starring in a rom-com. On prime of Marry Me, Lopez has one different rom-com set hit theaters in June 2022 referred to as Shotgun Wedding.

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She Shows That Love Has No Age Limit

In her newest film Marry Me, Lopez’ character Kat Valdez is about to get married to her fiancé until she discovers he is dishonest. After a meltdown on stage, she decides to marry a stranger throughout the crowd. At the age of 52, Lopez proves that love has no age prohibit. Despite her age, she nonetheless refuses to just accept any person dishonest. While we’d even see youthful of us throughout the prime of their lives in most rom-coms, Marry Me is merely one occasion of discovering love later in life. Another occasion of that is Second Act, when a 40-something year-old woman unexpectedly finds love whereas shifting forward in her career to comprehend her personal targets. Love defies any age, it’s in no way too late to find a brand new love in your life. With Lopez taking up arguably the biggest rom-com of her career on the age of 52, she’s encouraging this concept of discovering love later in life in Marry Me.

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