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Here’s a two-word phrase you seldom want: “or not.”

“Are you coming or not?”

“Whether or not you agree is irrelevant.”

“Tell me in the event you like this or not.”

In every of those examples, the phrase is superfluous. Perhaps probably the most frequent use of “or not” is with “whether or not.” You can get your level throughout with out these further phrases.

Superfluity fattens your phrase rely and buries the purpose of your argument in verbosity. When you’re struggling to come back inside a measurement restrict to your transient, hacks for figuring out and eradicating extraneous phrases are a godsend.

Vomit on the Page

No, not actually! When you’re writing your first drafts, simply let all of it come out no matter size. Write no matter you’re pondering with out plenty of consideration to grammar. Release your indignation in unrelenting purple prose. Then return and edit to tidy the grammar, tighten the language and mood the tone. To repeat a cliché: Think of your early drafts as creating in clay, not marble.

Here’s the hack. Use Find and Replace to take away “or not” and to catch different unlucky phrase selections. Terse writing is more practical writing.

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