The Fantastic Beasts franchise proved that the Harry Potter universe had what it took to develop on extra minor characters. But, if any supporting character deserved a extra distinguished position within the films, it was Neville Longbottom. He is almost unrecognizable when Harry, Ron, and Hermione meet up with him towards the top of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In the books, Neville had stepped up of their time away, refusing to permit the Carrows, a pair of Death Eaters, to stroll throughout him. Learning from Harry, Neville knew that standing as much as the enemy impressed hope in others. However, in each the movies and books, considered one of his most important accomplishments, killing Nagini, didn’t get the popularity it deserved from his friends because the battle was nonetheless raging on. It by no means appeared as if anybody anticipated a lot from Neville, maybe outdoors his curiosity in Herbology.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix proved Neville had the flexibility to battle if referred to as upon and the loyalty to face beside Harry. However, the movies don’t seize Neville’s improvement as a lot as anybody else’s, contemplating he performs a really supporting position in Harry’s life. What’s extra, though the battle scenes tease a possible romance between Neville and Luna, which is a profound change from their novel counterparts, Neville, for taking part in such a big half within the battle, doesn’t get a confirmed conclusion aside from being alive. Although the movies centered on Harry’s story, Neville’s journey was a big a part of the franchise and deserved extra recognition within the Harry Potter films.

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Neville Came A Long Way

When he’s first launched, Neville Longbottom is a scared 11-year-old boy looking for his toad Trevor. He cannot appropriately trip a brush, struggles to face up for himself, and, whereas a pleasant child, doesn’t present that a lot potential to grow to be a strong wizard. Neville exhibits a touch of whom he’ll finally grow to be when he’s keen to face as much as Harry, Ron, and Hermione after they sneak out of the Gryffindor widespread room within the group’s first 12 months. However, quite than take part on the harmful storylines, Neville had a means of sticking to the background and having fun with his time with crops. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a turning level with Dumbledore’s Army.

Although Neville shouldn’t be the star scholar, he exhibits his capabilities via follow and through the battle on the Ministry of Magic. Neville is likely one of the final remaining members of Dumbledore’s Army standing aside from Harry because the battle begins coming to an finish. But, it’s his position in his seventh 12 months at Hogwarts that highlights a few of Neville’s most important adjustments, even when they don’t play a giant half within the novels or are talked about a lot all through the flicks. With Harry, Ron, and Hermione gone, Neville rebuilds Dumbledore’s Army and finds an essential use for the Room of Requirement. Along with Ginny and Luna, he tries to steal the Sword of Gryffindor from the Headmaster’s workplace. In the ultimate battle, Neville is the one individual courageous sufficient to step ahead and handle Voldemort instantly, proving himself a lot that Neville is worthy of pulling the Sword of Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat.

An Unexpectedly Essential Ally

For essentially the most half, Harry relied on Ron and Hermione greater than anybody. His two closest mates knew every part about what Harry wanted to do to defeat Voldemort, the reality about Sirius’ innocence, and a number of other different issues. Although Neville isn’t in Harry’s inside circle, he finally ends up changing into considered one of his greatest and most essential allies. Unfortunately, Harry by no means has time to inform Neville that Sirius is harmless. However, that doesn’t cease Neville from becoming a member of Harry’s quest, even when Neville’s consciousness of the scenario beforehand would have urged Neville believed Sirius was responsible.

There had been instances when even Ron was much less loyal to Harry than Neville. But, ultimately, Neville turned one of the crucial important individuals in Harry’s life. Harry helped Neville develop as a wizard, and Neville had unwavering loyalty to Harry.

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Neville’s Role within the Battle of Hogwarts Victory

During the e-book’s portrayal of the Battle of Hogwarts, there’s a vastly completely different model of the importance in how Neville’s position entails killing Nagini. Although novel and film counterparts of Neville commit the act of destroying the Horcrux inside Nagini, it occurs in two completely different cases. In the film, Neville arrives simply in time to avoid wasting Hermione and Ron from Nagini in a secluded nook of the citadel as battle rages on. For essentially the most half, it’s a personal affair as Harry’s battle with Voldemort continues individually. In the novel, Neville steps up much more publicly.

The film permits for a shortened model of an identical scene. Neville stands as much as Voldemort, delivering a speech and portraying a beacon of hope the sunshine facet desperately wants as Harry lies lifeless in Hagrid’s arms. But, within the books, Neville’s speech continues with him pulling out Gryffindor’s Sword and killing Nagini in entrance of everybody. It is an epic second normally, however particularly for a personality who had by no means appeared so keen to enact violence. Still, this additionally happens within the novel as a result of Harry had informed Neville to kill the snake, warning Neville this was a necessary piece of the puzzle to defeating Voldemort. Neville doesn’t have this info within the film, killing the snake as a substitute to guard his mates.


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