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Fertilize often in the course of the rising season, particularly when the bushes are in bloom and rising their fruit. Cashew vegetation reply nicely to fertilizer and manure software. These compounds are utilized to completely different levels of the plant. Let’s take a look at the most effective fertilizer for Cashew tree.

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The fertilizer you utilize ought to include nitrogen, phosphorus, and zinc. The quantity you apply will depend upon the scale of the tree and the circumstances underneath which it grows. You’ll often have to fertilize your tree as soon as each two months in the course of the rising season. You too can apply compost or farmyard manure to the soil across the base of mature Cashew bushes annually. 

NPK fertilizer software

From the viewpoint of the sorts of fertilization, the blended software of N, P, and Okay will increase the optimum yield adopted by a single P software, after which an N and P blended software. Excessive ranges of N can enhance the flowering interval, whereas excessive ranges of P and Okay shorten the flowering interval. In our nation, the usage of manures and fertilizers within the case of Cashews may be very restricted.

Satisfactory N: P: Okay ratio have to be maintained within the soil for higher yield. It is suggested to use 10-15 kg of farmyard manure per plant to make sure correct natural matter within the soil. Making use of N 600 grams, P 200 grams, and Okay 200 grams per plant per yr may be advisable fertilizers for considerably growing the nut tree per plant and growing the whole yield and kernel yield.

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Supreme time for Cashew tree fertilizer software

Instantly after the cessation of heavy rains is the perfect time for fertilizer software within the Cashew crop. Although, the fertilizers needs to be utilized in a round trench alongside the drip line. Earlier than making use of fertilizers, guarantee that the soil has enough moisture. Fertilizers in Cashew needs to be utilized after pre-monsoon (Might-June) and post-monsoon (September-October) needs to be fed in two divided doses.

It needs to be carried out in the course of the post-monsoon season (September-October) when there may be enough moisture within the soil. In sandy and laterite soils, fertilizer needs to be utilized in a round trench in soils of sloppy land and areas with excessive rainfall. In crimson loamy soils and low rainfed areas (east coast), fertilizer needs to be utilized in spherical bands.

Methodology of fertilizer software

It’s at all times advisable to make use of straight fertilizers as a substitute of complicated fertilizers for Cashew. The primary purpose for that is that the NPK’s advisable dose for Cashews will not be accessible in any of the complicated fertilizers at present accessible available in the market. Fertilizer is to be utilized after the top of heavy rains and after weeding and clearing the roots of particular person bushes.

The important thing to growing fertilizer software effectivity is to adapt the timing of fertilizer software to the necessity for crop progress and the length of extra root exercise. About 72% of all lively Cashew roots reside inside 2 meters of the tree. Fertilizer may be utilized to particular person tree basins both in round bands or in spherical trenches.

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In sloping soils in lateral soils and areas with heavy rainfall, fertilizer needs to be positioned in spherical trenches 25 cm extensive and 15 cm deep, that are 0.5 meters, 0.7 meters, 1.0 meters, and 1.5 meters away from the trunk within the first, second, third and fourth yr after planting, respectively. The trenches needs to be closed instantly after fertilization and it’s higher to use inexperienced leaf mulch to extend the effectivity of fertilizer software by vegetation.

As a substitute of making use of fertilizer twice a yr, the frequency may be restricted to annually, which is appropriate with the “flushing and early flowering part”, which might avoid wasting software prices. Fertilizers needs to be utilized solely after weeding and clearing particular person tree basins inside a radius of two.5 meters to keep away from competitors for vitamins from weeds. 

Compost manure fertilizer for Cashew tree

Manure software in Cashews will not be a daily observe in present orchards in India, though the correct software of fertilizer often is the quickest approach and a viable means of accelerating Cashew productiveness. Nonetheless, most present Cashew growers don’t fertilize Cashews, apart from Cashew companies or Cashew-growing state forest departments that personal Cashew orchards. Attributable to its intensive root system, Cashews can get massive quantities of vitamins from the soil and small farmers hardly ever fertilize the crop.

It has been estimated that the provision of moisture is in lots of instances extra restricted to Cashews than to vitamins. Nonetheless, latest analysis outcomes point out that Cashews want common fertilizer to make sure quicker and better yields from mature bushes. Fertilizers and manures promote plant progress and promote the onset of flowering in younger bushes. Within the absence of FYM, inexperienced manure can be utilized in its place.

Greatest Fertilizer for Cashew Tree, Sesbania, and Sunhemp are the inexperienced manure crops and these vegetation may be grown alongside the boundaries and between two rows of Cashews. Using inexperienced manure will increase the quantity of natural matter within the soil. It additionally improves soil texture and helps cut back runoff and soil erosion. Wherever accessible, rooster manure can be utilized as a substitute of FYM on the price of 10 kg per tree each year. 

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Diet administration underneath natural farming in Cashew 

Natural fertilizers

Natural fertilizers are important in the course of the early levels, ideally when planting in pits. Making use of Cashew grafts after making pits and filling up with soil + natural matter resembling farmyard manure, compost or cake is useful for robust progress and early progress within the early levels. It is suggested that younger vegetation use well-decomposed farmyard manure or compost. If Cashew is being grown as an natural plant, then vitamins are supplied within the type of oil cake, inexperienced leaf compost, vermicompost, poultry manure, and so forth. 

For deciding yield, figuring out soil fertility and nutrient provide is without doubt one of the key components. It has been reported that solely 20% of the realm underneath Cashew cultivation is nutritious. Though Cashew orchards are reported to supply 1.38 to five.20 t ha-1 Cashew leaf litter biomass with reported composting effectivity of 65%, they haven’t been correctly recycled in Cashew orchards. Through the harvest season, leaf litter is eliminated to facilitate the selecting of nuts. They are often burned throughout different intervals.

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Nonetheless, the ready compost is utilized to different crops resembling Arecanut, Coconut, and so forth. These processes result in soil nutrient deficiencies yr after yr. Though chemical fertilizers are a straightforward method to develop and enhance productiveness, some customers these days desire natural Cashews. As well as, there may be rising concern about rising fertilizer costs on account of authorities insurance policies and environmental considerations. 

Administration of main vitamins 

The advisable fertilizer is appropriate for 80-100% cover protection, which is often obtained in the course of the first 6-8 years of planting in a high-density Cashew planting system. After a sure stage of the crop, the autumn of Cashew fermenting biomass could result in a discount within the advisable quantity of fertilizer per plant on account of nutrient accumulation within the soil. It reiterates the necessity for site-specific nutrient administration primarily based on soil testing.

Nitrogen – Nitrogen (N) is a crucial element of nitrogen vegetation and on account of elevated mobility, signs of nitrogen deficiency at all times seem first in older leaves. The stem turns into thinner and the expansion stops. The sunshine sandy soils of the coastal area, the place Cashews are principally grown, are poor in natural matter and low in nitrogen. The supply of nitrogen can be intently linked to the exercise of soil microorganisms.

At low nitrogen, Cashew seedlings (2 years outdated) have been noticeable with regular yellowing of outdated leaves which quickly unfold to smaller leaves. The leaves have been additionally small. Nitrogen deficiency in Cashew seedlings grew to become obvious 7 weeks after planting. The colour of the leaves progressively adjustments from darkish to gentle inexperienced after which to yellow, which coincides with stunted progress. In case of extreme nitrogen deficiency, the vegetation die after 4 months.

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The quantity of nitrogen within the twigs confirmed a vital optimistic relationship with plant girth and the peak of seedlings. Cashews typically look like much less demanding of their dietary wants than many different vegetation. Nonetheless, the usage of nitrogen considerably impacts the manufacturing of nuts. As nitrogen ranges enhance, the focus of N, P, Okay, and Ca will increase in all elements of the plant, however Mg (within the roots), S (within the stem), and Na (within the leaves) progressively decreases. 

Phosphorus (P2O5) 

Phosphate can be essential in seed germination, metabolism of seedlings, fast root progress, and seed maturation. Heavy soils have increased fixing energy for phosphates. On account of phosphate deficiency, the expansion of pale inexperienced vegetation stops and the decrease leaves of Cashew wither and fall off by the fifth month. Phosphate software is simpler when planting in pits or regionally within the root zone. 

Potassium (K2O) 

Signs of potassium deficiency can happen in Cashew seeds inside 2 months. The decrease leaves flip yellow, beginning on the apex and displaying margins, necrosis. Signs unfold quickly from the underside of the leaf to the highest. Whereas potassium is utilized to overgrown Cashew bushes, the Okay content material was highest within the leaves 14 days after software. Often, potassium deficiency happens totally on gentle sandy soils.

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