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Commercial goat farming for dairy and meat manufacturing in Kenya is rising quickly and is contributing considerably to nationwide earnings, financial progress, and improved human diet. Goat farming has change into extremely popular amongst small-scale farmers in city and densely populated areas of Kenya. Let’s try extra details about goat farming in Kenya.

Goat Farming in Kenya
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Many folks need to begin an agribusiness with out passing by a lot stress. If you might be searching for a livestock farming enterprise in Kenya that may earn you good money with none stress, check out the goat farming enterprise in Kenya. The rising pasture inhabitants, human actions, and the weakening of conventional guidelines governing using assets have lowered the productiveness in northern Kenya, which has led to a scarcity of chevon and mutton in Kenyan markets. 

The goat farming enterprise is frequent in Kenya, particularly in rural areas. People elevate goats for wool, milk, and meat. Goats are very robust and a few breeds can face up to the climate. What folks select for his or her goat breed is dependent upon their location and weather conditions. Dairy goat farming in Kenya has doubled lately as curiosity within the undertaking has grown amongst many of the nation’s farmers. This is as a result of shoppers desire goat’s milk over different cattle’s milk due to its dietary and simply digestible properties. In addition, dairy goat farming is rising as a extra worthwhile choice for small farmers in Kenya. 

Do Kenyan folks eat goat meat?

In addition to cow meat, goat meat is one other kind of meat that’s standard in Kenya. And that is due to its distinctive style or aroma. Kenyan love nyama choma, particularly goat meat. In addition, goat meat may be very nutritious. So let me conclude that many Kenyans eat goat meat every single day and this can lead you to the thrill of beginning your business goat farming in Kenya. 

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Goat Food
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Dairy goat manufacturing system in Kenya 

Goats might be housed in a wide range of techniques relying on the provision of land and labor. These techniques are intensive, semi-intensive, and in depth manufacturing techniques. 

Intensive system of rearing dairy goats

Intensive system, additionally referred to as zero-grazing, is a system of protecting goats the place goats are stored. Goats are supplied fodder and water. In the intensive system, the mating is managed, the place the farmer can resolve which bucks and does mate and the time for mating. This ensures that there is no such thing as a crossbreeding and flock multiplication is managed. 

Extensive system in dairy goat farming

Under the in depth system of dairy goat farming, goats are allowed to graze beneath their feed, beneath the care of a herdsman. It works effectively the place there is no such thing as a soil downside and there may be appropriate vegetation for goats. To make sure that goats get a balanced weight loss plan, goats needs to be given nutritious meals and mineral salts. Housing is supplied for dairy goats in order that they’re protected and comfy at evening. Under this technique, every goat wants 1 sq. meter of area. This means it could maintain 200 goats as an alternative of 20 by 10 meters. 

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Goat Fencing
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Semi-intensive system in dairy goat farming

The semi-intensive system of dairy goat farming is a mix of each intensive and in depth techniques. The goats are left to graze and are additionally supplied with feed and water. In some circumstances, make goats are zero grazed, whereas does (feminine goats) are grazed. Though, the does are delivered to the bucks for mating. 

What is the very best climate situation to boost goats in Kenya? 

Unlike some livestock farms corresponding to chickens, fish, and livestock, the goat is an animal that by no means chooses climate situations. And most of all, Kenya’s local weather is ideal for elevating goats in any state. 

Is goat farming a worthwhile enterprise in Kenya? 

Raising goats in Kenya is a profitable undertaking if all wants are taken under consideration. Goat’s milk manufacturing in Kenya is decrease than that of cow’s milk. Goat’s milk yields extra per liter than cow’s milk. A dairy cow wants half an acre of Napier grass to boost, whereas it could elevate 5 goats. In addition to protecting goats for milk, there are different value-added merchandise corresponding to goat’s milk yogurt, and cheese. Goat farming is a worthwhile enterprise in Kenya. Make market analysis that’s in excessive demand and you’re going to get extra advantages and go into it. 

For instance; A wholesome and mature goat can weigh about 35-40 kg (due to this fact, the value of a goat needs to be about 7,000 Ksh or extra. And suppose you could have about 100 goats in your goat farm, you’ll be promoting for about Ksh 700,000. Let’s say the price of feeding and labor is as much as 100,000 Ksh, but you possibly can earn as much as 600,000 Ksh yearly. So, goat farming is an effective funding, though no enterprise could make you wealthy in a single day. 

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Goat Farm
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Meat goats rearing in Kenya

Meat goat farming is turning into increasingly standard in Kenya. This is as a result of they are often stored in dry areas and are hardy. The goats are reared in a short while, the gestation interval is shorter, the additional children usually tend to want extra space, and the cows want much less area. They are additionally very simple to take a position contemplating the preliminary capital funding and the time you might want to take part in them.


Construct an acceptable home on your goats. The home ought to;

  • Have an acceptable place to maintain every goat. Generally, an grownup goat wants a median area of 0.5 – 0.75 sq. meters. 
  • Free from sharp objects, bugs, and wild animals 
  • Proper air flow
  • Be calm, quiet, and noise-free in your farm. Goats like solitude. 

You can divide the housing administration into two components;

Resting or sleeping space – Make the goat’s sleeping space snug sufficient with good air flow services, comfortable bedding, a wall with a door, a pleasant roof, and there needs to be a well-ventilated system. 

Feeding space – The feeding space consists of a feed rack, slatted ground, water trough, and rainproof mineral block pack space. Ensure sufficient movement of contemporary air and lightweight in goats’ sleeping and grazing areas. 

Because goats are browsers, not grazers, a home 1.5 toes above the bottom will look extra enticing to them. It additionally helps scale back meals waste. A home of 1.8 m * 1.8 m * 2.5 m (5.5 ft * 5.5 ft * 8.5 ft) is appropriate sufficient for housing 10 small goats.

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Goat Field
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Feeding the goats 

  • Dairy goats needs to be fed like dairy cattle. 
  • Good high quality hay needs to be the 14-18% protein content material needs to be fed as a complement throughout lactation. 
  • Avoid overfeeding to keep away from dystocia in addition to poisonous occasions of being pregnant. Excessive grain feeding can result in animal growth. 
  • In basic, the cheaper minerals are, the much less essential hint minerals can be found. 
  • Provide contemporary, plentiful water to keep away from a lower in water consumption, particularly for high-yielding does. 
  • Goats eat grass, weeds, and small branches of bushes and timber. They can eat vegetable leaves, peels and roots, corn husks, citrus and banana peels, and different plant waste. 
  • Goats are ruminants and due to this fact chew and might use rouges with excessive fiber content material. They produce proteins, nutritional vitamins B and Okay within the rumen. 
  • Goats are fastidious feeders and they’re the final animals to die of drought. 
  • Most of those herbaceous legumes include antioxidants (corresponding to tannins and cyanide). It is advisable that this could not exceed 25% of the whole feed requirement. To scale back the quantity of moisture and enhance the dry meter (DM) they need to be wilted earlier than feeding. 

Goat breeds in Kenya

Dairy goat breeds in Kenya 

There are many breeds of dairy goats in Kenya as we speak. These are goats which are raised for milk. You may search for your native categorised or on-line dairy goats on the market in Kenya. When selecting a breed of dairy goat in Kenya, be sure that the breed has excessive yields and high quality milk. These are the preferred breeds of dairy goats in Kenya. 

  • Saanen
  • Toggenburg
  • Barbari
  • Jamunapari

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Goat Farming
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Breeds of meat goats in Kenya 

There are many breeds of meat goats in Kenya. If you might be contemplating elevating goats for meat, it is best to contemplate it. Find breeds of meat goats in Kenya which are extremely productive and produce good high quality meat. If you might be shopping for a child goat, be certain they’re correctly vaccinated. Here are the favored breeds of meat goats in Kenya. 

  • Boer
  • Mato
  • Black Bengal

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