In Genshin Affect, gamers will discover and face 5 members of the Iwakura Clan in battle earlier than difficult the formidable Iwakura Clan Chief.

In Genshin Affect, gamers might encounter the final remaining members of the Iwakura Clan, 5 Samurai mini-bosses scattered throughout the map. For a chance to battle the Iwakura Clan Chief, gamers might want to first defeat these Samurai. Conquering the remaining clan members will earn gamers high-value chests and an achievement as soon as all members of the Iwakura Clan have been defeated.

Every Samurai in Genshin Affect has a singular look and would require a distinct set of assaults to defeat. The primary Iwakura Clan member may be discovered North of the Byakko Plain waypoint, close to a big rock. Of be aware, gamers might have already defeated this enemy in the event that they accomplished the world quests in Inazuma. This Samurai is Okazaki Kunihiko, who seems as a Jintouban Nobushi. Accordingly, gamers will must be ready for the slashes and interruption resistance generally utilized by the Nobushi enemies. Gamers might want to put together their battle social gathering appropriately, and characters with a crowd management construct can be at a significant drawback for these fights.


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The second of 5 Iwakura Clan members are situated within the Araumi dungeon in Genshin Affect, particularly within the massive room close to the underwater waypoint. Earlier than gamers can enter this room, they might want to full a number of puzzles to unlock the teleporter. The Samurai mini-boss Mifune Satoshi will seem within the type of an Electro Kairagi. Accordingly, gamers might want to put together their battle group appropriately for a inflexible opponent.

All Iwakura Clan Areas in Genshin Affect & Quest Rewards

Every Onikabuto location on Narukami Island.

The third member of the Iwakura Clan, Tanba Tetsuo, is an Iwakura disciple within the type of a Pyro Kairagi. Mechanically, this combat is much like the second member of the clan, and gamers can use the identical battle social gathering. This mini-boss is discovered within the South of Genshin Affect‘s Tatarasuna area. First, gamers ought to teleport to the Southern Tatarasuna waypoint and glide West to achieve this enemy. Subsequent, gamers ought to seek for a big gap within the floor the place they will descend into an underground cave, and the mini-boss Tanba Tetsuo is contained in the cave.

The fourth Iwakura Clan mini-boss is discovered on prime of the cliff to the East of the Maguu Kenki boss, and gamers ought to use the close by waypoint to journey there. Katayama Tatsumi is a Hitsukeban Nobushi, and mechanically this battle is much like the primary Nobushi combat. Lastly, the fifth and closing mini-boss of the Iwakura Clan, Shimada Shichirouji, is discovered to the West of the Fort Mumei area. This enemy will take the type of a Kikouban Nobushi, which incorporates each ranged and melee assaults. As soon as gamers defeat this mini-boss, they are going to be rewarded with a high-level chest in Genshin Affect.

As soon as gamers have efficiently defeated all 5 of the Iwakura Clan opponents, they will face the ultimate boss of the Iwakura Clan, their chief Iwakura Kouzou. This battle will happen to the Northeast of the Kujou Encampment waypoint. This boss’s combating model will resemble a customary Tenryuu Fee Samurai. As soon as this opponent is defeated, gamers may have efficiently accomplished the search “The Finish of Iwakura Clan.”

After defeating the chief of the Iwakura Clan, gamers ought to return to the Byakko Plain, the place they fought the primary mini-boss. As soon as there, as a substitute of Okazaki Kunihiko, gamers will establish two Samurai and a locked Luxurious chest in Genshin Affect. Gamers ought to work together with the Samurai to be taught that they’re exiled members of the Iwakura clan. A battle will ensue, and gamers might want to defeat the enemy Samurai. As soon as defeated, gamers will have the ability to insert their swords into the close by grave to unlock the reward chest.

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Genshin Affect is offered on PC, Ps 4, Ps 5, iOS, and Android.


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