Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – November – Deep Inexperienced Permaculture


It’s November, the final month of spring, the climate is average, deciduous timber are in leaf once more, days are heat and there’s numerous inexperienced progress within the backyard. The changeable and windy climate from October continues, however now there’s additionally the potential of very sudden scorching climate putting with out warning so it’s necessary to guard crops from solar and wind. Also, repeatedly water newly planted timber and shrubs as the recent climate and powerful winds can shortly dry out the soil.

Things to Do This Month:

  • Mulch round fruit timber and crops to retain moisture within the soil and stop water loss from evaporation (preserve mulch away from plant stems and trunks as this may trigger stem rot/collar rot).
  • Mulch strawberries by putting straw beneath to maintain the berries off the soil.
  • Propagate strawberries from runners.
  • Plant potted fruit timber and vines (having roots, might be planted anytime, finest in spring & autumn).
  • Tie rising vines again to helps or wires.
  • Propagate crops by taking softwood (inexperienced) cuttings from now until January (after which they harden off).
  • Last likelihood to plant evergreen shrubs and timber (this consists of citrus timber).
  • In ponds and water gardens, skinny out current aquatic crops, proceed planting new ones, fertilise aquatic crops and feed fish repeatedly.

Vegetables and Herbs to Sow:

Sow in November Harvest (weeks)
Amaranth ds 7-8
Angelica ds 18 months
Asparagus d 2-3 years
Asparagus Pea d 8-11
Beetroot ds 7-10
Borage ds 8-10
Burdock d 17-18
Cape Gooseberry ds 14-16
Carrot d 12-18
Chicory d 16-24
Chinese cabbage ds 8-10
Chives ds 7-11
Climbing beans d 11th of September
Coriander d 30-45
Cucumber d 8-10
Dwarf beans d 7-10
French tarragon d 30-40 days
Globe Artichokes s 42-57
Horseradish d 16-24
Jerusalem Artichokes d 15-20
Kohlrabi d 7-10
Lemon balm s 8-10
Lettuce ds 8-12
Mustard greens d 5-8
Okra ds 11-14
Oregano s 6-8
Parsley ds 9-19
Pumpkin ds 15-20
Radish d 5-7
Rhubarb d 12 months
Rocket d 21-35 days
Rosella s 21-25
Rosemary d 12 months
Sage d 18 months
Salsify d 14-21
Silverbeet ds 7-12
Summer savory d 6-10
Sunflower ds 10-11
Sweet corn ds 11-14
Turnip d 6-9
Yacon d 25

d = sow instantly into floor
s = sow in seed tray
ds = sow instantly into floor or seed tray
*= frost tender
**= sow after frost

Download printable PDF model of Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – November