Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – July

It’s July, Midwinter has arrived! As all of Nature’s energies flip inwards, and life involves a standstill, we lastly have an opportunity to relaxation and mirror too. This month temperatures will hit their lowest for the yr, rain will fall for half the month, and the windiest time of the yr in Melbourne begins.

There are nonetheless a restricted vary of seeds to sow, and plenty of alternative for winter pruning, relocating deciduous crops and planting new ones!

Things to Do This Month:

  • Plant deciduous timber, shrubs, vines and cane fruits. Wait until spring for planting citrus.
  • Divide current perennials and plant new perennials.
  • Protect crops that aren’t frost-hardy in frost-prone areas. Frost-tender crops in pots are extra susceptible as roots are above floor, wrap pots of crops with plastic bubble-wrap or hessian.
  • Install windbreaks, such because the plastic tree guard sleeves, round newly planted evergreens.
  • Prune deciduous fruit timber (not apricots, greatest to prune these in late autumn when the leaves begin yellowing, throughout dry, ideally windy climate to forestall illnesses coming into the pruning cuts). To prune fruit timber, first lower away any lifeless or diseased wooden, then lower away any branches rising inwards in the direction of the centre or crossing different branches (to forestall rubbing and bark harm), and at last, prune tree to form utilizing the suitable approach for that species.
  • Prune deciduous shrubs (and it’s rose pruning time in July too!)
  • Finish pruning grape vines and take hardwood cuttings from these for propagation.
  • Finish pruning currants and gooseberries and take hardwood cuttings from these for propagation.
  • Apply natural fertiliser to fruit timber on the finish of July, in order that the slowly launched vitamins will turn out to be out there when the brand new development commences.
  • Spray peaches and nectarines to guard in opposition to leaf curl fungus. Use lime sulphur or a copper fungicide on the bud swell stage (simply earlier than the buds start to open) however earlier than pink bud stage or color reveals. It is just too late to spray as soon as flowering happens.
  • If you employ horticultural glue bands on tree trunk to forestall winter bugs crawling up the tree to put their eggs, now’s the time to interchange the glue bands with new ones.
  • Relocate any deciduous crops (timber, shrubs, vines) or herbaceous perennial crops rising within the fallacious place in winter. (Evergreens can solely be moved in autumn and early spring, the place they’ve time to regrow roots – bear in mind, they preserve leaves in winter which transpire and lose water!).
  • Sow seeds from berry producing timber and shrubs. Stratification (publicity to chilly) over winter will break seed dormancy.
  • Some perennials might be propagated from root cuttings, which might be taken by winter.
  • Continue propagation of hardwood cuttings which started in autumn – prune off 30cm lengthy shoots of present season’s development, lower off the tender rising tip, lower off the underside finish under a bud, and dip finish into rooting hormone. Make a ‘slit trench’ by pushing a spade into soil and rocking it backwards and forwards. In clay soil, add some coarse sand for drainage. Put cuttings in so 2/3 is under the soil, and press the soil down round them. Cuttings will root and be able to plant subsequent autumn.
  • Continue planting strawberry runners and shallot bulbs.

Vegetables and Herbs to Sow:

Sow in July Harvest (weeks)
Beetroot ds 7-10
Lettuce ds 8-12
Mustard greens d 5-8
Onion ds 25-34
Peas d 11th of September
Radish d 5-7
Shallots d 12-15
Snow Peas d 12-14
Strawberry runners d 11
Strawberries (seed) s 12 months

d = sow immediately into floor
s = sow in seed tray
ds = sow immediately into floor or seed tray

Download printable PDF model of Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – July

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