Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – April – Deep Green Permaculture

April brings us effectively into autumn, and the times at the moment are getting shorter. While the soil continues to be heat, it’s a great time to plant timber, shrubs, and herbs, as their roots may have an opportunity to take maintain earlier than winter.

This can also be the final likelihood to reap fruit akin to apples and pears (if they’re ripe) earlier than they’re broken by frost. (To inform if an apple or pear is ripe, carry the fruit up gently within the palm of your hand, and provides it a slight twist. Ripe fruit will come away simply with the stalk nonetheless hooked up to the fruit).

Things to Do This Month:

  • Plant new timber, shrubs, climbers, annuals and perennials.
  • Gather and compost autumn leaves.
  • Divide overgrown perennials, acquire their seeds, prune people who have completed flowering,
  • Relocate evergreen shrubs (will be performed both in autumn and early spring).
  • Prune tall shrubs to cut back their top to raised resist winter winds.
  • Collect and sow seeds from berry producing timber and shrubs.
  • Propagation of hardwood cuttings is finished in autumn – prune off 30cm lengthy shoots of present season’s progress, lower off the gentle rising tip, lower off the underside finish beneath a bud, and dip finish into rooting hormone. Make a ‘slit trench’ by pushing a spade into soil and rocking it backwards and forwards. In clay soil, add some coarse sand for drainage. Put cuttings in so 2/3 is beneath the soil, and press the soil down round them. Cuttings will root and be able to plant subsequent autumn.
  • Dig in cool season inexperienced manures that had been sown in early autumn (akin to rapeseed, broad beans, fenugreek, linseed, lupins, mustard, oats, subclover, and vetch) earlier than they flower.
  • Prune brambleberries after they end fruiting – lower out the canes that fruited, and tie within the newly grown canes to the assist wires on the berry trellises.
  • Blackcurrants (and brambleberries) will be pruned from now until winter time.
  • Continue planting garlic, strawberry runners and shallot bulbs.
  • Harvest and retailer root crops – proceed lifting beetroot and carrots and end lifting potatoes. Leave parsnips in floor, they want some chilly to style one of the best.
  • Cut down asparagus foliage that has turned yellow (if it wasn’t performed in March) and top-dress the asparagus crowns with compost or manure.
  • Empty compost bins into the backyard to organize soil for subsequent season.
  • Cover ponds with netting to stop autumn leaves rotting within the water. Also, feed the fish much less meals, as they’re much less energetic as the times shortens and uneaten meals will foul the water.

Vegetables and Herbs to Sow:

Sow in April Harvest (weeks)
Beetroot ds 7-10
Broad beans d 12-22
Burdock d 17-18
Carrot d 12-18
Chives ds 7-11
Corn Salad d 5-8
Endive ds 10-11
Florence Fennel d 14-20
Garlic d 17-25
Kale d 7-9
Kohlrabi d 7-10
Lettuce ds 8-12
Mizuna d 35-50 days
Mustard greens d 5-8
Oregano s 6-8
Pak Choy d 6-11
Parsley ds 9-19
Peas d Sep 11
Radish d 5-7
Rocket d 21-35 days
Shallots d 12-15
Silverbeet ds 7-12
Snow Peas d 12-14
Spinach d 5-11
Swedes d 10-14
Turnip d 6-9

d = sow straight into floor
s = sow in seed tray
ds = sow straight into floor or seed tray

Download printable PDF model of Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – April

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