Indoor Mini Hand Gardening Tool Set

 Garden Succulent Kit with Organizer Bag, Indoor Mini Hand Gardening Tool Set, 14 Pieces Tools 

You will get six hand instruments, a conveying carry, a plant rope, a pack of plant labels name, a couple of cultivating gloves, and a sprayer can meet all your planting requirements. 

It makes delicious apparatuses of uncompromising aluminum composite with high hardness. No interesting reason to stress over rusting and breaking when using, so it can complete your cultivating work all the more easily.

AVIDE 12 Pieces Bonsai Tools Kit,

AVIDE 12 Pieces Bonsai Tools Kit, Succulent Plants Tools, Mini Garden Hand Tools Set

12pcs Garden Bonsai Tools Set In Total: Including 3 Succulent apparatuses (scoop rake shovel), 2 Transplanting instruments, 3 Bonsai pruning scissors, 2 Tweezers, 1 Cleaning brush, 1 Plastic can scoop. 

Prime Material: The delicious digging tools set made of non-poisonous, hard steel, and strong wood handles. You can use them for quite a while. 

Little Size: The bonsai devices pack is smaller than usual sort and reasonable for scaled-down succulents plants, for example, desert flora. If it’s not too much trouble, be cautious with utilizing.

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