WSPS offers webinar on the implementation of a vaccine policy within an agri-food workplace.

By Andrew Joseph,

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), in collaboration with OMAFRA, is offering a series of free webinars, its latest scheduled for January 20, 2022—Things to Consider When Implementing a Vaccine Policy (Agri-Food Workplaces).

Hosted by HR lawyers Jeremy Warning, Deanah Shelly of Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP, in this overview, attendees will learn more about the benefits and challenges, as well as the overview of policies and procedures, considerations, and steps to employ a vaccine (COVID-19) policy in an agricultural workplace.

Vaccinations are a valuable tool for reducing illness and transmission risk, both in the community and our workplace. The ag industry has been particularly hard-hit the past two years due the pandemic—and with travel restrictions affecting the availability of an influx of labour, having all hands on deck ready and able to safely work is very important.

WSPS is the Iargest health and safety association in Ontario, and is responsible for more than 172,000 member firms across the agricultural, industrial / manufacturing and service sectors.

Virtual training is currently available in English only. Participant requirements for all virtual webinars include: a webcam; capable hardware; software; and internet connection. Virtual sessions will be delivered using the Adobe Connect platform, supported on all major web browsers.

Webinar: Things to Consider When Implementing a Vaccine Policy (Agri-Food Workplaces)
Date: January 20, 2022
Time: 10:30AM – 12 Noon, EST.
Cost: Free
Register: CLICK HERE
(Note: To register, click on the Select Location area under Shop courses by location, and then add to Cart)

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