First-Ever Video Footage of an Extraordinarily Uncommon Field Jellyfish

A diver off the coast of Papua New Guinea recorded beautiful footage of a field jellyfish. By itself, the footage is spectacular however is much more spectacular since that is solely the second time this species has ever been documented.

The beautiful jellyfish, which options 4 teams of striped tentacles that path behind a translucent physique noticed with rings round a brilliant pink core, is known as Chirodectes maculatus, Motherboard stories. It’s an extremely unusual species of field jellyfish discovered off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

“Noticed a brand new sort of jellyfish whereas diving in the present day. It has cool markings and is a bit larger than a soccer ball and they’re fairly quick swimming,” the outline on the video reads.

Most field jellyfish are venomous to people, some extraordinarily so, however this explicit species isn’t identified to be dangerous. It was first described in 2005 by a crew of Australian scientists who caught one in 1997 and preserved it. It was categorized by one other scientist a 12 months later.

Whereas it has been seen earlier than and isn’t new because the video creator thought, the species is so uncommon that it hasn’t even been seen greater than these two occasions. That is made much more extraordinary by the very fact the footage is so prime quality. It very simply could possibly be one of the best have a look at the species alive and in its pure habitat that exists.

Chatting with Motherboard, Dr. Allen Collins, a zoologist and curator for the Smithsonian Institute Nationwide Museum of Pure Historical past, says that the video exhibits traits which can be comparable however not an identical to the earlier description. For instance, the outline from 2005 says that the creature has spots, whereas the footage right here exhibits rings.

“I suppose there’s all the time an opportunity that this specimen is from a intently associated however as but undescribed species of Chirodectes, however I’d lean towards it being C. maculatus,” he says.

It’s exceptionally uncommon to seek out footage of creatures this uncommon. Even the Monterey Bay Aquarium Analysis Institute (MBARI), which is a devoted analysis group, not often showcases footage of never-before-seen creatures. Even after they do, the specimens are typically fairly small, reminiscent of a tiny deep-sea jellyfish noticed in April. The field jellyfish seen above could be very massive by comparability. The one comparable latest discovery by MBARI can be the enormous phantom jellyfish that was noticed final December, and even it had been documented 9 occasions earlier than.

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